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TF question

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been a while for me posting at prohealth

anyway, i started TF essentials today (started low) but just wondering about something.

says each 2 capsules contains 330mg of a blend of TF and colostrum and there is 60 capsules so total = 9.9 grams for approx $40

yet TF 100 contains 10mg of TF /capsule and there are 100 so total = 1gram for approx $50

I am assuming then that of that blend in the essentials TF , there is very little actual TF? maybe 30mg /2 capsules and bulk of it is colostrum or something else , anyone know? if not seems the essentials is the much better value not to mention it also contains many more immune boosting things than the TF 100

or is it that 100 is a more targted TF and why you pay more /mg for the TF ?




Not a TF scientist here but a long time user. I started with a non-targeted tf and could tell that ie 'did something' but not nearly enough so switched to the targeted.

The reasons you listed are probably accurate as far as my opinion goes.

If a pwp does ok with the essentials..then, hey, go with that one. But if not, the targeted would be better. You need to know what virus you are targeting. Then you need to call ProHealth and ask which of their TF's targets that virus. I think if you want to target EBV and HHV6, you need both of the TF's they sell. Kinda of a bummer since most of us have both viruses.

I buy from Chisholm Bio Lab (check my bio) cause I need the strongest stuff made. Their phone number is in my bio too..if you need to call them and ask what they target. They don't put it on their I can't look it up....sorry. I think their #2 is for CFS. I take that one plus the Mycos one which I think is #9. I don't take but about 15 capsules of each a month so that helps with the cost. Our immune systems need to be kept guessing...that is why we pulse the TF's.