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Targeted TF for Parvovirus

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I've done several searches on here to try to find out which TF to take for Parvo and I can't find anything specific.

I've been taking Essentials and I do believe they've helped but I would like to begin targeting the specific viruses, etc.

I would like to target parvo, EBV, chlamydia pneumonia and HHV in that order of importance.

Can anyone help? And where the heck are you getting this info I can't find anything on line.

Thanks Shar


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Thanks for the suggestion I didn't even think to email Prohealth...DUH.

I've already searched: the other viruses I've been able to get some info on but not parvo.

Thanks for your reply and have a Merry Christmas!



I agree that emailing Prohealth is the best idea. Alot of the info used to be availing online but isn't any longer.

I happened to save a 2004 catalogue that has what the TF's target but I don't see parvo. Prohealth stopped listing it quite awhile ago.

Immune Transfer C targets the EBV, Chlamydia pneumonia and HHV6 (B only). To get HHV6 A and B TF 200 targets both.

Well, looking at my 2004 catalogue I see a parainfluenza viruses that is targeted by RIC-TF. I don't know if that is the parvo virus or not.

Merry Christmas to both of you!