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TF 100 or TF 200 ..... are they both the same? CONFUSED!!!!!!!!

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Hi all!

Which (if either!) out of TF 200 and TF 100 is best for EBV? It says on the product info pages for both that BOTH are identical to the old TF 560 ..... is that correct, meaning they are both targetted toward HHPV and neither one targets EBV? :(

Be GRATEFUL for your clarification ........... I really need one that targets EBV (I'm clear of HHPV)

Also, when you start off ... should you start off at a high dose to get it in your system (say 3/day), or start off slow, then increase when you're used to it?! What sort of dosages people found the best, and how long on each dose?[This Message was Edited on 10/20/2008]


I just called ProHealth and this is the info I got.

TF100 is for CMV and EBV $49.99

TF200 is for CMV and HHV^ A&B $52.99

Only start off slow. As Rich Carson says (who started ProHealth) the TF's can pack a wallop.

You can take it at night to help have any discomfort be while you are lying down sleeping. You can open up the capsule and put it under your tongue. It goes right into you blood stream that way. It is the way I take it. You can also open up the capsule and take a smaller amount if you feel the discomfort is too much and slowly build up that way.

Best Wishes with TF!



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Great info, thanks as always.

Have now ordered the TF 100 (good I asked!) .... so will let you know how I go.

Glad about the 'steady and slow' ethos as that was my gut feeling and how I seem best approaching most things! :)

Hope you're well as you can be at the mo Spacee.

You take care,


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Keep us updated on how TF100 is going. Im currently taking TF essentials and find it is helping, once Ive done 3-4 months i will try the TF100. The main thing I have noticed is I use to be the cfs type who was tired but restless, now when Im tired i sleep much easier, so my sleep has improved, I hate insomnia, lol.
Good luck !


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Still plugging away with the chelation to get rid of the heavy metals LOL! Think it's helping though ... gradually and slowly .... and I don't feel as rough with the treatment as I did at the start.

I've been taking a 'general' (non-targetted) TF by 4Life for about a year now (pulsed though); similar I think to TF Essentials .... to be honest with me, no dramatic difference .... so I'm hoping on the TF100 for the EBV as I've copme up with V high levels of the EBV, as I said before.

I've been taking another TF-type thing also, 'Immune 26' (Australian!) for about 8 months and I have defo found a difference from that. Also, I've found the Coriolus mushroom extract helping too (MRL).

Not yet tried the Inosine .... really keen too though. I have 2 more weeks of the chelation, then I will try. I'm going to finish my current tub of Immune 26 then try the TF 100 ........

It's a glamorous life LOL!!!!!! ;)

You take care and will keep you updated on the Inosine thread with my progress (hopefully) on that. You let me know any prog if you start on the TF 100/ 200 :eek:)
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Plugging away, thats all u can do, lol.

immune 26 Australian product, havent heard of it, tried googling it but cant find a site, Can you post up a web site address, thanks.

It is difficult to judge how a product is working just because this cfs thing is so unpredictable. If i turn around and look at where i was 6 months ago, i think the inosine is making a difference, the TF's are also helping, will be taking a break from the inosine for a month or so.

i think i have said earlier, I have gone from the restless type cfs to the lethargic type cfs(which helps with the sleep), aches and pains are down etc. Im thinking these products are helping as they are changing my cytokine response(immune modulation) and able to fight the bugs properly. Have read that an abnormal Th2 cytokine response can cause an anxious/restless type response which causses insomnia etc, so things are changing.

Im going to look at a low dose AD ie prozac 5mg/day to help increase energy, and will talk this over with my doc soon, plus maybe working full time again, the money will be handy.

Thats where Im at, and 'plugging' along also.

Take care , keep in touch.


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Not sure if I'm meant to? But here goes ..........

Now, I will say what I think puts some people off about it is that it's a MLM product I think, or at least it used to be (I have NOTHING to do with them BTW!!!). I was prescried it by The Breakspear Hospital over here and to be honest they don't seem to use anything that they haven't found has worked and wouldn't get involved in any 'scam' so I think the criticism I've heard of it is a shame. Don't know why they do th whole MLM either as if Id've heard that 1st I probably wouldn't have been keen either as I hate that sort of thing ...... I really do feel it's helped tho, and I noticed a difference within a few days.

I'm on an AD too, and they really aren't all bad ... sometimes you need a bit of support. All I would say tho is that Prozac is a 'stimulating' type, so if ou are already of the restless type it could make that worse. It did me, but I'm fine on a different one. maybe everyone's different and don't get that 'hyper' effect on Prozac.

Hope it helps ... keep on 'plugging'!!!!
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