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Haven't started a new porch in awhile, but woke up so early this morning and am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, lol! Not really, but it sounds good :p I did get the fire going again before Den got up, so that gave him a little break...good timing as he slept in a little bit.

Don't forget to go back and read the last posts from #1118.

Maybe this will work for a spring picture...a reminder to change our clocks this Sunday...and smoke alarm batteries. So glad to see these reminders of the season change...that, and the warmer temps coming to Iowa next week. And...our ice is finally starting to GO AWAY!

Sun, I'm glad you got your crown put back on without too much pain or dad was a dentalphobe (was that the word?) and wouldn't go to the dentist himself or make us kids go. We did eventually start going whenever we had problems. I got along okay until my pregnancies, then it seemed my teeth just "fell apart."

I love Carol funny, but still in good taste :) Yes, these kids can scare us to death sometimes. I saw the girls being interviewed on the news...they used their survival skills, learned from many family camping trips. Hope they won't try something like that again...

Our Peace Sign is a very vocal kitty...purrs all the time, inside or out, whenever there is a human around.

Mikie, I saw the tornado coverage also...can't even imagine losing everything like that. And some of the homeowners without insurance. Did I read correctly that the tree trimmer died up in the tree? Several times in Belize we would hear about a person working in the forest or "bush"...falling on their machete and bleeding to death right there. I keep telling Den I need a small chainsaw so I can do my own trim work...but I'm also afraid of hurting myself. Best to just let him do it...

Kim, I meant to wish you Happy Birthday, also...brain fog struck again, though. Glad you had a good day with your hubby, but sorry the next day wasn't so great.

Barry, it's so hard to get going on those appointments...and they seem to pile up at times. Hope you can get everything taken care of with good results.

Rock, I agree about spilling the drinks in stores. Our Wal Mart used to have a McDonald's inside the building. People would walk around all the time, eating and drinking, lol! I don't drink Starbucks myself, but Amy and Keira love was a treat for their long drive home. And the gift cards are handy for Christmas stockings, etc.

Well, I opened another window so I could switch back and forth to remember who said what, lol...getting dizzy now o_O

Better just say a quick "Hi" to the rest of our crew and go recheck the fire. Early morning (if I'm awake and actually up) is my most productive time of I'll try to make good use of it. Take care, everyone!
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

As feared, I woke up achy all over from cleaning the lanai. Pushing the heavy floor cleaner and moving the furniture always does me in. Still having effects from the AV--sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, sweating and headache. Gonna get in the shower in a bit. Having lunch with Grace tomorrow and won't have to do my hair in the morning. There is plenty to do in here today. Temps drop tomorrow and Thurs and I think I'll work a little outside then. There are some bushes that need trimmed and our landscapers haven't touched them. Hope they aren't going the way of the last ones. It's neigh impossible to get good landscapers down here. The hoods that have found good ones never give them up. SV is outside enjoying his sparkling clean lanai. Oops, spoke too soon. He's now sitting at the door and tapping it with his paw. My Mom is here. Just looked at the clock and it's 7:11. Must have been our talk here about missing our Moms.

Sun, you asked about the tree trimmer. No, he won't be OK. He bled out as he was hanging in the tree. That is what made it so traumatic for the witnesses, watching all his blood pumping out of him and falling to the ground. Poor guy.

Julie, thanks for opening up a new Porch. Don't think we need another pic besides the heads up for DST to begin. I always hate when we spring forward. Read in the paper that there are more accidents and more heart attacks following this time change. Our circadian rhythms have been set since life began and yet, we continue to think we can fool Mother Nature without consequences. I wouldn't mind if we changed it permanently because it's the change twice a year that interferes with my mind and body, especially the change in the spring. I don't spring forward. I stagger forward.

Nothing much to tell so will come back later. Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

Thanks for opening up, Julie. Nice cheerful picture. I got a bit confusiated by the date,
but then I am easily confusiated. It's still March 5, right? Yesterday was March 4th,
the day that's a military command. Glad to know you are at least semi bright eyed and
bushy tailed.

Yesterday when I woke up from my long afternoon nap I could hear Gordon on the
phone. Figured he was talking to his orchid pal, Jim. But he wasn't. Came upstairs
shortly thereafter with news about my Forest Ranger brother who had the prostate
surgery recently.

He went to the hospital in Portland yesterday because he was having problems. While
he was there he had a stroke. Gordon talked to the doctor who said it appears to be a
mild one. I'll try and call Brother later today.

I've been wondering why he didn't answer my recent e mails. Typical. I've asked him
to let me know when he goes off on his trips. Sometimes for weeks. But he sees no need
to do so. No point in arguing with him.

