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Oh goodness! I can't remember what number to put for this porch! I'll go find it and come back. In the meantime, here is my DGD, Keira...just before her concert.

Okay, I think I got it figured out. Actually, I just came on to check on deepest sympathies, Dear One, on the loss of your father. Perhaps you feel you should have been my opinion, I am glad you have been somewhat spared (at least, in person) all the stress and drama. How sweet of your son to understand and offer comfort. I know this is the worst possible time for a flare (when is it ever a GOOD time?) but I am praying that it doesn't last too long.

I made it to Keira's concert and back, but am pretty tired. Didn't leave home in time to visit my dad, but I did check on him by phone tonight...he is doing just fine, according to the nurse (one I like a lot and who is very attentive.)

I will check back in when I get a chance...

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Well, seems I have to "reply" to my own thread to get it to show up on the list...whatever it takes, I guess.


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Julie: Cute pic and what a perfect match with the wristlet. And Love the print in the dress! Very springy.

Star: I know you're very broken up today, so much going thru your head and heart at this time. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. How very sweet of your DS.......he's got heart. OK....what's going on with your DH? We're hear to listen to you and to understand. I pray that God heals your hurt. Take care and don't get sucked into stuff by your siblings.


Good Royal Wedding Day, Dear Porchies,

I'm up early watching the guests arrive. So many pretty dresses and hats and the men look handsome in their finery. Amal Clooney looks beautiful, as always.

Julie, thanks for getting us up and going on a new Porch. Also, thanks for posting this pic of Keira. She looks sooo pretty and the wrist corsage is beautiful. You always know what to do for the kids that makes them feel special. I can imagine that you are tired. Glad your Dad is doing so well.

Sun, you say you are bad at taking supplements; I'm bad at spelling. Thanks for correcting the name of the multivitamin. I am not recommending it because, as we know, things work differently for different people; however, I am letting y'all know that it seems to be working for me. I have always ordered my supplements from PH when possible because the proceeds provide this website for us plus the support they give to research into and advocacy for cures for what ails us. Also, they have sales with good savings. I hope the new vitamins work for you.

Duckie, so glad you got your tire fixed. We want you to arrive there and home safe and sound. I have never rented a router from Comcast. By the time I'd pay for a year, I could buy a very good one myself, so I have. Right now, I have an upgrade but earlier when I tried to install it with Comcast's help, it didn't go smoothly so I decided to wait until we got the kinks worked out. From what I understand, this router andm the one I've been using, isn't passive; it seeks out devices using wi-fi. So far, so good. I've taken multivitamins for years but never one which seems to be as comprehensive as these new ones. I just hope they continue to help. Have a good trip if we don't see you here before you leave.

Star, I am so very sorry for what has to be a very sad and difficult time for you. When things don't go smoothly in people's lives, part of the grieving for their passing is the sadness of what might have been. Plus, it brings up all the past pain they caused. As far as DH goes, PA behavior doesn't make sense to others. They live in their own web of secrecy, deceit and mind games they play on others. It's very difficult to get through to them and it's very difficult for them to understand the pain they cause others unless they are willing to go to therapy. Consequences are about the only thing they respond to but their responses can often be quite unpleasant. If DH will not go to therapy, it might help you to go alone if that is available to you. This is not the time to have to deal with his drama in addition to others' in the family. Right now, try to be very kind to yourself just to get through this initial shock and sadness. This kind of stress is the worst thing for us. I am so touched by your DS's love and kindness. Prayers going up for you. Please know that your Porch family is here for you, thinking of you and praying for you.

I'm gonna go. TV is showing all the guests inside the chapel. Meghan Markle is in the car on the way to the church. Harry and William are very handsome in their dress military uniforms. This is great fun. These days, I'll take my fun where I can get it. Sending love, hugs and prayers to all our dear Porchies.

Love, Mikie

Addendum: Watched the ceremony. So glad I got to see it. Such a happy day. I was surprised that they didn't stop in front of the Queen so he could bow and she could curtsy. Princess Anne did. I know Americans are not required to curtsy but they may. I don't feel so bad about my wi-fi. Evidently there were problems with it at the wedding and some didn't get to see the vows.
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Watched just a little of the wedding not so into it as I was into Princess Diana's. But I loved Meghan Markle. What an elegant quietly confident lady. And her dress, so simple but smart. Lots of people didn't like it. But I love she wore what she wanted. Not what journos would have loved.

