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Survey of Millennials with Fibromyalgia

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Do you have fibromyalgia? Were you born between 1982-2000? Do you live in the USA? Are you willing to complete an online survey about your experience of various fibromyalgia symptoms and treatments?

As a participant in this research project, you will contribute to the understanding of the unique treatment needs and preferences of Millennials with fibromyalgia and the development of a treatment program including biological, psychological, and social interventions.

Completion of this survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Please click the following link to access the online survey:

This research is conducted under the direction of the Clinical Psychology Department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Any questions you may have regarding this study can be directed to Hannah Buck at or dissertation chair, Dr. Kristin Kenefick at If you have any additional questions, you may contact The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Institutional Review Board (IRB) through email at