Sun, congratulations. Anytime you can get outta the dentist's office for under a
hundred bucks, you've done well. What a kawinkydink. Only a few hours ago I
was watching Mama's Family. It was the episode where she runs for Mayor. And
here's another kawinkydink. I Have $200 worth of old Carol Burnett programs
in a box on the bookcase. They came last week. Ordered them from Time-Life.
Haven't gotten around to opening them yet. Wouldn't it be funny if they turned out
to be episodes of Hee Haw?

Hugs, Rock


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Hi Mikie...yes, I agree about the actual "springing forward"...neither Den nor I do either of the time changes very well...takes us weeks to get used to them. Nope, can't food Mother Nature...

Sorry you're hurting from all the work you did yesterday...hope the aches and pains let up. I also like to do my hair the day before an outing, even if I only go to town once a week...

Rock, I see you've popped in as I was typing. Oh man...I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. Hope he recovers quickly and completely. Yes, today is March 5, but the reminder is to change our clocks this coming Sunday (or most people do it Saturday night before they go to bed.) Den and I actually have a few clocks in the shop area that we didn't get changed last we're ahead of the game, lol!

Better get back to work...just wanted to check in again.



Hi, Kids,

Julie, I see you came back to add to your post after I responded. Yes, that's what made that death so horrible; he hanged in the tree as he bled out and no one could get to him. I think chain saws should only be used from a cherry picker or when standing on the ground. We have a lot of desperate souls down here who work for low pay where safety isn't always a consideration. I don't know that this was the case here but using a chain saw while perched high in a tree doesn't sound safe to me. Heck, I'm not safe using a paring knife in my kitchen. We used to have a McDonald's in our WM too but it's gone. There was an old woman who worked the counter and she was soooo disgruntled. She could have been having a good time with the customers and it would likely have made her job a lot more fun.

Rock, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I pray this is the end of the strokes and that the docs can help him prevent another. So many people are walking around with A-fib and don't know it until they have a blood clot or stroke. I just had a heart palpitation and then built-up pressure in my chest. I immediately did an EKG on my phone and it was normal. I forgot to take my meds yesterday in my eagerness to get out to the filthy lanai. Not taking the pregnenalone will often trigger these palpitations. I think this month is aptly named. Time is Marching ahead faster than we can keep track. Thurs is Claudia's birthday. I need to do a little something for her but don't know what. Again, I will keep your bro in my prayers.

OK, time to go hit the shower. Can't wait to massage the suds into my scalp. Feels sooo good.

Love, Mikie


Good Morning everyone,

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

I am feeling a little better today. I am just so exhausted...keep waiting for some relief. We did have horrible colds and then I had a sinus infection, So I'm probably just worn out.

We have had some sunny days, dry, cold and bright. Just beautiful. Of course, it will rain soon but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

ROCK - I am so sorry to hear about your brother. It is difficult to wait to see how things go. What a sweetie, keeping the kitty warm. We have a cat and a dog who are very nervous and have a difficult time being around too many people. Since we have a very quiet household, they are both thriving and are very happy. Wish I had grandchildren but, next best thing, it is very quiet and calm here.

MIKIE - I'm sorry you had to work so hard to clean the lanais, however keeping up with the dirt and the toxins can only help.

I used to read all the time. Now, it is very uncomfortable to read for too long. However, I just love some technology, like being able to listen to books. Thank God for Kindles. :)

Brexing/Brexit - both are very painful. :(

SUN - So glad your tooth is fixed. Such a relief. I, also, love to laugh. I probably don't do it as much as I should. I love Carol Burnett sketches, but don't care of Mama's Family. I did like The Office, so go figure. It's wonderful that we all enjoy different things or the world would be a very boring place.

JULIE - Early mornings are my most productive time too. I get up very early and go to bed early. It works for me. My husband goes to work early and is home between 4 and 5, so we have some time in the evening. I make lists, appointments, organize things in the morning. By noon, for sure, I am pretty much done. Nap time. :cool: I really don't like the time changes. Especiallly, spring forward. However, it is nice to know that SPRING. WILL. COME. Yay!

Just saw news footage of the little girls that were found in the woods. What amazing little girls. They knew exactly what to do in order to be found. So nice to hear a story with a happy ending.

I'm hoping to get in the shower soon, too. Sometimes showers take too much energy, but the hot water on my head and back is worth it.

Love to everyone. So glad I am here. Hope you all have a, if not wonderful, a peaceful, calm day.