Her and Prince Harry are the Royal pair I like best. Admire Prince William and Kate too. They have steered clear of scandals and messes which beleaguered Prince Charles. Meghan's mom is so beautiful. Prince Harry looked close to tears sometimes. I think he may have been remembering his mother. I love the relationship between Harry and William.

Star - so sorry about your DF. The passing of any family member is such an emotional wrench. Couple it with complicated relationships and emotional issues not even addressed and left without closure, can't imagine what you're going through. Stay strong. Just remember you are not responsible for other people's quirks of nature.

Most probably if you are able to delve into his past, you will find the root of his hurtful behavior. I know easier said than done. For us in Asia it's easier. Our religion tells us we are just souls brought together to play a part based on our karma of our previous lives. So we are taught not to put too much emphasis on the relationship itself. Your enemy in a previous lifetime can be your parent now. And vice versa. So it becomes a tad easier to understand complicated behaviour which is out of the norm.

Same for your DH. Who may not be behaving as expected regarding your loss. How sweet of your son. So happy you have him. Time heals. Try and detach. Life is not always what one expects it to be. What's important in the end is you doing your best with your.little family. Hus band, kids act up sometimes. You just do the best thing that you can making sure you take care of you. The present is all we have.

Mikie - I pray your skin bump is nothing serious. Yes, Amal Clooney was looking beautiful, wasn't she?

I had to rush out to attend DHs cousin sisters 8 yr old DDs birthday celebrations in this restaurant nearby. I told DD I couldn't come when the cousins made her call me since they were so close by. But no one was there to stay home and I said I couldn't come. Then DH got back early from golf, so I called DD who said they hadn't cut the cake yet. And to come. So I tied my hair in a bun, took out the nearest ironed dress and rushed my sweaty self to the party. I reckoned I should make an effort to attend when they take the trouble to organise the lunch. The b day girls mom made her thank everyone for 'making time to attend even though everyone had other things to do.' I thought that was very nice.

'Everyone' meaning the usual gang, birthday girls aunts and their children, B day girls brothers best friend, her own best friend and me and DD. My son couldn't attend. Her granpa and granma too were there joking how this time there wouldn't be plates to wash

The b day girls mum had also hauled some books her book club had done with and made everyone pick out what they wanted. I chose A thousand splendid Suns by Khaled Hossini. Tho where I will get the time to read, I don't know.
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Hi Kids

Well, I typed "Hi Kids" about an hour ago. Gordon showed up and asked, "Are you done with your post yet?" My response was, "Almost." I don't seem to be able to post much lately. Yesterday I sent an e mail to my Minnesota brother. It took three tries to type a four letter word. The word in question was "Rock". My spelling and typing have gone to Helen Back,
and my energy quota is melting like a maiden's heart in a Harlequin romance.

Julie, thanks for opening our new thread. Glad you got to Keira's concert. Nice pic of her.
If that dress is ever worn out you might ask Duckie if she would like it. Could add all those
butterflies to a quilt. Possible themes: aviation, gardening, fantasy, bugs.

Mike, I've seen Amal Clooney's name, but don't know who she is. Is she part of the Rose-
mary Clooney family? I looked up the name "Amal". It's in the Bible. Amal was the son of Halem. Also read it means Hope in Arabic and Water in Celtic. Put them together, and you have watered-down hope.

Sun, are you busy with your garden or a painting? You certainly manage to do a lot despite
your pains and problems.

Star, I know it's a difficult time. Some relatives are a pain alive or dead. My parents certainly
were. I try to remember only the good things, but it's a struggle.

We have more cacti in bloom. One has a good-sized pale pink flower that looks a lot like
what you might see on a water lily pad. And one has a flower that has petals resembling
a tulip, but there is also something in the middle unlike a tulip. A picture would be helpful,
but Gordon was not in a picture taking mood this morning.

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Almost good afternoon dear Porchie,

I've been so busy doing things I almost forgot about the Royal Wedding. I too like to watch them and have been watching them for some time since I seems to remember in my past the birth of Prince Charles, and Princess Anne, along with dear Queen Elizabeth. That is one one strong lady, I must say to have gone through so much in her life. I did catch up on some of the wedding this morning. It was of course as expected beautiful in so many ways with Meghan and Harry's personal touches to make it more accessible to all, including showing in the USA. Lots of little changes as I understand it which seemed to come off beautifully. Interesting to hear that the lunch reception was outdoors and NOT a sit down lunch. I have been picking up bits and pieces throughout the day. DH just told me on another BBC channel I think was showing more stuff on the wedding. I just put it on.

