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TF 540 Where for art thou?

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I need a transfer factor to specifically target EBV. I saw that TF 540 was idea for this, but it is 'temporarily unavailable' (has been for sometime I believe?) ..... does anyone know what has happened to it, when it is likely to be available, or if there's a similar product I can obtain that targets EBV. If there is, what's it called please and where can I get it from?

Any other EBV tips anyone has I'll be truly gratefuil for too! :)

I've been tested also for CMV and HHP-V6 and those were both clear. EBV very high though, and my main problem I feel.

Many thanks in advance! :)


The FDA closed the lab. They didn't like it saying that it targeted EBV.

The only TF lab still open is Chisholm Bio Lab. They make 9 TF's and number them 1-9.

The one that they say is for CFS and targets EBV is #2 and costs $150 a month. It targets a bunch of other stuff too.

Their phone number is in my bio. This stuff keeps for 5 years IF FROZEN so we took out a 2nd mortgage and bought enough for 5 years from the lab. They do give you a discount if you buy at least 4 bottles at at time ($105 or $115 a bottle )(I forget).

I did this because I wanted to be able to see my last son graduate from college and hopefully marry. I can't do it without TF.

Hope this helps.


PS I hear that Prohealth is in talks with this lab about starting a 2nd lab. Don't know anything else.



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That info really is a FANTASTIC help, thanks. I live in the UK though so I hope they ship here!

I don't blame you for bulk buying. . . . its very hard when you know something helps to then just have it disappear. Unbearable really.

I have been prescribed by a doctor in the UK 4lifes Original TF and Immune 26. Think I've noticed a difference on the Immune 26 but none on the 4Lifes TF. Am I right neither of those are EBV targeted though?

Thanks again. REALLY most grateful.



I called the Bio Lab. They do ship to the UK and to a number of other countries.

They do not make 23. I don't know who makes that one because I was under the impression that only two labs made TF's. Maybe there are others in other countries.

Anyway they are working on a TF that targets only EBV but don't have it ready yet. They have had a lot of requests for it.

Their #1, #2 and #9 all included EBV. They all cost the same. When they ship to another country they declare a much lower cost to keep the tariff cost down. It depends on the number of bottles though. If it is one bottle, it is easily declared lower...if it is several, they have to raise the declared value some.

I don't know what the #1, #2, and #9 target other than EBV.
A while back, I told them that I had been taking Immune Transfer C (Blend later name) and Mycoplasm. They said that #2 was for CFS and #9 was for the mycos. So that is how I choose those two.

Have a jolly good day!!! Is that what you say over the pond?



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Thank you for finding out all that info for me, I really can't say how grateful I am for it as it's SOOOOOOOOO helpful to me; especially the bit about the import duty 'declaration'!!!! ;o)))) Thanks for ringing on my behalf .... really appreciate it :eek:)

I'm going to decide which of those numbers that contain the EBV to plump for then .... but probably will go for the CFS one. Actually not had a test yet for other stealth pathogens, but that is ion the near future for me so I can 'further know my enemy'!

The EBV targeted one in the future sounds GREAT news as I think that's my main problem, not only from my results, but from my symptoms also.

Have a jolly day sounds great .... you sound more English than I do LOL!!!! I normally just say; 'have a fab day' .... I shall brush up on my Englishness and become 'frightfully spiffing'!

Thanks again