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Hi everyone...I don't have a picture to post right now, so feel free to add one to this volume. Didn't feel quite right to start new without Mikie here, but hopefully she will be able to check in soon. Can't believe we are only one volume away from 1000! Won't that be an exciting day...I hope for that volume we get lots of people stopping by.

I'll get this posted, then come back with a Susan update.

Okay...I have to quickly edit now...scrambling to wrap up the outside work by tomorrow when our insurance agent comes to take pictures. I even planted some blooming asters and mums to perk things up a bit.

I guess I will have to unload the pickup myself if I want to use it again today. Den got called out again last evening, even before he had supper :( Some contractors were working in a mobile home park and dug through some underground lines. One of the residents came home and found his power out...this guy's wife had had a heart attack and is in the hospital (two hours away)...the husband came home to get some clothes, etc. and was greeted by a big mess (she's also diabetic and all the insulin was ruined, along with about 90 bottles of something (Den didn't know what) that is used for home kidney dialysis.

The saddest thing is that the contractors were working on digging holes for the cement supports for two other new trailers, not even this man's. They had done a "one call" for the utility crews to come and mark any underground wires, pipes, etc...but didn't wait for it to get done (the companies have a certain amount of hours/days to do it.) The contractors also got into the underground phone wires. Den said the gas line was very close, but luckily they missed it.

Anyway, he didn't get back home until after 11:00...had a quick shower, light supper and on to bed.

So...about Susan. She had a very rough time, so I hope this procedure has helped...I haven't heard from her yet today. For some reason, before they even start, they put steroids and Benadryl in the IV. She told them she's allergic to many steroids, so they said they would skip them and just use the Benadryl. But...soon after the nurse administered it, Susan went into anaphylactic shock. The hospital staff seemed to not know what to do...they said that had never happened before. After over a minute of not being able to speak or breathe, it was over and the radiologist was ready to proceed (he wasn't going to go ahead, because once in awhile someone reacts to the glue, but Susan begged him to do it.)

During the procedure, (five glue injections...CTs before, during and fix six tears as two of the spots were so close, they were almost like one) they had to stop for a few minutes because Susan got in respiratory distress again. I can't even imagine...she said the pain was so bad, and for some reason it caused extreme pressure in her ribs, feeling like a 400 lb weight was sitting on her and she couldn't get a breath.

So...they sent her back to the nursing home after a few hours (90 miles away)...she had one friend drive her there, and another drive her back (nobody there with her while she had this very painful, often dangerous procedure.)

Lindsey and I are just hoping she is okay to ride 10 hours here on Sunday...

Anyway, I've got to get busy. I slept too late, so have to play catch up. While trying to pace myself for next week and however long we have to be gone the following week.

Hope we hear again soon from Mikie. So glad to see so many posts from friends we haven't heard from in awhile.

Thinking of you guys!
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Hi Kids

Julie, thanks for opening. I thought about it last night, but I was too worn out after answering
a request for info from my Park Ranger Brother. I'm sure I've sent him all that stuff before,
but then again, I can't really be sure of anything these days.

Here's a porch with a house attached (or vice versa) similar to what we had in my home town.
My brother and I had a bedroom right over the porch. We often climbed out the window and
walked around on the roof. One could get down going back through the window or down the
back of the house by stepping on the big tank that held gas for the stove. (Propane?)


You think the insurance agent will come in the house? Bake something or make soup so
the place will smell homey. I read that's what realtors advise folks who want to sell their

Sounds like poor communication and an I don't care attitudes with regard to the mobile
park home. I hope things go better with the cleanup and repairs after Irma. A representative
from a power company was on the news saying a lot of repairs will require that downed trees
first be removed. But who does that? The power company? The city?

Sun, that's very interesting about Hollywood history and Spence and Kate. I read a whole
book about their romance a couple decades ago. My mother found the whole thing very
irritating. Some people said Spencer was such a good man because he wouldn't divorce his
wife. In her opinion a good man would not be having an affair. More recently I read they
really did not have an affair. They were just good friends. There is almost no bit of
Hollywood history that is not contradicted somewhere.

You're right about the National parks getting crowded. Second time we went to Yosemite
the main road was jammed with people. Only last year I read that the historic Ahwahnee
Lodge has had its name changed.

Gordon just got back from his blood test. He gets one about 4 times a year. Then sees his
cardiologist a week or so later. Just monitoring.

Hugs, Kids


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Hi Rock. I hope Gordon gets good reports from the labs and the doc. Thanks for posting the house/porch pic. Speaking of climbing out the window onto the roof...Lindsey talked one of her babysitters into letting her climb out our upstairs bathroom window (in the old house) and onto the back porch roof. Told the sitter I let her do it all the time....NOT! That little stinker.

So funny how great minds think alike...I was thinking, just a few minutes ago, about baking some bread for Sheri (our insurance agent.) Came in for a bathroom break and saw gnats all over my very ripe bananas...thought that would get some used up. I don't think she has to take many pictures inside the house...but will want to see how our wood heating system looks.