No working outside today since it got to wet due to the sprinkler so it would be to muddy. So, I escaped again.:p:rolleyes:! He he

JULIE - Kiera sure is growing up quite nicely, isn;t she. She is all coordinated including her glasses and bracelet. I'm sure her concert went well and it was great that you could be there for her. Glad your dad is doing well and that you have a nurse who you can talk to to get the right info on him and his progress.

STAR - So sorry for all you are going through and for your loss. Your DS sounds like a very sweet and understanding boy. You are doing something right sweetie. Hang in there. That is a sad and sticky situation for you and with your DH. Mikie said it well.

SPRING WATER - Mice you got to go to the birthday gathering or at least the last part . I know that was appreciated and nice you got a recycled book to read.

ROCK - Hope all is well with you . Still reading and checking and eating those tomatoes??? Wish I had the right sunny space to grow them. Nothing like a good home grown tomato.

BARRY - Hang in there kiddo. I know you will be glad to see Richard after his trip/ Hope he had some good stories to tell you of good times.

DUCKIE - You are another busy busy young one, between your quilting, working with computers which are almost foreign to me although I use them almost daily in one way or another. Keep on doing what you love , my young friend.

Gotta run for now. Almost time for lunch..

Granni :)



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Rock:. No painting or creating the last 2 weeks. Its been over a week that I got this flu which turned into bronchitis. I'm picking up the second round of antibiotics today. I've spent almost the entire week in bed and I'm still so rung out and tired. I've been wheezing so bad at night that I can't sleep. It's like I've got a squeeze box inside me. And it seems to be out of tune!

Spring: Nice that you were able to attend the little BD party. With all your family and extended family you're very busy with some get together.

I was up in the wee hours but when I turned on the wedding it said almost 2 hrs. Before starting. So I've been watching things on the internet. A very lovely simple gown. They make such a handsome couple. Harry has always been my favorite of the royals aside from Diana. He had the "devil" in him from an early age and he certainly sowed his wild oats. I notice George Clooney and Amala seem to have a place of honor in the audience. Were they the ones who introduced Meghan and Harry? Rock: George is married to Amala and he's Rosemary's nephew.

Star: I've been thinking a lot about you, praying for you.

Hi to everyone....sorry the brain isn't working.


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Popping in fora few minutes.

SUN - Sorry I forgot to mention you before in the last post. Yes, my brain is out to lunch too. Almost forgot that you had been ill with the flu and bronchitis. I hope you are starting to feel a little better by now. No wonder you haven't been posting a lot or doing anything very creative lately. It sure takes the NRG and wind out of your sails when you feel that bad. Hope you get to stop with the wheezing soon. If it continues you might need to go to the dr again. Do you have an inhaler?? Been there done that, no fun ):!!!

Nothing new here just pain and my ear still clogged. I got some more stuff to clean the ears and will trying irrigating it out tomorrow sometime late in the day.

I am so aggravated as every time I find a nice recipe I have to do some checking to see what ingredients I can substitute for some of the original ones. What a pain it is. Like breadcrumbs ( for no wheat) GF gravy mix powder ( found a recipe) . It all started with a recipe of slow cooker Salisbury Steak. Which flour to use if I use it. Another recipe uses cornstarch so that might work. Enough of that. Hope you are starting to feel a bit better but don't wheeze to much . I understand with bronchitis that can hang on forever but be careful with it sweetie.

Love you and all !
Granni :)


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

I'm up early, 4:30. Same yesterday. I was very tired all day and binge watched the last season of Poldark. It's one of the best Masterpiece Theater series I've seen on PBS. They do period pieces so well. DD texted me last night and apologized for acting up when she was a teenager. She said Karma has caught up with her. I hope DGS doesn't give her too bad of a time.

Spring, I love it that Prince Harry and George Clooney, who probably could have any women, choose women who have used their talents to make the world a better place. That these women are beautiful and stylish is just icing on the cake. Prince Harry and George Clooney are both doing all kinds of good works. One of the commentators said Amal is Armenian. How nice that you got to go to the party. I hope your book is a good one. The books on my Kindle haven't been good enough to hold my interest. Good thing I don't lack for entertaining TV.

