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The "o" Shots and Spacee

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I have finally decided that the reason I am not getting help from the shots is lack
of the neurons in my brain. Cognitive issues have really been one of the two
big issues for me since 1986. Fatigue and Cognitive.

They were worth the try. Just wanted to let anyone who is thinking about them why
they didn't work for me.

Oh, for a brain!!!



You are funny JamieHarris. My doc knows nothing about ME/CFS and he would prefer to
keep it that way. He is 68 yo.

But he is willing to order anything (almost) that I want to try. So now I am back on the
Nexavir shots and B-12 injections. I take 3 cc's of the Nexiver on Wednesday and 2cc's
another day in the week. The B-12 I take as needed cause I don't feel the energizing effect
now that I did when I first took them. (They are great if your finger nails are prone to

The Nexavir vial needs a RX. And is pricey. $150 a bottle plus shipping. I take the
Nexavir in a way that a bottle lasts a month. If one is able to order several bottles
together, the shipping is less (of course).

May be obtained at :Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center , Waltham, MA
Phone 781-893-3870. I am sure they have a fax but I don't seem to have it in my

I take like I took the Kutapress of years gone by. I use an allergy syringe (1cc) and
put it in my thigh. You can certainly put it in your hip. But I did that for 16 years and
I prefer my thigh at the moment.