I called this morning to confirm tomorrow's appt. and told her I still have "this and that" to do. She said she could come on Friday...that will work even better for me...I (and Den) am exhausted from all this physical work...glad to get it done, though.

Yep, the City wasn't responsible for the electric outage last night, but Den's boss told him to go ahead and fix it...the poor man who had to leave his wife in the hospital was just beside himself with stress and worry already.

Better get back to work. I checked on Susan and she is very sore today, but hoping for the best. Trying to get the nursing home staff to fill the pain med prescriptions that the radiologist wants her to take...but when she leaves there on Saturday, she can't take any of her meds with her (weird) and she won't have time to get any refills before she comes up here. Sometimes I just don't understand the medical staff down there, but I'm not sure Susan is understanding things or thinking straight right now.

Anyway, hope everyone is having an okay, or even great day!



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Julie:. Poor Susan. I pray for her daily, that all this ordeal will soon be over for her. And about her awful family, tell her she should cut ties with FB people. She doesn't need venom being spewed about her. In my opinion, FB can be good/maybe but lately what I've read is very negative. Everyone gets there thinking they can say whatever they want, hurt feelings, damage relationships, print whatever garbage they want. I just read that "the Russians" have been using it to influence our political system, one site in particular was just down by FB. Now Senator Warner is demanding an investigation. I don't go to FB.

That digging that broke power lines, is the reason I decided against the cable company who wanted to do that at my home. And that poor man, as if he doesn't have enough troubles. Things like that should be put in the local paper. I know that insulin is not cheap.

I've had a bad day. Had the CT scans done, and don't think I'll ever go thru that again. Over 30 min. Of my having to lie flat with my arms over my head. Vertigo big time set in along with panic attack which I was having to fight to control. When it was finally done, I had vertigo so bad I had to sit on the table for ovr 10 min. Trying to gain enough control so I could stand up. Falling all over the place, then two of the techs had to help me to another room for a chest xray. Then someone had to walk me to my car while I sat trying to gain control so I could drive home. I think I can directly relate this to my neck muscles. This is only the 3rd time in my life that I've had this.....AWFUL. This is what I've been dreading, to me worse than any pain.

CAme home, driving slowly, and took a tramadol to help relax the muscles, still stumbling around. I've dug out my cane to help steady me. It's 1 a.m. And it seems to have abated, so I'm eating a little something before I go back to bed and try to sleep.


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Morning, Kids

Sun, I remember the first time I heard about a cat scan. My neighbor had one. He said,
"Well, it's kinda like they make you lie down in a big garbage can. Then they pound on it
with sticks for about 20 minutes. Then they let you out. I decided very quickly I would
never have one of those. Too claustrophobic. So I have had MRI and CAT scans in recent
years, but they use an "open" machine so one is not enclosed.

Sounds like a terrible day with modern medicine for you. I hope you got some rest and are
feeling calmer. Also hope the tests actually discovered something that will be helpful to

Julie, how old was Lindsey when she hornswoggled the baby sitter? For that matter how
old was the babysitter? Asters and mums sound cheerful. My mother had both. I think
the asters were pink and the mums yellow.

That place where Susan is sounds pretty weird to me. Whenever I was in a hospital, if
they prescribed meds, they always gave me a few pills to take home plus a prescription
to get filled.

Are the leaves starting to turn yet? I remember October was the peak of the autumn
season. At Preston, MN (not far from the Iowa line) you could visit the scenic stop
built by the WPA during the depression and see miles of rolling hills in autumn colors.
Too bad I don't have the photo of same I took in 1974. Here's a view from the
outlook. Construction was completed the year I was born. So the outlook is as old
as I, but the view has probably been pretty much the same for eons.

Well, hugs to Mikie, Granni, Barry, Star, Diane, GB, Spring, Linda
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Good morning, friends! Only 59 degrees so I've got windows open. Our high is to be 91, so I'll turn on the A/C before it starts to get hot.

Sun, I am so sorry for all you had to go through yesterday. I agree, vertigo is so scary and maddening. Glad you were able to wait it out and managed to get home. Susan said she had approximately 20 CTs the other day, and she lost track of the needle punctures (they had to do a CT to show where to inject, a CT to show the needles were in the right place, and a CT to show that the glue went where it was supposed to go.)

As for the contractors who dug where they shouldn't have...they will get bills from everyone involved, including for the ruined medical supplies. Maybe they will wait for the "one call" to go through next time.

Yes, Facebook can be a good or bad thing. Susan usually blocks the negative people (her mom, aunt, etc.) but had forgotten to block the one aunt. I like to see pics of our Treasures, find out about what's going on with friends and relatives, etc. I stay away from the political, etc.

Rock, what a neat picture! I haven't been to northern Iowa in a long time. I hope we can do some traveling once we feel a little more on top of things around here.

Susan's nursing home managed to retrieve the prescription (it had already been sent to the pharmacy) and gave it to Susan to fill when she leaves there on Saturday. Not sure about some of these rules...and they (and hospitals) don't let people take their own meds with them, either. They have to get them from the pharmacy at the facility, (at a higher cost, I'm sure) then the pharmacist on staff has to check them over. That causes delays sometimes, and lots of frustration.