My personal beliefs are very similar to yours. I believe we choose these lives in order to grow in spirit. I also believe in Karma but not as punishment as some people think but as a way to balance our spiritual experience. I am still getting such comfort from what I read about Heaven having only one emotion--love. It also said all is forgiven in Heaven. What a lovely thought.

Rock, you may have had a difficult time typing but your magnificent humor is still intact, one witty bon mot after another. I can't believe how beautiful cacti flowers are. They are like orchids in that one has to put up with a less than attractive plant so that once a year, one can behold the amazing flowers. There's probably a life lesson in there somewhere but it escapes me at the moment. Yes, Amal is married to George Clooney. She is an attorney and big into causes to help the world and its people. From what I've read, she is really smart. He seems to have no qualms about the spotlight's shining more on her. He's very proud of her. I'm glad you were able to post because, otherwise, I'd have missed your funny remarks.

Granni, I don't remember when Prince Charles was born because I was only five at the time. I do remember watching Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 1953. It was very impressive. She was so young and was beautiful. We got a good soaking yesterday too. Our little pond is up to its banks. It won't be long before it's humid all the time. I still need to go shopping for a good flashlight and radio for the coming hurricane season and stock up on water. I hope Mother Nature spares us this year. There are still broken trees along the main road I travel. So many limbs were broken off the trees and other vegetation that the road noise now comes through, especially at rush hour. When DD texted, she said it was 47 degrees in CO. Big shock after living in GA and TX for so long. Glad you got a respite from the yard work.

Sun, just sent up a prayer that you get over the crud. I am sorry you feel so lousy. You've certainly had a hard time getting over it. Glad you got to enjoy the wedding. I think almost everyone has a soft spot for Prince Harry. It broke my heart watching him walk behind his mother's casket when she died. I'm glad he got some therapy to help him and has found such a beautiful bride that he obviously loves so much. I think the future of the monarchy is in good hands with these younger royals. Feel better.

Don't know what I'm gonna do today. Depends on how I feel. The vitamins still seem to be helping. I'm not dancing any jigs yet but I do feel better. There are a ton of ingredients in the vitamins, including minerals. I'm also taking the sublingual methylcobalimin vitamin B-12. That could also be helping.

I hope everydooby is having a wonderful weekend and I pray for healing for those who are not.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning everyone.

Not much time to post today - I have to get all the laundry done and get everything packed and ready to go. Got some things ready yesterday.

I didn't watch any of the royal wedding, but I did have a weird dream about watching it. I did, however, watch the Preakness. The Kentucky Derby had absolutely pouring down rain, the Preakness had fog. I'm wondering what meteorological calamity will hit the Belmont!

I hope everyone who isn't feeling well starts feeling better, and that those who are feeling well continue so! Hugz to all!



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Good Sunday morning! Glad everyone who wanted to, got to watch the Royal Wedding. I caught up on the highlights later in the day.

Mikie, I'm happy you are feeling better and more energetic. You were spot on about God helping us, but we have to do our parts too.

Duckie, I just got a notice that someone else had posted...Hi there! Have a wonderful and relaxing (that would make it wonderful, wouldn't it?) trip!

Sun, I'm sorry this bronchitis has grabbed ahold of you. I hope the meds take care of it completely now. Lying around sick is just not "you", is it?

Granni, in my "organizing process" I have a ten drawer cart that I plan to use to sort recipes I want to try (I am always printing recipes off the internet and the sheets of paper pile up so fast.) The drawers aren't very deep and will make a great "horizontal filing cabinet". I want to get on an eating lifestyle that's better suited for me, but just get sidetracked so easily. I admire how you are so good to stick to your diet...and little slips here and there are okay, too.

Rock, I have about four tomatoes on my Juliette vine (I kept one and gave one to Miley...the cherry tomato size...Keira wanted the roma.) I do need to put it in a bigger pot. That plant and my little herb tower (a vertical planter with three levels of three pots on each level) will be it for my garden this year. I have a dehydrator, so need to just keep harvesting and drying the herbs (parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme ;) , oregano, basil, spearmint, dill, and cilantro.)

Spring, so nice you could get to the birthday party. Sounds like that little girl has some very good manners.