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Feeling chatty today, I guess, lol! Yep, Mikie...I didn't see you on here yet, so I edited my post about you adding a pic. Then I saw that #1118 was closed, so I figured you were around...

I always try to engage my cashiers with some sort of greeting or small talk that won't interfere with their work. Such a big difference in employees these days...some greet the next customer as soon as they are finished with the person who just checked out. Some barely even look up to see what the customer looks like...just start scanning and bagging without so much as a "Hello."

Hi Kim...glad to hear you are feeling some better. You know, showers exhaust me. I've read that it's because the hot water opens up your pores, increasing the bad effects of the chlorine...I just know that many times I have to quickly wrap up in a towel and just lie down for a few minutes.

I normally stay up pretty late and get up anywhere between 7:00 and 9:00. But if I go to bed earlier (before 11:00 pm) I wake up earlier. This morning I woke up just after right shoulder was giving me fits...pulled a muscle somehow last evening. I got the fire going, then went back to bed till I heard Den stirring, then just got up for good.

I've done all the most necessary chores (fed outside cats, removed and cleaned the baffles in the pellet stove...dirty, sooty, job, lol...finished dishes and pots and pans from Sunday's cooking marathon.) Also trying something new...making sourdough starter from scratch...takes 7 days of adding a cup of rye flour and a cup of water each day. Hopefully, it turns out...if not, at least I gave it a try. Sourdough is Den's favorite bread...not sure why I haven't attempted this before...too intimidated, I guess?

Gonna cook up some mushrooms to make these little "bombs" that you freeze...then when you want cream of mushroom soup (for my and Rock's "hot dishes" ;) ...midwestern thing, lol!) you just thaw one of these out and add milk, etc. Will come in handy as I put together the "freezer to crock pot" casseroles to take to Lindsey's.

Anyway...I'm actually pretty slow, cause my body can't keep up with my mind. But I'm going to sit and go over my recipes and get a grocery list made...foods to fix here and take down, those freezer meals to assemble, snacks for the trips there and back and for any field trips we take to parks, etc. So much easier to do prep work at home, then have more time to "play." I do enjoy having the kids help in the kitchen, but not necessary all the time.

Back to work...oh, the world just suddenly got brighter as the sun came out! Amazing what a little sunshine will do, true?


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Julie: DLT already!!!! Groan, I also hate that time change not that I'm on a regular sleeping schedule but it always seems to mess me up. Out in california I THOUGHT we had voted on not changing, but apparently nothing more about it. And I can't take hot showers or even a bath anymore. I found I would get very weak and dizzy when I did. So lukewarm showers for me.

There are Starbucks in Target stores out in california. I know people walk around shopping with the coffee in their cart, but I would worry about spilling around clothes.

I LOVE a good sourdough bread! And did you know that even those with gluten intolerance can eat it with no problems? Good for me, and also goat cheese. It was hard to accept I couldn't eat cow's cheese, but then I discovered goat cheese with no problems. Which reminds me I need to stock up again.

By the way, I bought some of the 750 mg. CBD Medterra rapid cooling cream from ProHealth last week. I used the 15% off coupon they have here along with free shipping. That's because this cream is expensive but this one works the best for me. I let my cleaning lady try a little yesterday on her torn shoulder muscle and about 30 min. Later she said she could tell it was helping. After another 30 min. She had to say yes, it definitely was working. She got a torn muscle from the auto accident, but not sure she can deal with the recuperation, etc. if she has surgery, so she tries to keep the pain level down. I've found it helps better than anything I've bought so far. So with the 15% off and free shipping I did save a good sum of $.

Rock: I'm sorry to hear about your DB. Good for the doc to call you guys. I hope he won't experience anymore of these episodes. So you're also a Carol Burnett fan! Love her.

Mikie: My cleaning lady was telling me a horror story about a friend of hers who has srogrens disease. She can't keep her mouth moist and her teeth have been slowly just breaking off. She had gone to mexico to have implants, but two of the metal posts have now broken off. We never think that too much or not enough saliva can cause such problems.

Kim: A belated happy BD to you. Darn, we always pay for having a good time, don't we? I have 4 DGS almost 16, my DGD is turning 11 in a week, DGD turning 5 in june, and my youngest DGD turning 3 in Oct. When my DGS was born I told my DD at that time that I would watch him when I was able to, but to NEVER count on me since I couldn't count on this body. I missed sooooo much of his early years as I have with the other 3. It's been hard to accept limitations. People who are reasonably healthy just don't understand.

I sold some things on etsy last night, so have to pack them up and ship off to Australia. That's the only country anymore I will send to, others have too many problems and restrictions. So I'm off to the PO this morning.