Hard to tell about the leaves...with such little rain, the trees and bushes, etc. had started to turn early. Looks like we will lose one or two of our bigger ones...

Lindsey has always been a little "negotiator"...must be where Lorraine gets it ;) I think the babysitter was a teenager, Lindsey around 9 or 10.

I set my alarm for 6:30 and got up about 8 minutes helps when I'm so tired I can go to bed and get to sleep fairly early. So much to do yet outside, but I have let the inside go this week and need to get a few things done...I've got to get the guest beds "found" before Susan and Lindsey get here (piled stuff on them to get things out of the way/off the shelves we had to move when Den made the upstairs doorway to the new part of the upstairs.)

So...after one more cup of coffee, I need to get back outside. The pickup is loaded with things that go to various destinations around the farm/yard/buildings. I need to empty it so I can use it to get a load (ton) of pellets for the new pellet stove. They come in 40 lb. bags, so will be 50 bags on the pallet. Den said they would just load it for me and I wouldn't have to tie anything in, etc...probably shrink wrapped so it will just be one big load.

Hope everyone is doing as well as can be..."Hi" and have a "good enough" day!


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SUN - So sorry to hear about your ordeal with the CAT scan. I have never had one . I kind of would like to have one only to see if they could find something specific that is causing all my problems. However, it would probably turn out negative anyway like everything else they do and the pain and all goes on. Curious though how much a CAT scan does cost since medicare pays little of a lot of stuff. Wow, it surely did affect you negatively . Having to lie in one position is bad enough for me. I never have had panic attacks and or whatever you call it being in an enclosed space like that. Not sure I could keep my arms over my head for that long though. I have a hard enough time in the dentist chair for almost an hour when I have my perio cleaning. Yesterday I had a hard enough time getting out of the chair. I was lying all the way back but she does give me a pillow under my head which is helpful though. Glad you are resting though and hope you get to feeling better and more like your NORMAL stuff ( whatever that means, right)??
Hope everything else you have to go through in the next week or two is not so bad and comes out really well for you.

JULIE - You surely have been busy lately kiddo. Glad you are starting to get your ducks in a row as they say for the insurance people, etc. I know also that it give you a good feeling to get things done esp stuff that has needed to be done for some time due to other priorities. Hope Susan gets to feeling better at least some after her gluing procedure. That is so funny about Lindsey when she was a young one and the babysitter that Idon't think had a lot of common sense letting her do that. She and everyone was lucky that Linds came out OK with no accidents falling off the roof. OMG, I can't imagine that.

Still thinking and waiting to hear from MIKIE but I know it may be some time before she gets her electricity back on and all. There are so many needing so much. I heard how especially those on the KEYS are in great need of everything . It is so sad.

We are playing a waiting game for some many things now. DH went to work out as it was driving him crazy waiting to hear from adjusters and such on our roof. The guy who is supposed to meet up with our new roofer is also in the middle of putting his mom in hospice. Lots of stuff going on. My DH unfortunately is not always a good waiter :)!!! Heard back from our lawyer after I sent him an email to see if they were still OK. They were in an area that got hit pretty bad with Harvey. Their business is OK but some of them in the office had flooding in their homes. DH is hoping to find out if we got the new roof by this weekend but it may not work out that way. Need I say more, I am a half full person and he a half empty person attitude wise, if you know what I mean. I told DH to go work out that we have both been trying to find time to do,at least he mostly. So, I am manning the phone in case someone calls and he is off working out for an hour or so. I like JULIE do FB mostly for the same reasons she does to keep track of some many in our lives that live far away or far enough we don't see them often or at all.

Gotta run and do a few other things around here. Thinking of ROCK, DIANE, STAR, BARRY, SPRING WATER and so many other dear ones. Will keep on praying for dear MIKIE.



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Barry: I'm so very sorry for your misery. When you're hot all the time it will make you miserable but then the dizzies added to it and all those other conditions. (I need to look up some of them) Anyway, it's understandable that you're depressed, who wouldn't be. I pray for everyone on this board......such suffering we all seem to go thru for such a little group. Mikie is a fighter and she will get thru the time without electricity. I'll try to call her in a few more days to find out what's going on.

I'm only a little claustrophobic, and have had several LOUD MRIs and a couple CT scans but the big problem was the vertigo and the anxiety that hit me. I'm much better today....trying to put that bad experience out of mind. But I REFUSE to have those again, period. I told my son they better get all of the cancer this go around because I'm not going there a second time.

And during the very careful drive home yesterday, I kept praying and praying....then I saw this car in front of me and the license plate read: Psalm 46:1. I had to come home and read see...God gave me a sign.

Rock: I LOVE that picture....the dark stormy skies and the beautiful trees and the sun hitting only the one bright green hill. Someone told me today that there are places in So. Calif. That have standing MRI machines, one in Glendale too, so keep that in mind. But apparently no standing CT machines.