Barry, enjoy Richard's homecoming. Hope the flights work out better this time.

Judy, hope you get your truck back soon...

Cool enough outside at 64 degrees that I opened some windows...the ones under the patio roofs, since we have been having some gentle rains. Must not have been any thunder/lightening because Oreo didn't wake me up in the night :p . I forgot to mention the other day that I've seen those Thundercoats for dogs to wear...Amy's dog, Jasmine, has one. It works pretty well for her. So far, just petting Oreo and letting her get partway under the bed, is enough to keep her from getting too scared.

I think Den got up quite awhile before I did...he usually does, but doesn't eat breakfast till I get up to fix it, lol! Well, if he gets hungry, he just has cereal...but since I don't get up and cook breakfast on work days, I like to fix a good one when he's home. Sometimes I fix something in the evening to put in the fridge and he heats it up the next morning.

The clarinet saga continues...not sure if I've mentioned that Keira is starting band next year and they are having "try-outs" this week to see what instruments the kids might want to play. We found Amy's flute last summer (and Keira already "plays" it) but couldn't find Amy's clarinet (I have looked everywhere on the farm)...Keira wants to play both.

I did take my old one (bought in the late 1960's or early 70's) but Amy thought it would be too old to use. But at least it was something to help Keira get an idea if she would even like it. They took it to the music store (they were there to get new reeds) and Amy asked the guy to just look at my clarinet and see what he thought of it. She said he opened the case and his eyes got real big and he said, "Wow, this is a good one!" So...maybe Grandma's antique might work after all, lol! The man said it was well worth using, even if they had to make some repairs (replace pads, etc.)

I saw my dad yesterday...had to pick up some things in town, so took advantage of the trip. He is doing well and happy to see me. I was there at suppertime and his table mate commented that Dad is so lucky to have a daughter who comes to see him...that his own daughter (and I think he has two sons also) have all forgotten about him. I feel bad for him (Ken), but all I can do is try to cheer him up a bit (I fill his bird feeder that I bought at my dad's request, I bring him candy when I bring Dad's, etc.)

While I was gone, Den took my old clothesline down and replaced one of the posts that he thought might not last. And he put longer cross arms on the posts so I can now have five lines instead of three (and won't have to string line from a nearby tree when I have too much laundry to hang out at one time.) I asked him to also cut a huge limb from a different nearby tree...the limb was hanging directly over the clothesline (the tree was much smaller when we originally chose that spot, lol)...sometimes birds sit up there and "bomb" my clothes...not any more, now...and they have plenty of other branches to sit on :oops: I bought new line yesterday, so Den can get that job finished...

So, I'd best get off here and get a few things done. Get my hair done on Tuesday and eyes checked Friday. Keira's first softball game is Tuesday evening, but I think I'll skip it. I didn't want to miss her concert, so drove even though it made my eyes very tired. I'll get out more once I get my new glasses prescription.

Thinking of everyone...hope I didn't forget to mention anyone, but I'm sorry if I did. Have a good enough day...



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Julie: You are a very thoughtful, conscientious DD. It's too easy for kids to just forget their parents, they're so busy with their own lives. I always made it a point to call my mom daily, sometimes more if she wasn't feeling good, so I could check up on her. The last years of her life I was so involved with her doctor appts. Etc. that I found I had neglected my own health, put it on the back burner.

Boy those clothes line memories came back to when I was growing up. My mom refused to get a dryer, still had a NEW wringer washer also back in the 60s. In the winter it was a rush always to see whether the clothes would dry outside before rains came. If not, then heavy string was strung in the hallway to hang them inside. Stubbornness was in my mother, but I think that's what kept her going for so long, refusing to give in to anything. She made it to almost 99. I guess that's me in a lot of ways. I don't want to be a burden to my family, just pray that I will die peacefully with no pain or fuss.

Duck: Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Mikie: I received the vitamins yesterday and already took 4 yesterday. I'm hoping!!!! And thank you for your prayers. This bronchitis has really knocked me down. I'm inhaling steam about 4-5 times a day, trying to break it up. I didn't know anything about Amal Clooney so read up on her. Impressive. Then I found a site about their home they purchased on the Thames River. Wow. Check out MyLusciousLife. It will then take you to other mansions....lots to enjoy here.