Hi, Kids,

Just had my shower and am sitting with a towel around my noggin. If I do this, it takes less time to blow dry/style my hair. I did a wee bit of fine tuning the trim job I did a bit ago and my arms are already aching from that. Think I'm gonna have to trade the floor scrubber in for a lighter weight model. I didn't want to do my hair but forced myself to do it. I'll be glad I did.

Kim, I can't listen to books; I fall asleep. I'd never get through any books. As it is, reading can make me fall asleep too. Yes, I am so happy God created Kindles. He must have done that on day 8 after He rested. :D When my cat, SV, got his horrible bladder infection, the vet mentioned stress. I just laughed because this place is the least stressful place I know, especially for the cat. It's by design because stress is the worst thing for us. That's why I never have anything much to report; I live a very bland life. It suits me fine now because I did a lot of partying after my divorce and when I first moved down here. Glad you are feeling better.

Sun, FL voted to keep DST all year but it's been suspended. Something about it's being a federal law so it's up to Washington. AZ doesn't have it all all because it's sooo hot there that they don't want another hour of sunlight. We have a Starbucks in our Target too but I never stop there. It's often all I can do to finish shopping without something else to do. Also, don't like the head guy of the company. Same with Chic-Fil-A and My Pillow. I do support Target because they spend so much on good causes. Also, I get five percent off when I use my Target card. So glad the CBD cream helps you. I'll have to try it but, right now, I need to reorder my vitamins. Glad you sold some things.

Julie, even when you don't have any big things to do, you have to attend to the chores. Don't think I'd much like having to clean a sooty stove. As it is, I don't like cleaning the sooty lanai and I only do it infrequently. Imagine you will be glad when warmer weather arrives so you don't have to clean it. Then, you'll be out mowing. Good grief! It never ends for you. Think if I could ride a mower, I might enjoy it. I always loved mowing our corner lot when I lived in our family home. Of course, I was very anal about it and wanted our lawn to look perfect. Aah, illness stops the need for perfection. 'Good Enough' is my motto now. Even less than good enough will do in a pinch.

Gotta go dry my mop.

Love, Mikie

Update: ARGGG! My back is killing me. The stance to dry my hair is hard on the back, a back that was overworked going into it. I was worried about my arms and forgot about my back. My hair is sooo dry. Needs coloring too so will use the super-duper conditioner that comes with the color next time I wash it. Also will use the oil Sun told us about. Thank God for Joan Rivers root powder. It'll get me through.

Thought I'd get something done in here but don't think it's a good idea to further stress my back. I have time to get things done before the kids visit but the question is whether I'll have the capacity healthwise. Gonna watch the second episode of Enemy Within because I fell asleep last night before it came on. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

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Hi Kids

We are supposed to have 3 more days of rain, but the sky doesn't look like it's gonna rain. Gordon just got back from the Glendale Library. We are going to call the hospital in Portland after lunch. No sense calling now when they are busy with the lunch hour. Thank you
all for your good wishes. Just read an article on strokes. Apparently Luck Perry's death
stirred up interest; particularly in young people having strokes.

Mikie, sorry you are feeling poorly. Yes, you're right. Stress is very bad for us. From now
on just throw away two letters, and you'll have rest. Yes, I'm trying to adjust to the standard
of good enough. Hard to do. Which reminds me. Fannie Flagg's book Standing In The
Rainbow has two characters named the Good Enough sisters. Or maybe it's the Good
Night sisters. Can't quite remember. There's a company called My Pillow? What do
they manufacturer? Pills?

Sun, you're right. We should all be thankful for our saliva. When I was a kid and my
uncle was going to the U. of MN he used to sell his blood. I think he got $5 a pint or
some such. I wonder if one could sell saliva. I suppose we should be thankful for
bile too. I read it helps in digestion. But, so often in life there's a but, I also read
that gallstones are hardened bile.

Julie, yes, I like to talk to cashiers; even people in line. If I see somebody with a lot
of drinks in the grocery cart I ask, "Are you having a party? Can I come.? Almost
always the shopper says, "Sure." Some say, "Why sure. Bring a friend." One lady
looked at me like I was crazy, but eh! Gordon doesn't like me to do that, but he is
always chatty with clerks. Frequently knows their names. He knit something for the
gal who's a cashier/manager at Vons.

OK, gotta go. Nap time. Then we call my brother.

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Rock:. Hope you got in touch with your DB and he's doing good and ready to go home.

By the way, have you noticed the huge migration of painted lady butterflies for the past week plus? I was out today and there were 100s of them, all flying west, so watch for them. Quite a lot of people in my area are taking notice of them and enjoying seeing them.

