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Supplement risks

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I recently received this article from Radiant Life catalog, a reputable source for natural supplements.

"Magnesium Stearate" and/or "Stearic acid" are unnecessary additives and most sources contain trans fats. Studies by the University of Texas Health Science Center and the East Carolina University School of Medicine reveal that these toxic excipients cause a rapid collapse of T-cell membrane function and cell death, therefore suppressing the immune system... Finding supplements that avoid toxic excipients can also improve bioavailability of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients."

Also as posted elsewhere:
Dr. Mercola says magnesium stearate makes a bio-film that keeps our intestines from absorbing the very supplement that we take. Magnesium Stearate is a flowing agent (keeps the powder from clumping when making a capsule).

I am very concerned as many supplements I take contain magnesium stearate, including Fibrosleep. These supplements could be causing more problems to our (CFS/ME) damaged immune systems.
What are manufacturers doing to address it? We need to let them know we want all natural products that absorb well without damaging us further