Julie: You're always always working hard. I wish you could find just one day to do nothing but play. Hope all goes well for Susan, but it's going to be good for you to see Lindsey again.

Granni: I'm dental phobic but found a local dentist who uses a cavitron machine that uses water and sound waves to break up tartar. Amazing and fast. Good luck on your roof. And the lawsuit? I'm sure they're collecting background info on the plaintiff.
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Hi guys! Going to try to get to bed early tonight so I can get up bright eyed and bushy tailed and work outside until the insurance agent comes after lunch.''

Granni...if it's not one thing, it's 100...or 1000....or...I hope you can get a new roof for free or at least highly discounted. And that it takes care of any future leaks. And that this trial, or whatever, for the accident...gets done and over with soon.

Barry, what a rough time you are having. I agree with could you not be depressed, considering all you are going through health wise? I get depressed over just one or two things...I sure hope you can feel at least a little better soon.

Sun, so neat to see the scripture mentioned on the other car's license plate. Glad you are feeling better today. Yes, it would be so nice to just get caught up enough so we can focus on actually "living our lives." By that, I mean not worrying about getting things done on deadlines...for insurance agents or anyone else. I asked Den when he thought that might happen...he said whenever we don't have to worry about things like driving loved ones to a hospital five hours away, etc., etc.

He does have a point, but I don't regret helping family and friends out. But, with Susan's situation...I could be gone from home several days in a row...may drag out for weeks (we do plan to come back to our house on the weekends.) I am just praying that my dad stays healthy and doesn't have to go to the hospital or anything while I am gone.

I sort of had the rug pulled out from under me today. At my dental appt. I mentioned my tooth had been hurting worse and worse. The hygienist talked to the dentist and he said it sounded like a simple cavity wouldn't be a very good fix. He said if I wanted to save it, he could do a root canal...or he could pull it, or refer me to an oral surgeon.

Well, I didn't want a root canal and the oral surgeon is booked at least three months I told the dentist he could just pull it. They got busy...numbed it very thoroughly...I didn't feel any pain, only pressure. But such a sadness came over me...I just hadn't been prepared to lose my tooth!

But it's done, and I don't feel the same pain as I did before...just an ache now, which will go away soon, I think. But...they said no "heavy work" for 24 hours. Not in my plans at all, to take it easy the rest of the day, but I didn't want to make it start bleeding, so didn't do any more yard work, lifting, etc. I did go get the pallet of wood stove pellets, but Den unloaded it by himself when I got home.

Tomorrow I'll just do what I can, then call it good. This place still needs lots of work done outside, but I need to hit pause again and switch back to the inside again.

Susan said her walking has gotten worse again...her therapist noticed it as soon as she started back up with the therapy. So, she will be wheelchair bound for awhile yet, but I think we can figure out how to get things done. She can wheel it by herself, and can transfer by herself (to the toilet, etc.) so I'm not too worried about being able to take care of her.

So.,...I guess I'd better get on to bed. Hello to everyone...take care!


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Hey all

Good to read all the new posts on the new Porch. Kinda strange not to have Mikie posting isn't it? I sure hope the power and all conveniences are restored soon enough.

I mean, it's still pretty hot. And one would want to be in ones own home by now.

Sun - how neat is that. "God is our refuge times of trouble".. So encouraging. I ran down to see the passage because we hv a Bible...two actually..but I don't know where mine is...son was given one by a friend who is a Christian and i looked it up.

I had a cat scan once in 2001. I was so sick, till now docs don't know what it was almost took me over the edge...and because I was already sick and scared for my two then little ones, getting into that rocket interior type contraption brought on anxiety, I hv never liked enclosed lifts..anyway I think it was good to know there was nothing tangible causing my extreme dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarroeaoh, constipation.

And after a ton.of tests all inconclusive, I got better with taking an antacid and antianxiety med. As soon as the symptoms stopped and they stopped the day after I took those two..I stopped those meds too. Till now I scratch my head as to how an illness which took away one year of and brought me down to a skeletal 35 kg from 45 could hv suddenly subsided in one day.

Julie - what an ordeal with your tooth. More than the tooth problems I am scared of the dentist's bill. My poor sons cheek was swollen for a few days..a huge golf ball lump which my DD promptly named Hamish and solicitously enquired after when she saw it on Instagram. " are you and your friend Hamish?" The poor poor Susan. What's to be done?

Barry - I wish all those things would just disappear. I don't even know the meaning of some of those health conditions that you are having! Thank goodness it's when Richard is home. I pray you get relief.

Rock - love that house so much. I remember buying black and white house catalogues with house plans on them. It was a joy just to look at all the lovely plans.the lovely big porch with wooden frames.

I had to.leave because something came up...maids leaving for her village soon so lots of work to get done before she goes...

I'm checking and there are spelling.mistakes which weren't there..or I didn't notice..I hope they stay corrected this time.

And my.print suddenly went tiny.