Still can't get over this virus bug I've got. Coughing and sneezing up a storm. My DD is really sick with it. I think it's the same one that hit me at thanksgiving time and then caused me to get a cracked rib from coughing.


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Rock, hope your brother is doing better. Den used to get embarrassed when I would talk to complete strangers, but got used to it, lol! My dad used to be the same way and my mom would be always urging him to "come on". She was very anxious around people (except close family) and I'm sure it made her uncomfortable.

Mikie, sorry about your back. I have a hard time, also, trying to raise my hands above my head. When I pulled the muscle in my "good" shoulder last evening, I was afraid I'd be out of commission today. But I just kept working it and trying to use it as much as possible. It's better, but still "twinges" if I move it a certain way. I agree about's my nature, also, but I've had to settle for "good enough" too.

Sun, I'm going to have my Amish neighbor "babysit" my sourdough while I'm in Tennessee...if it turns out. Her husband just found out he has problems with gluten and she's been trying different recipes for bread, etc.

Well, guys...I may be up for a bit this evening. Ended up "crashing" a little after 2:00 pm and didn't get up till after 6:00...I did stir a little when Den came home and joined me, but fell right back to sleep. He said they are predicting four inches of snow here on Thursday evening, so I suppose I will go to town at least before then, whether they call about my glasses or not. I don't want to miss a week of seeing my dad, if I can help it.

Hi to Spring, Star, Duckie, Grannie, Barry, Kim....missing those of you who haven't been here in awhile. Hope everything is as okay as can be. Gonna look over some more recipes till I get sleepy enough to go to bed.

Oh, I see Sun has just popped on...I'm so sorry you're feeling more rough again. Those bugs just want to return and then stick around...Lindsey's family has had another round of it.


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Hi Kids

It's going on nine PM here. Gordon is sitting on the back step feeding the cat and watching occasional flashes of lightning. We had a brief rain earlier. Supposed to
rain for the next two days.

I finally talked to my brother this afternoon. He sounds terrible. It was a really eerie experience. I felt as though I were a character in Dickens "Christmas Carol." Talking
to ghosts. He sounded exactly like my father when he'd come home drunk and babble nonsense. We thought my brother had been in the hospital two days. The nurse said he's been there ten days.

Hecould not answer a single question I asked him. Just relayed the question to the nurse and repeated her answer to me. Didn't even know if he was in pain. He is.
I don't really expect him to live.

He's 73. I also found out he uses a CPAP. He's pretty secretive. Gordon talked to his neighbor. She's lived next to him for 19 years. She didn't know he had a brother.
Actually he has three siblings. I've been up there 10-12 times. She watches his place when he's gone, but didn't know he wasn't there this time.

Oh, big rumble of thunder. The signal for me to go, I guess.

Julie, I love the idea of the Amish neighbor baby sitting the sourdough. Well, after
all it's alive. That's what Dr. Frankenstein said about his creation. Hope your
shoulder is better tomorrow.

Sun, thanks for painted lady pic. The only butterflies I see around here are white or
yellow. Seldom see any. Here's a pic of the painted ladies in San Francisco. Used
to have a book on them that I bought at an apt. moving sale. Later donated it to the
library. Well, it didn't have much plot.

Hugs, All, Rock


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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

No one got the final Jeopardy question last night. I'm sooo glad the Championship Tournament is over. Questions way too hard and contestants rabid to answer way too fast. Guess a $million prize will do that. Lots of poop emojis being texted. Slept well even though I was dealing with my sore back and effects of the AV I'm taking. Having lunch with Grace today. Don't know where we will go. She never wants to pick a place and once we settle on one, she turns up her nose at everything on the menu.

Rock, I am so very sorry about your brother. I always think it's a shame when people are so secretive about their personal lives, especially with family. My Mom and family on her side were kinda like that. My kids and I are more open. I will continue to pray for your brother. Yes, the Pillow guy sells pillows on TV. They are very expensive. Bed Bath & Beyond also sells them. On the TV ads, the guy, who is the owner, wears a cross on a chain and has it pulled out in front of the buttons to make it visible. I don't like anyone's using religion to sell things. There's a guy here who has a kitchen business. He ran an ad touting his religion and stating that all the other religions were 'dead.' I would never hire him. Again, I hope and pray your brother is out of pain and will recover. He's young.

