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As a 14year fibro, chronic fatigue and lupus survivor I wanted to post a great big THANK YOU to all of the Caregivers out there. You do so much for others and I know get so little work (when we can't), you manage (in our place), you organize (because we forget) and you generally manage all kinds of chaos for no other reason than you LOVE US. So many, in similar circumstances, have chosen the easier path...leave, walk away, escape....but you have chosen the difficult path of caregiver and for that you will be forever rewarded in heaven and right now with my words of appreciation and thanks. I know this is a thankless job, and you deserve so much better, but the hand you lay on us, the words of love and encouragement you speak, the kicks in the backside when we need it....are all so greatly appreciated. My thanks for my husband, my parents and even my children goes far beyond the words I speak...I'm constantly amazed that they don't conspire to get rid of me and yet they are always worrying about me. Do know, we don't tell you, but we worry about you, our caregiver, so much. We thank GOD for you every second of every moment of are the reason we keep hoping and trying for a solution and a make us want to be better!!! Thank you for being the best example of Christ himself..."by putting others before yourself." Its never said enough and if we thanked you every second for the rest of our lives it wouldn't reward you enough for the sacrifice....THANK YOU anyway. I'll wrap up with this...find others to support you, feed yourself spiritually by finding a community of caregivers that you can vent to, that will lift you up when needed and give you need to be allowed to say "this isn't fair" "its not what I signed on for" or "this isn't how I pictured my life" and that's okay because we say and feel the same thing. But our words have so much power and using them wrong will bring us only upset...there was an article about a woman who had an unknown fever for months...the doctors ran every test but couldn't find the cause...then they asked her to make one small change...she often used the expression "that just burns me up" and amazingly when she stopped saying those words...the fever was gone (from the book "God's Creative Power: Gift Collection by Charles Capps). Its so true that what we put out we often receive back so from this point on you are no longer a Caregiver, you are A LIGHT or A BLESSING (for my husband they are Deb's Light or Deb's Blessing) call yourself by your rightful name and let it LIFT YOU as you LIFT and BLESS us!!! Thank you for your selfless are loved so very much....