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To make a long story short...My husband lost his job and our ins. is going to run out. So I am going to get ins. through my work, but as an individual plan and not group, as my husbands was. I talked to an ins. agent through my employer, who advised me that because I was taking anit-depressants and not anymore (Per my decision and w/ the help of my dr. I wehned off the anit-depressant about 3 months ago). The ins. agent told me I need a letter from my dr. saying that everything is honky dory and that I don't need the anti-depressant and life is good........That made me very angry, but I didn't say anything to the agent about it. Boy I wanted too. Why does that even have to matter, well I guess will effect the rates, if they will even cover me! Funny thing is though I need to go back to the dr., because I am having a difficult time, but I guess that will be our little secrete.
I can't tell you the countless times that getting treatment for my depression has costed me.


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Insurance Co's always finding loopholes to hang you by. I would be extremely careful re the Dr writing you well, especially if you need to have meds and therapy. You do not want to find that they call it fraud and cancel your insurance. Also if your husband is not working and you have children, yur state may have insurance that will be less expensive than your work. I know ours does and it helped out when my kids were young and my insurance would have made it not worth me going to work. Good luck. 1/2


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On the med. insurance application you submit, somewhere is usually your signature okaying them to gather information or obtain medical records or other . That would mean they can send a copy of your signature to your doctor and obtain copies of his records and find out you are still receiving treatment for depression and then you would probably be terminated from your policy for providing false information and that would make it very difficult to get insurance elsewhere (because the insurance companies do maintain a database for easy reference).

When I was working and I changed employers, I had an employer's medical insurance carrier really put me through the ringer because I had been taking what is considered low dose of Celexa for a long time--nothing else, just Celexa, but I had been working successfully. I was shocked that this was any problem as there had been no hospitalizations and my work record was good. Eventually I got fed up and raised cane with the insurance carrier and they quickly relented because they really had nothing to base holding back insurance coverage, especially since I had COBRA. Some carriers are worse than others.