Granni - well it's good both.of you aren't half empty tpye of persons. You balance each other out.
I hope you get a good good new roof. It's so important. Not nice to hv leaks and rusting etc..and then roofs are so expensive, not to mention the hassle. All that hammering. It would.make me go bonkers. I went half bonkers when we shifted into this house and I wanted a door put into the arch wall leading into dining hall. Because of the curve, carpenters took a few days, banging and wheezing their the third day I was contemplating if I should ask them to put a half finished door and live with it or risk going completely mad with all the noise in my kitchen. However, we all got thru it..I'm sure the carpenters as relieved as I.

I've been watching the news ...the damage caused by hurricane Irma in the Caribbean is horrendous Aargh!

It stopped raining a little. And was SO hot. Ooh la la! I'd forgotten almost with all the rain. But I discovered my.maid has some primate qualities when she offered to shimmy up the guava trees and pick the guavas before they all were pecked by the birds. So with everything nice and dry and a dollop.of anti mosquito ointment slathered all over her arms and shins, she was up the tree deftly maneuvering branches and leaves, and got a good amount. Due to the rain, they've been falling down and splatting on the ground. All wasted.

I also hurriedly made the marinade for roast chicken. Thankfully every ingredient was there, including half a shrub of rosemary.. The other half was black and rotting because of rains.

I've got the.main room curtains washed. And put up.

Last few days I was a little downcast. Because a very ill stray dog I used to feed on the streets finally died. It looked extremely thin so obviously something wrong internally. I couldn't take it to the animal centre because they were moving ..and my friend a healer scanned it and told me, the animal couldn't be saved, better to hv it.put down. But it was moving around, feeding, just very lethargic,skeletal and sad, so I didn't hv the heart to let the people at the Centre come and euthanize it. They offered to but I declined. But i worried about the animal suffering unbearable pain when the time came, so I used to look out for it whenever I went shopping. It must hv had two haunts. It usually was around our area on the road in evening times.

I was wondering what to do if it died elsewhere and I wouldn't know. After some months Id got attached to it. Used to.pray for it that it wouldn't suffer. That day I went out in afternoon for an errand and didn't see it..when i came back after few hours it was lying in a drain and looked like it was sleeping, but I looked closely and I knew it had passed. I asked a shopkeeper when did the dog come back and they said they didn't notice but the dog was sleeping.

I went back and cried my eyes out, i havent socialized much past few years and had got rather attached to the stray doggie..and it was too sick to respond.much but ate the meat i bought for it, and the butchers used to feed it, son suggested we could carry it here and give it a burial in our garden so it would be kind of like being cared for. I thought that it would be unhealthy so we decided to go at nightfall when there wouldn't be onlookers and carry it to the river a ways from our house in the car. Didnt want the dog rotting in the drain if no one came to take it away. Plus i didnt want it tossed in the back of a truck on a rubbish heap. When we went at 9 pm, someone had already taken the doggie, so we just to a store which was still open and bought some groceries and returned. I'm just thankful I saw it pass and hopefully it didn't hv to suffer agonies for.long.

Then a friend was doing some healing for a young man who had schizophrenia and was depressed and not on good terms with his mom with whom he was staying. They were Nepalese immigrated to America. Parents were divorced. The friend had told the father to get the boy out (early twenties and working) from his.moms house and keep him because she didn't support him. But it wasn't happening. I think the struggle of holding down a job with a severe mental condition and constant nagging at home must hv overwhelmed him. He disappeared and was found to hv taken his maybe he wasn't taking his meds. No one to oversee and the mom.must hv been in her own.pain with divorce and everything.

I hv a cousin brother in India who has a schizophrenic brother but he takes such good care of him..his wife does too. Checking on his meds and keeping tabs for any sign of relapse. The brother is very intelligent, once even getting a hoteliering job in Dubai. Unfortunately, he relapsed there and the brother had to travel all th way to the capitals airport to get him back home. They hv arguments, but life goes on..he is once again away from home insisting he wants to be useful and earn his own keep. And the brother and his wife continue to monitor him by phone and Facetime.

The DH returned from a work trip to Bahrain and Mauritius. About a week's trip. That's why I made the roast chicken which incidentally I didn't.put in the electric coil due to fogginess so I had to recook it. It was all red in the middle altho I checked the timer and cooking method. Then i lifted the pan and the top heater was doing all the work. Main bottom was lying on the table. this has never happened before. But it was cooked by time DH came back. I've been posting in spurts.

The oven lapse happening between posting, heh heh!

Have a good day all.

God bless
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Good Friday morning...D Day, sort of...I'll just keep working at my weeding, etc. until Sheri gets here, then let her take pics. Feels like we are getting the place ready to sell, lol! I'm planning on 2018 being the year we get things "done enough" around here and can relax...maybe even go on a little vacation. Next year is when I turn 60, so it ought to be some sort of milestone, true?

Spring, I hear the pain and sadness in your words...about the dog, about all the human struggles. I know that poor dog must have realized what a kind person you are, though, and you did what you could for it.

I worry about Susan a lot...about her doing self harm if things don't start going better for her. She has already made more than one attempt, and would text me and Amy when she was particularly in a bad way...and here we are, so far away and could only try to calm her down and get ahold of some of her friends down there to intervene. Unfortunately, I don't think it would really affect her family so much if something did happen to her. And she only wants to live a happy, productive, independent life that so many enjoy and take for granted.

