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Stomach Ulcer-Serious Stage-Food/vitamin powders/supplements

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My mother was diagnosed for Stomach Ulcer in 2008 and she underwent a major endoscopical surgery and major holes were banded. She was in serious condition and lost blood through urine and stool to very low by the time we realized she'd ulcer. It was very late and by God's grace we could get her back to life.

And after she has been given blood in one two/one months depends on the blood level and under a strict diet (light food, fruits, juices and liquid foods).

Couple of endoscopical surgeries were done (close to 10) when she had severe bleeding. Due to her Age (She's now 83), this could only controlled to a certain extend.

She'd another endoscopical surgery two weeks back and she's become really weak and not able to eat any food because of the water locked inside the intestine, also she's diagnosed with Liver cirrhosis and urine and stool is stuck inside.

Considering her current condition, can you kindly suggest any food/vitamin powders/supplements which can substantiate normal food. Because she's become very weak.

Much appreciate your help! Thank you!