Sun, our newspaper had an article showing butterflies and stating that this month will be big for butterfly viewing. I love to see them flitting around the bushes and flowers. So pretty. I am sorry you have that crud again. Is there anything the doc can do? I hope so. These allergies have me choking and coughing. The right side of my chest is tender and tight. That's the side I had pneumonia on when I lived in CO. I'm able to breathe OK though. Funny thing--the watch reminds me to stop and take deep breaths. Praying you and your DD get over this stuff.

Julie, I've had surgery on one shoulder and it also acts up. Thankfully, it didn't bother me when I dried my hair and when I cleaned the lanai. Now and then, it just acts up. The other shoulder has problems too. This old bod is just wearing out. I once had a sourdough starter and kept it going for a long time. Problem is that one has to keep using it and I was getting sick of making bread and pancakes. Finally gave it away. Hope yours is successful.

OK, Kids, gotta go. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Good Wednesday morning, friends! Got to bed at 1:30 am, but fell right to sleep. Had alarms set for this morning, starting at 7:00...was just taking my time waking up when Amish neighbor's husband called. Wanted to know if I would be available today to take his wife to a quilting and go back and get her this afternoon.

But...I'm sort of on hold, waiting to hear about my glasses lens...but we are to get more snow tomorrow, tomorrow night and early I'm thinking I should head on to town today to at least see my dad, then if my lens come in that would be great. But if I can't get to town tomorrow or Friday, I'll just have to wait till next week to go get it.

That was the hardest part of moving back to the farm...the weather really does dictate our schedules, to some extent. When we hang clothes on the line, work inside or outside, and in the winter when we stay home or go out...took me awhile to not just keep trying to do my own thing. We moved back here from the D.C. area and almost nothing stopped from doing things, lol! Well, then the mission field taught me to be really "flexible and portable" :p

So...I had to clean off the car windows, go down to Lorene's and let her know I couldn't take her (her hubby called me after he got to work.) Craziness...if they would just get cell phones, all our lives would be so much easier, true?

Rock, it must have been so frustrating and a little scary, trying to communicate with your brother. Glad you guys had the neighbor's phone number...I guess some people are just more private than others about family, etc. Den's dad used to go to these "CB club" meetings with his BIL (my MIL's sister's husband), then when sis moved up here and made Gpa quit driving she would take him and drop him off at the meeting. So, when I started taking him and met these fellow club members, some of them didn't even know Gpa had a son. I guess in all the years, it never came up in conversation? And sis would have never offered to tell anyone.

My shoulder is getting better...I just kept trying to move and work it yesterday...don't even really know how it happened. Have a chiro and massage appt. next Tuesday, so was hoping not to have to go earlier.

Mikie, hope you and Grace find a wonderful place for your lunch. The recipe for the sourdough starter says "if taken care of properly, it can last hundreds of years and you can pass it on to your grandchildren". That made me laugh, for sure...who would want to use hundred year old starter? :eek: Well, I have to get it "alive" first...hope it's not too cold in my house for it to work.

I'd better get cleaned up and head on to town...if I don't get to my dad's when he is at lunch or at least waiting to go to lunch, he's probably not awake enough to visit. And I have 15 pounds of clementines to take for the staff and residents. So, a quick "Hi" to everyone....hope things are ok.



Hi, Kids,

Had a good time with Grace at The Outback. She got coconut shrimp and liked it. I'm so glad. It was fun but I'm exhausted so we didn't go anywhere else. These allergies are killin' me. Guy is removing the drywall and cabinets downstairs but won't put in new cabinets til June. I met him; he's a nice guy. I told him I'd like to see the wall behind the drywall when he gets to it.

Julie, when I got the sourdough, I also read about how long it can last. Lots of people pride themselves on theirs which had been in their families for generations. I got mine from a friend who was trying to give it away before it took over her home. Maybe when you make bread, it will be like when Lucy's bread came out of the oven and kept coming and coming, taking over.

Gotta go rest and warm up. It's only 63 outside and, while I know that's downright balmy for most of y'all, for us, it's cold. Want to watch the followup on Dr. Phil this afternoon about the guy in CO who murdered his wife and kids. The guy's a narcissistic psychopath. I almost couldn't watch it yesterday because I feel so bad for the wife's mother who lost her beautiful pregnant daughter and beautiful little granddaughters. I don't know how she can stand it. He murdered the older child in front of the younger one and she begged him not to do that to her. I don't know how anyone could do that.

I feel shaky today so think I'll just rest again. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Hope today is a good day for all our Dear porchies.