Yes, I keep expecting to come on here first thing some morning and see a post from Mikie :) I hope it happens before we have to go to Volume 1000.

I'd better say "Hi" to everyone and get busy...didn't get up too early because I couldn't get to sleep last night. My jaw was hurting and swollen. The swelling has gone down a lot, but there is still some discomfort. I have to be careful and not exert too much for a little while said it could raise my blood pressure and cause bleeding. In the event I do have a problem...I am to put a tea bag on the hole and bite down on it.

I only had to pay $56 because we have some dental insurance and I had met my deductible. Ironically, my copay for a filling would have been almost $90. We have spent plenty already, though, this year on the dentist. Den had two teeth pulled earlier, and needs two more done whenever he gets a break from work, etc.

Take care, everyone!
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Just checking for all and to see if any word yet from our MIKIE. It must be so frustrating to have to wait so long for electricity, etc and to be without it for so long. You don't miss it and see how much we all depend on it till we don't have it for awhile. I know when we lost it with hurricane IKE . Actually we were a lot luckier than some who were without it for weeks at least.

JULIE - Hang in there kiddo with your tooth and all going on around you. Hope you feel better and glad that the cost was not to great at the dentist. I know how expensive they are for sure. Hope the pain subsides and you get to feeling better esp with all you have left to do. Yes, I know you could use a real vacation.

SPRING WATER - So sorry about that poor stray doggie and also sorry it has upset you so. Some days I know it doesn't take a lot to get us upset does it? Hope you are feeling a little better. It is very sad to see a poor animal or person suffer like that.

SUN - Hope you aren't feeling to badly and doing a little better after your CAT scan episode. Doing some more painting to keep your spirits up??

HI to ROCK, BARRY, STAR, DIANE LINDA, and everydobby else I have missed and many MIAs. Thinking of you all.

Well I need to get outta here and get some work done, start wash, etc.. The adjusted to make the decision was supposed to come here today and the roofer canceled our early appt for this a.m., last night as he has to put his mom in hospice. His dad called and she was either worse or his dad was just upset, not sure. So he left last night, I think or every early this morning. He had to drive to Witchita Falls which is quite far. DH was upset but not much to do by do more waiting on someone else to call him for an appointment. So many on our block and around are getting new roofs, including DD.

Bye for now. DH needs the puter and I need to get something done.

Love you ALL,
Granni :)


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Hi Kids

I was here in the middle of the night to post, but the computer wouldn't cooperate. We'll
see what happens this time. Gordon just left for the library. He had two bags. One of
books to return and one of donations. Most of the donations are books we bought at the
library book sale. Recycling the recycled so to speak.

The bags BTW are canvas. The library gave us 4 or 5 of them a decade ago. They
are holding up well. Better as I anyway.

Granni, I am surprised to read that Whichita Falls is in Texas. I thought it was in the
Midwest. Guess I was thinking of Wichita, Kansas. Well, Whichita Falls, Texas has a Midwestern University,so I guess that's just as good.

Well, hope you get that roof fixed soon. Everyone needs a roof over their heads. If it were under their feet it would be a floor.

Julie, It's too bad we don't have teeth like sharks. They just keep growing new ones. I
wouldn't mind growing a few new ones myself. Never heard of the tea bag home remedy before. I guess if the discomfort goes on too long, one can apply the oolong. Hope
everydobby stays healthy as possible so you can get lots done in the coming year.

Spring, we moved into that old house early in the 1940s. Like almost every house in
town as well as the businesses on Main Street, it was built around 1900. Originally it
had no refrigerator, no hot water, no bathroom; no electricity. That stuff
was added when I was very young. The fellow who bought it from my folks was a
carpenter. He completely remodeled the house in his "spare time".

Your instant cure was amazing. I hope you hung on to the rest of those pills in case
you need them again. I had a similar instant cure a few decades ago. Alas, it only
lasted for one day. Had lots of energy. Sure got a lot done on that one wonderful day.
I take it Hamish has not been back for another visit.

Sun, you are braver than I to have the enclosed, noisy MRIs and cat scans. I never heard
of any kind of scan standing up unless one includes X rays. I remember when we were
kids we loved to go to the shoe stores that had X ray machines. For you younger folks,
these were designed to see if your new shoes fit properly. You stuck your feet in the slot
at the bottom and peered in the top of the machine. There you saw the ghostly picture
of the bones in your feet.

What we didn't know was that these were X rays and that repeated exposure was not

I'm glad you liked the pic of the autumn leaves. Nice description. Illustrating that there
is very little of my mind left that functions properly, the first picture I posted was also
very nice, but it had a lake in it. It was only when I came back to proofread again that
I realized my mistake. No lakes in that particular bit of farm country.