Rock: My epidendrum or is it epiphyillium (I always forget the correct name) are also blooming. Sad that the blooms only last a day and with me being sick I've missed so much of them. And the drizzly weather doesn't help either. I've some white ones, several red, and peach one and a hot orangy red. Some years they bloom a lot, some times they don't, go figure.

Granni: I hope your ear is better today. Thanks for the good wishes. I think I'm starting to feel a tad better as I'm thinking of doing a little drawing today.


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Duckie, my prediction for the Belmont. The bell will crack. Hope you have a great trip. You're
talking about New York and Carnegie Hall, right? Did you know who the conductor was on
opening night? Tchaikovsky.

Julie, good luck with your tomatoes. I've been getting from 0 to 5 every day for the last month
or so. But we'll have new plants producing this summer. Hope your new glasses are perfect.
Do you still have the sensation of something in your eye? That would drive me batty.

Reminds me of the old joke. Thor got some new glasses. A few days later his wife Lena took
them back to the doctor. "These are no good," she said. "He still doesn't see things my way."

Sun, the epidendrum is an orchid with really thick stems. Gordon was repotting one this
morning. The epiphyllum is the cactus with the spectacular blooms. We have one that put
out two purple blooms much like the one below.

I remember the washers with the ringer. My mother was always trying to prevent accidents.
Every time she used the machines she told us kids to stay away. Same with the primitive
fans of that era. A kid could stick his whole fist through the inadequate screen.

Oops! Computer is getting slower and slower. About to die. Better go.




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Rock:. Thanks for that Now if I can just remember. I just picked a beautiful pinky/peach one and stuck it in a vase on my kitchen counter so I can admire them. Two flowers on a very long stem that had dropped behind an iron settee I have in back. Good thing I was out there otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed it.


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Barry: I was unfamiliar with gasteria so looked it up. Ah that's what I've got, a variety of them apparently lurking in my pots outside. One put out flowers, don't even know when, but it now has long stalks with little fat tri cornered pods on them. I'm assuming it will have seeds?

I have a varigated Hoya too. The flowers seem to just mysteriously appear, though never too many.

So it was the circuit breaker. Glad to hear it's getting replaced. My house is over 50 years old. Had circuit breaker problems a few years ago, kept blowing the AC. The guy who worked on it said that part wasn't being made anymore so he did a search for several weeks and found one of the little "boxes" that slid into place so it's been fixed.....I hope forever, since I was told I might have to have the entire unit replaced which is very expensive.


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Barry - I read gasteria and thought it was a stomach condition you had discovered. Glad to know it’s a plant. Time flies. I thought Richard had left just two three days ago. Or maybe it’s the gaps in the fogged up brain which delete whole days offa the ole memory bank. I’m going to look up Pileated woodpecker. Yesterday I saw such a lovely wood dove, very beautiful and very young. I thought it might be the one which had to fly off prematurely when we cut the bougainvillea, and tears came to my eyes, thinking not only did it survive but it grew into a beauty.

Sun - I think owning a house comes with built in expenses. And vehicles too. Especially in these parts. The weather plays havoc...two months of heavy showers, then sweltering heat, and then cold. And the horrible potholed roads. Painting and repainting becomes mandatory if you want your house exterior to look good. This house was built as a carpet showroom and office with just one flat built for living. So it is really expensive to paint all over. We just let it go. Bah! I know you take good care of your lovely house.

The Clooneys house looks like a dream come true house. The house, the gardens, the interior, good grief!!!

Rock - I pray your computer does not catch the computer bug. Would miss your witticisms and no where else to be found brand of humor. The Belmont bell joke had me laugh out loud. I know I’m never gonna hear that from any one else.

Julie - Keira is interested in the clarinet....that’s lovely. Little girl developing her interests and talents. I always have thought musically abled people very intelligent. I love music but sadly cannot play a note. If I could choose what what talents, traits I could be born with. Musically talented would be among the top somewhere for sure. And eyes with deep set sockets and heavy eyelids. I mean eyes which dont disappear when one smiles. We Asians mostly have those..

Granni - I too find it aggravating when I want to cook a certain something and find I don’t have all the ingredients. Substituting is good but one does want the meal to be of thoroughbred quality. Not modified. Sounds like I’m cooking a horse or greyhound.

Mikie - nice to know you’re feeling perkier. I was chuckling when I read about your DD apologizing for when she was a teenager. Ah - the learning circle of life. that reminds me, I get goosebumps when I hear Elton Johns Circle-of Life song. Very soul stirring song, music.