Love, Mikie


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Mmmmm....coconut shrimp. I love that. Happy to read you had a good lunch with her and she liked what she ate. It's a family joke in my SILs family about his aunt Kathy. She never never never eats her meal without complaining and sending it back, then she gets it FREE! Last time I ate with my DD and SIL, DD asked how my chicken sandwich was....I said it was OK....a little overcooked. "So why didn't you send it back", she asked. Because I didn't want to be Aunt Kathy. Besides, my SIL was anxious to get home and watch some special football game and that would have delayed him.

Rock: Your DB is probably full of pain killers and it's hard to communicate with them in your system. I'm sorry you don't live close enough that you could go see him. But then it's only a 2 hr. Flight up to Portland nonstop flight.

Mikie: I don't know how you can watch daytime TV! I have never turned on the TV until around 6:30 to catch PBS. Last week the local PBS station kept getting knocked off the air because of storms, and I watched/listened to the network news reports! &^%$#@! Every 5 min. There was another commercial so I just turned on a DVD I'm working my way thru. Ever seen "the Crown"? Boy, Prince Phillip was a real PAIN in the (*&^%$. You need some hobby/interest to keep your mind and hands busy other than cleaning, cause that's not a hobby it's work.

No, I haven't gone to the doc. This is just non-stop nasal draining and coughing, and everyone around here is going thru the same virus.


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Hi All. Time for a little socialization.

Rock, I am so sorry about your brother. Maybe things will turn out alright..... we can but hope.
Rain and thunder, eh? Isn't there an old saying, "when thunder roars, open your drawers"? Or is it doors?

Sun, I haven't seen a butterfly yet this year, but I'm waiting! I am also very upset about the over-usage of pesticides that is decimating so many species of God's creatures. I see the ESA (Endangered Species Act) has been weakened by the present administration. So sad and bad for Mother Nature. The little Florida Grasshopper Sparrow population is at a dangerous low --- urbanisation and farming methods....:mad:.

Kim, yes the finding of the little girls in the rainy, wet forest was wonderful. As I said, about 10 miles from here.... They had followed a deer trail, gotten lost, and hunkered down beneath the huckleberry bushes and fallen trees. They were finally found, as you know, about 1.4 miles from their home. The whole of Humboldt Co. is abuzz with the story.

Spring is here, as far as I'm concerned: daffodils and crocus in bloom, hazel trees hanging with yellow catkins, bay trees starting to bloom, Forsythia in the back yard, Trilliums in the woods, etc. etc. Still not much sun though.:(

Julie, still busy eh? I'm so glad for your family life, and the joy it gives you. Funny, isn't it, but showers wear me out too! I wish we had a bathtub, but we don't. Maybe I could find an old hip-bath somewhere....:rolleyes:. Hey, good luck with your baby sourdough. Hope your Amish neighbours are good baby sitters!;)

Sun, my mouth is so dry at night that it has wrecked my teeth too. Dry from the meds. say they who know. I have to keep a cup of water next to my bed all the time. I'm glad your etsy sales are progressing, even if they are only to Australia...o_O. We never watch daytime tv either - just the am weather program. We usually watch a movie or two in the evening --- old movies. Really OLD. Well, the '30s and '40s a lot..... Richard the movie freak. But I enjoy most of them too.

Mikie, a sooty lanai. Well knock me over with a feather! If it isn't the RT, it's something else. Is the freeway really close to your condo? I was only in Fla. once, changing planes. Just stayed at the airport for a few hrs: long enough to see some wonderful plants, and smoke a joint with a buddy. (I didn't know he had it! :p). Maybe the sooty air is disturbing your airways. Is that possible? If your back is still killing you, try some CBD salve.
Sorry you feel "shaky" today. Do you mean dizzy, light-headed, or unbalanced? Rest my dear. I feel like that very often. Don't know whether it is OI, or something else....:confused: The meds I am taking....o_O? I agree with Sun, by the way. A hobby for you --- what could it be? Think about it.

Gotta go, dogs are demanding.
Love to All, and prayers for Mother Nature too.


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Barry: Do you have a "freecycle" website near you or a Craig's list? Keep checking for a free hip be delivered.

My DS up in portland gets amazing things free on Craig's list. Truck loads of free lava rock (of course he had to go pick that up) but was able to cover his entire long dirt driveway. Free picket fencing, free new wood to build his wood shed and repair his deck, a greenhouse which he took apart and numbered, and now it's back together with plants in it. Once there was a poor old guy in an old wheelchair trying to make his way down the street near where my son was weeding. He told the guy he's pretty good at getting free things and he would try to get him a motorized wheelchair. Darn, if he didn't come across a brand new one that a small disabled young woman had been given by a charity, but she said it was too big for her and just wanted it out of her apartment. It took a month or so until my DS saw the old guy again and gave it to him. However, last thing he had heard was this old man had died, but at least my son helped him a little.

