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Struggling with neck pain

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I have been struggling with neck pain and experiencing some symptoms a bit more severe which lead me to this forum. I've started to have pain just on the left side of my body along with headaches that last a few days and then go away. This is the worst kind of pain because when I have it I can't even sleep. I have taken an appointment at PhysioNow, a registered physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga, where we live. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what this could be or if anyone has had something similar happen? Please share.


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Hi Kelley......sorry for your pain, I understand what you're going thru.

To make this short, xrays and an MRI over several years showed arthritis and stenosis. If you haven't had an X-ray with your doctor you might start there before a PT starts working on you. I deal with trigger points that happen in and around the shoulders/neck/back areas. You can do a search for trigger points on the Internet. When you see this therapist be sure to ask about trigger points. When I get bad headaches I know where to work on my neck/shoulders to release the pain.

I also keep those gel packs in the freezer to help numb the pain. Drop it into a knee hi stocking when you use them. Also do you have a rice filled sock that you pop into the microwave. Alternating with ice and heat really helps.

Good luck.
I feel for you Kelly.. I know its hard when your neck hurts.. I get such muscle spasms in mine.. from having whiplash several times.. and after Xrays and all that.. they said there is osteoarthritis in there.. but.. the muscle spasms hurt awful!.. It affects my balance when it does it.. and this weather now in NY.. southern tier of it.. the fronts coming thru.. oh.. I feel them all.. I use the rice packs in the microwave too.. I take 2 of them to bed with me too... Would You happen to have that website.. sunflowergirl? ' I would like to try doing mine.. with the trigger points..
There are many types of treatment for neck pain and they depend on the root cause of the pain. Most of the time the neck pain gets better in a week. Neck pain rarely lives for years. Exercise, medication, and physical therapy are the main treatment plans for neck pain. Surgery is usually not the first treatment option and is avoided until all options are exhausted. For severe neck pain, a multipurpose approach includes exercise, training to increase muscle strength, medication, and lifestyle changes.