Barry, what a list of Woes! Wish you could somehow stumble on a cure like Spring
did. How did the cassoulet turn out? I remember some chef (Julia?) making it
on TV a long time ago. Looked it up to refresh my memory. Lots of white beans and
duck legs and some broth and spices. I think it has also showed up in a couple novels
I read. The setting, of course, was France. OOO La La!

Where is your neuropathy? I used to have it in my feet, but a few minutes of simple
exercise got rid of it just days.

Oops! Here comes Gordon who wants the computer. Pretty good timing as I am
about done. He wondered if you had tried any of the Peter Tramayne books.

Gordon picked up 15 items from the library including a DVD for me and a 3 volume
set of paperbacks by some author I never heard of before. Seems to be fantasy or
science fiction based on the book covers.

Hugs Everydobby


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I'm feeling awful today.....I think my neck muscles got messed up from the CT scan when I had to hold my arms in back of my head. The tremors seem to have gotten worse. And I've started getting abdominal cramps so it's good the surgery is soon.

I was watching this video on succulents today and thought I would post it....especially for Barry because I know you love them.

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Hi guys...just a short mind is swirling and I'm trying not to get upset because I need to keep busy and get ready for company. We passed the insurance picture least our agent said she didn't see any problems. So we can quit working outside long enough to get the inside to the next phase (like cleaning off the guest beds so Lindsey and Susan have a place to sleep, lol!)

A couple of "stressors" yesterday. Susan called late evening and said she had just found out a few hours before that she no longer has insurance...found out when a friend went to get a prescription filled for her and it was denied by insurance. So, she called the insurance company and they said her premium hadn't been paid, so her plan was terminated on Aug. 27. (She's been in the nursing home since Aug. 24.) Apparently, since she is now on short term disability (just found out, but they did back-date it) she was supposed to have been paying her insurance premiums herself. But she didn't know, and doesn't remember getting any notices about it.

But, the insurance company couldn't help her...told her she has to check with her employer's HR department...which was already closed for the weekend. So, she asked me what she should do. I told her since Lindsey has only this three day window to bring her up while David has time off work to watch the kids (Sunday thru Tuesday) to go ahead and get up here, and try to sort it out by phone on Monday. What a mess...if she can't get her insurance reactivated, I don't know what she'll do. She still can't walk without assistance, so is pretty much still wheelchair bound. But won't be able to go back to the nursing home. So, I told her to try not to worry since she can't do anything till Monday....

And...just when I had hoped sis was clear out of our lives...her boyfriend's family (or we heard rumors they got married) has reached out to us for some help and answers. Apparently the boyfriend/husband not only has dementia...he is illiterate and has only an 8th grade education. And has been very gullible, even before the dementia. Sis got him to change his POA's for financial and medical from his daughter and granddaughter, to sis. And change his beneficiaries from his own family to sis and her one daughter who still speaks to her (because she is leaving her Gpa's farm.)

They sought legal counsel when this mess all started, but it seems the boyfriend has enough wits about him (and is being manipulated enough by sis) that his family couldn't get him declared incompetent. His granddaughter wants to get together with me much as I hate anything to do with sis, I hate worse what she has done to his family. He told his daughter that they all should "leave him alone because he has a new family now." If they need my help in pressing some sort of charges against her...I will certainly help. I can't imagine if that were my dad or grandpa...sick!

Anyway, that's my ramble for today. I do hope everyone is doing reasonably well. Sun, how nice of you to post a video with Barry in mind.

Gotta get busy.



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Julie: OMG.....what a piece of work sis is.....down the road she's got a very hot existence waiting for her unless she sees the light. You and your family are incredibly giving with will be blessed for everything you do for others.

When I talked to Mikie I told her about poor Susan so she was going to add her to her prayers. Everything has to wait until monday. I do pray for her. And might contact your state representative (or actually for the state Susan resides in)


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Good Sunday morning...we got rain showers last evening and during the night, so everything looks and smells fresh. I haven't heard if the girls have left Tennessee yet, but I have a lot to do to get their rooms ready. Yesterday was sort of a bust, with both Den and I finally giving in to our exhaustion from trying to get the yard and buildings "picture pretty" for the insurance agent. But we managed to get to town last night as he couldn't find enough of his metric wrenches (that he needs to finally get his Jeep dash back together...I forget why he even took it apart as it was sometime last year.)

Anyway, we just needed a day to recuperate, but have to play catch up now. I need to make sure things on the floors are out of the way in all the rooms Susan will need to be in with her wheelchair. Glad we have another bedroom on the main floor...she will be staying in Gpa's old room. Lindsey will headquarter upstairs.

Sun, I'm so sorry you've had so much pain and discomfort from your CT and now apparently from the cancer. But you still took time to tell Mikie about Susan and she is continuing prayers for Susan and everyone else...thank you both!

Den's cousin's family buried their 11 year old granddaughter, daughter, sister, niece yesterday (she died Monday and would have turned 12 on Wednesday.) This was the little girl who had a brain tumor at age 2, survived all the chemo, etc. then, but a new tumor came back at age 10. Her little body just couldn't handle it again. She lived with her parents and older sister, two hours away, so we didn't try to go...and it's a small town where everyone there (and all over the world, really) had been following her story. There were literally hundreds of mourners present.