Dmc - I didn’t know about Preakness. Gonna hafta look that up as well. You must be ina rush trying to finish up in time for your vacation.

Not. Much to tell. Oh, the DD returned from a 9 day trek to Manang. Very gruelling. But very happy she did it. The snowfall made it harder but she and her friends prevailed. Classmates from junior and school. Five trek mates in all. The DS got his pic printed in the entertainment supplement of the national daily performing a gig. And his picture and an article in a mainstream youth magazine. Along with a fellow rapper.

DD at a spot in her trek mid way before reaching the return point.

I can't post the app nor is the video playing..of course the gremlin is upto it's old tricks.

Search manang trek gangapurna lake and tilicho lake..that's the route they took.
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While tampering around trying to fix the utube of DDs trek I chanced upon this old video of hers from her US college days..
.she appears clearly at 1.38 wearing short blue kurta and tight blue pant with white shawl and long black hair and comes to the front at 4:05. Brought back memories. You hv to press on watch on utube. I think newer members have not seen it.
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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Well, today is the day I go in to have my skin looked at. I hate having to strip down and be gone over with a fine tooth comb but it's necessary. Nothing else to report.

Spring, thanks for posting the video of your lovely daughter dancing. I noticed that you flagged your post with the remark that you couldn't post text nor pics but your post is here so don't know what's going on. The really good house paint which is used on our bldgs. has a lifetime of seven years and is guaranteed. It's so good that we figure we will get ten years out of it. Part of the condo fees goes into reserve accts. for putting on a new roof and painting when it's due. The conditions here are pretty harsh too except that we seldom get cold snaps and they don't last long when they do occur. I'm laughing because once the video is finished, one can click on one showing a cat using a plunger on a toilet. Wish I could train SV to do some of those things.

Duckie, I dare say that the horse race was over far faster than the royal wedding. The preacher from the U.S. got wound up and went on and on and on ad infinitum. Hope you have a wonderful trip and stay safe and sound. Let us know when you get home.

Julie, your little ten drawer unit sounds like my antique wooden legal letter file cabinet. It's not very deep nor very big so it sits in the little entry area of the condo with a small lamp on top. I keep cards, envelopes and gift bags stowed in it. Very handy. The internet has more recipes than I could ever imagine but I don't cook that much anymore. Both girls and I played the clarinet in school bands. I would imagine all I could do now is make the reed squeak horribly. Glad Keira is so interested in playing. Kids who play instruments do better generally in school. It's helpful in learning to fly because musicians have better eye/hand coordination which is vital in aviating. Good for her.

Sun, I'm still praying you feel better. I started out slowly and only took two of the vitamin capsules. When you say you are hopping, do you mean they are giving you more energy or making you edgy? That is why I'm starting out slowly. Supps usually have a strong affect on me. Thanks for the link; I'll check it out. I think I have gasteria too but it's the kind that leads to flatulence. Hope you are feeling a lot better, girlfriend.

Barry, I hope Richard returns safely today with not too much jet lag. Daylight Savings Time can cause it in me. I guess mine's just time lag. Glad you got the circuit breaker box fixed. We have large breakers in an electrical box on the side of the bldg. There is one main shutoff for each condo unit. Some humidity got into several of them a few years ago and they had to be replaced at a cost of $600 each. Yikes! Fortunately, we have an excellent electrical co. Your flowers sound beautiful. Think I've mentioned that there was an iris farm in our hood in CO years ago. Every yard had them. The gardens there attracted visitors every year when the irises were in bloom. I'm glad you found a weed whacker too. Today will be a good day for you.

I'll drop in after my appt. to let y'all know what the doc thinks. Of course, there will likely be a biopsy but good dermatologists can usually tell just by looking when it comes to melanoma. Grace just had a huge skin cancer cut out of her arm but it was some other kind. Old age can be a bummer.

Hope everydooby has a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie

This would be my viewpoint at the end of my street dead ending into the gardens. Notice the flatiron mountains in the distance.


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Mikie - that's a beautiful iris. Rare here. My DD trek video comes up on screen but won't play. It stops buffering then a 'couldn't lay video' comes up. Does it work at your end? I can't post any pics again so I know something is wrong.

That pic with mountains at the end is beautiful. I think summers would have been beautiful.
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