And about my etsy store, some weeks are slow but then something gets sold. I've done this for over 5 years now.....and I've sold over 500 items, mostly small/soft like linens, lace, vintage clothes, etc. But one day I won't be here and I don't want to leave a giant cleaning up mess for my family to deal with.

And.....I guess a "hobby" of mine is to check the thrift stores.....looking for new clothes from Nordstrom. Just the other day I came across one, bought it for $6 and took it back to was still being sold so I returned it and got back a gift card for $25. Now I wish I could do that all the time. For me, it's like one giant treasure hunt, never know what I'm going to find. I've come across the most wonderful antique items. We needed a desk or small table when my DH started working from home. I hit Goodwill at the right time. They had just put out a little cherry wood desk with cubby holes hidden behind a lift drawer. Circa 1900. It now hold the printer and doesn't take up much room. Going to thrift stores and estate sales is actually how I got started in an antique business.

Julie: I think you had mentioned about having the "pickers" out to your barn/old house. Yes, but no, not until you have an idea of what you've got there and done some investigation on selling prices.
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HI there awl,

Just rushing fro here to there today and haven'y got to much done around here, Need to do wash that I put in the washer last night and didn't add the water and soap yet. Will probably have to do that tomorrow. Went shopping at two stores today and then came home and ate lunch quickly and then off to church to get ashes. I should have put on the wash when we came home but forgot about it ad got on the computer.

MIKIE - Speaking of devices, do you know hot to restart an app if it works ok on the computer and phone ? It is still there on my tab but when I click on it on the tab it just says that FB has stopped. I sent them a few messages but havent heard back youy. I know you are not on FB but guessing it might be the same as others. No where on there to put my PW , etc. in and not sure if I have to install it again or not. One of my games is also on FB but has another app. I can get in if it doesn't stop. A few ties I had to put my PW and email in and took care of it but I have had to put it in a few times. My app however is another story. I googled it with instructions I was given but only went so far.. Nothing happened that worked. Enough about devices that are driving me nuts. I know you understand that feeling. grrrr! Hope you are doing OK with no more problems.

Not sure if I mentioned that my daughter who is moving here had a job for a couple of weeks but it was too fast moving and lots of new stuff she was not sure of. So she quit and got another job closer by in an office where they do imaging. She won't do that but the pre and post getting the pat ready , copying all the pts date, et.c. etc. She also will be getting paid more.. Hope o it works out. She is my baby daughter who is not very aggressive. Not like DD's 1 and 2, esp the oldest. She's the one with the biggest mouth and very opinionated but getting more understanding and all in her older age.56 yrs age. It sounds like a good job and very close and getting paid more than she was for both jobs. Happy about that.

It is time for Fish Fries again and DD is working some as usual and DSIL volunteered to head it up. He didn't realize how much work would be going into it. They kept adding stuff to his jobs description. DH anand I used to work it years ago when he was very active in the K of C but less so now. I can't be there all afternoon and evening the way I feel. May go a a few times to eat if DD wasnt to go and isn't busy. I have no car. DH used to go with DSIL but that was before DSIL was in charge ad so he has to make sure all is done, all cleaned up money counted, etc. etc. DH is too pooped at 81 to stay until all cleaned up.

SUN - I enjoy shopping too at thrift shops too when I get the chance to. It is fun and sometimes quite a bit of savings. Saving money is my middle name as my dear mom was also that way. Had to , not to many options years ago. I think almost everything she ever bought was on sale but she had an eye for nice things and new what was well made.

JULIE- Sorry about your shoulder. Hope it is feeling better. Will Den be able to come with you when you go to Tennessee soon? I know he soon will be starting another job and may not be able to a dn then the kiddos will be back and forth. You are a brave soul. I am to old for that esp the way I feel and forget that kind of driving anyway. You are such a sweet neighbor dropping what you were doing or not doing to drive your Amish neighbor. I know you all help each other so that is a wonderful thing.

Sorry, I have forgotten almost everything everyone else has said. Thinking of everyone including MIKIE, SPRING, DUCKIE, ROCK, BARRY et al. My brain is shrinking daily little by little -- aaacckkk!!

Gotta run and start thinking about dinner, unfortunately !!

*****Trying to warm up today. Still waiting for the guy to come tomorrow with the part for one of our heaters. The kitchen has been so cold but the bedroom is very warm. I am dressed with all kinds of sweaters and tops on. It has been warmer outside today than yesterday. Very clear and sunny and 50's I think. JULIE would have her shorts on. Warmer even tomorrow

Love you awl,