Well, I'd better say Hi to everyone and get busy. Keira is with her dad this weekend and Amy was going to come this way to get her from her other grandparents'...hoping Lindsey and Susan would get here early enough that Amy and Keira could drive on our here (another half hour) and see them...that will be Amy's only chance due to work and living two hours from us.

David and the kids were taking Lindsey to Susan's this morning (she lives 45 minutes from them) and the girls will drive Susan's car. But...Lindsey and crew have to stop by Susan's mom's house first (not sure how far away that is) to pick up a prescription that the mom got filled for Susan but neglected to leave with Susan while visiting her on Friday. So, instead of the mom making sure her daughter has her pain pills, Lindsey has to take care of it before they leave today. Just another example of "what on earth???!!!"

Please pray and send good thoughts that Susan can get her insurance reinstated from up here by phone tomorrow...if not, the Mayo trip won't happen.

Gotta go...take care, everyone!


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Hi Folks

Not much news here. My computer and I continue to be a perfect match. Both defective.
I wrote a long e mail to my sister in Minnesota. Somehow when it was finished, it vanished.
So I wrote a short summary of same and sent it off. Later I found the missing e mail. It also
seems to have been sent. Ratbane! As somebody used to say.

I am reading a thriller by an author new to me. It's set in Ireland. The author is named
McKinty which I've never encountered before. The editor of our weekly hometown paper
was named McGinty. An Irish surname. I looked it up. Was also spelled McEntee in the past.
And in ancient Gaelic the name had 14 letters and started with an "F" as in UFF-da!

Sun, thanks for the wonderful video on succulents. I noticed one that we acquired a couple
years ago. I couldn't find the name, but I think part of the common name is "Sun". It's
sorta round and the leaves have cream colored edges. We have one on the front porch, and
I think there's another one hiding someplace.

I hope your neck is feeling better by now. Maybe you can even do a little painting?

Julie, Poor Susan. This is no time to be without insurance. I hope the employer will be able
to help her; encourage the insurance provider to reinstate coverage. What a kawinkydink.
You had showers last night, and we had a little shower this morning. Actually it was so
little we hardly noticed. Just enuff to dampen the sidewalk a bit. But there is a chance (10%)
of rain tomorrow. Supposed to be 78 tomorrow.

ACCK! Computer's acting up.
Bye. Rock
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Hi Barry and Rock and everyone! I'll make this short cause we don't know what's going on for sure. The girls are stranded south of St. Louis...stopped at a rest stop, came out of the bathroom and Susan's car wouldn't start. Several conversations with them later (after another driver came along and tried to jump start luck) I talked to Susan and she told me she had been having trouble for quite awhile with her car starting...but after 3 or 4 tries it would always start....but now it just "clicks."

Oh my word! With all she's been going through, it's no wonder she put this problem on the back burner and then just sort of forgot about it. So, it's hard to be upset with her...although it sounds like the starter.

Anyway, they called Lindsey and David's insurance, who said they would cover towing or whatever, since Lindsey was in the car. While the girls waited on the tow truck, I called my emergency mechanic (they were just a few miles past that town) and he was out of town with his family, celebrating his wife's birthday...but would meet the girls/tow truck at his shop as soon as he could. (Actually, he said he was "my" mechanic's son...and that his dad had just died a couple of months ago so he had taken over the shop...I didn't know this, as I had just been leaving voice mails on the phone numbers I had.)

The mechanic, Jake, checked with a parts shop in the town where he was having lunch and they had a starter, but for the wrong engine size of Susan's car. So Jake said he couldn't get a part till tomorrow, but would take the girls to a motel if he couldn't get it taken care of today.

What a mess...and I'm thinking, they might not even need to come on up here tomorrow...if Susan doesn't have insurance, she won't be going to Mayo.

Another reminder that she needs someone to watch out for her...she's too young to be dealing with all this, and being sick doesn't help any. She has a dad and a grown brother who should have either been fixing her car or advising her on what to do. As it is, Den is planning to change her long overdue oil when they get up here.

So, I don't think we will have to go get them, but need to get ready, "just in case." Would still need to get the car up here somehow, anyway.


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OMG. OMG......poor Susan and Lindsey. I feel so bad for all the problems this poor girl is going thru. I've been praying that God opens her parents eyes. Really, she needs a miracle. And usually an insurance company will reinstate insurance for lapse.....they should do this. If she has any problems make sure to contact a supervisor.

Barry and Rock: So glad you enjoyed the little youtube video. There are more from this gardener/author, just go back to the video and on the right side you will see more. I've got her first book somewhere around this house, but I've looked everywhere and then I'm wondering if I loaned it to a neighbor.

I painted a little yesterday. Just having so much problems with the long overdue 50th BD present for my SIL, and I'm trying to tie up lose ends.

Tomorrow my DD is taking me to the hospital for pre surgery paperwork. I just didn't feel up to driving and she offered so I took her up on it. I hate to bother anyone, she's very busy all the time, but I've come to the time that I need help.