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The New Forums are a work in progress and you are the author.

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Shel.....I'm glad you reposted here. I did a search for what you were looking for, posted it on the new thread when we changed over, and couldn't find it anymore. Go figure.

Anyway, this should take you to the discussion about PA husbands.

And how is your Dad now? And how have you been? Better on both accounts I hope.

Not too many people are coming here to post. I check it about once a day to see if there is anything new.
It's so good to hear from you, sunflowergirl! I was beginning to think i'd lost all my friends here! Thank you for the link to the thread on PA husbands. I'll check it out when I have a little more strength. I hope you've been doing well, sunflowergirl. Unfortunately, neither my dad nor I are doing well.

My dad is succumbing to the effects of chemo... he has lost a ton of weight because he can barely eat. I've been going downhill, unfortunately, and my husband's PA tendencies are exasperating my condition and making it worse. So please keep praying.

My brain isn't working so well lately, so I'm not able to spend a lot of time (nor energy...what little I have) on figuring out this new format. One thing I do like, is the ability to send private messages. However, when I tried to send one (my first attempt) to 4 members, and you were one of the four, a message popped up that said I wouldn't be able to private message Sunflowergirl...??? Any ideas on why that would be the case?

All of these problems and "brick walls" I keep encountering here on this new format is exhausting... and requires more energy that I have right now, unfortunately.

Let me know how you're doing, Sunflowergirl...

God bless you!
Hi Shel,
Are you attempting to reply to a thread within the archives? Replying to threads within the archives is not allowed at this time. The plan is to move the archives to the main forums so that you may reply and post new threads to the old forums once the missing posts were inserted, which is complete. I also wanted to try and clean all the legacy html from the old posts prior to moving the archives, but it is not mandatory. Let me know everyone would prefer to move the archives prior to the remaining html cleanup so that you can reply and post to the old boards sooner than later.
I was trying to reply to a post from May 7, 2013, so it shouldn't have been an archived post.

But I was also mentioning that on another occasion, I tried finding a post from a month or so ago, and it only shows the first page of the thread that was 3 or 4 pages. Hope it doesn't stay that way... I am not very computer savvy, so I am not sure what you're talking about when you talk about wanting to "try and clean all the legacy html of the old posts prior to moving the archives"...???

It would just be helpful to be able to access all pages of old threads and respond if need be...

But I'm still not sure why I couldn't respond to a post from May 7th... I forget when this new board and format started up though...

Thanks for any help you can give...


Staff member
We have moved all the threads out of the archives so that you can post to any and all threads now. Let us know if you find that is not the case.

Also if you feel there is a thread that is missing posts or replies let me know which one and I will research the issue.