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The Porchlight Vol 279 is Closed

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Come one- come all

as Mickey has invited us to a fishin trip

I got the picinic basket of chicken

and as always the chocoalte chip cookies

oh and a big ole Pontoon Boat, no bank fishin

for us that have "balance" issues :)

Biggest fish winner gets packed into Grannni's DH

suitecase as he is traveling light-

See at the boat ramp-Carla
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I just posted on the tail end of Vol 278 and I answer your technical question. I won't hog the space and post again, ya'll are free to read they last post on the previous volume to catch up.

In case you miss it, the storm was mild and we got the rain we have needed so badly. No trees down in my area and I actually see blue sky out my 8th floor window!

Granni - did you get any of this storm. From what I heard, it was harder the north and the east side of town than it was over here on the West side.


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Love to be on the pontoon with all of you! I haven't fished since the beginning of time and I never bait my hook! hubby did as they used frogs! Uuugg!

Carla - I don't have much time but will be back soon. I feel so badly for you with your daughter. When I first was dx'd my D told me on the phone "Oh that's just what they tell you when the Dr. can't find anything wrong with you." I was crushed!!! DH was a little put out about FMS for years. It took a long time before I ever mentioned that word again to her. She realizes that it is real now as does DH and #1 son. #2 son is too busy to think about it.

i was so hurt about what D thought about it - i never mentioned it for years.

My D and her D are at words. It is loong story and I will tell later.

It stormed here in IN all night! DH said he never slept, just listened to thunder. Guess I'm weird! Just slept right through it. Realized when I got up for the potty but went right back to bed and sawed logs!!!

I know Carla that you are so hurt-please know that we all love and believe you.

I need to get supper. Last night out neighbor brought 8 freshly picked ears of corn over and my----was it good. His brother is a farmer and he went out there for it. I guess tonight will be cereal with good cold milk!!!!!!!cool me off!

So long for now and gentle hugs,



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I'm with Elaine, we'll stay behind and hold down the porch while ya'll go fish. I'll bring the hush puppies, cole slaw, french fries, dirty rice, homemade rolls and anything else that goes with freshly caught fish. However, you guys get to bone and de-gill it *L*.

Sure Elaine, lets go find a nice bar and sit there looking cute. I used to lament to my ex-fiance that men can go out alone all of the time and no one thinks anything of it,but if a women goes to a bar or restaurant alone, she is doing her own sort of fishing *LOL*.

The last time I did the online dating thing I SWORE I would never do it again! But who knows? I keep hoping that once I drop this weight, I will have enough energy after work to take salsa lessons or maybe disco (less strenuous I think). That could be fun!

Gosh, I forgot about dessert - anyone have any ideas?


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All. I am very caught up with Danny and his various hospital stays etc at the moment so not much time to visit. Just quickly to tell you we are all still here and Danny successfully completed his upper and lower endoscopies yesterday and eight biopsies! We go back for more stuff Friday.

I read the posts from time to time as I am able and just wanted to say hello, and wish you all well and glad to see mrdad back as I was getting concerned too.

Love Annie


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Wow were all of you just sittin there waiting for a new volume??LOL-

I opened the new one then went back to close out with post 30 and after I posted Erin and Elaine both were posting too.

Oh well go back and read it if you want.

Thanks Erin and Joan for support, Joan I know you have had your share of family issues. I am sorry your daughter hurt you too. I just don't get young adults now days.

Well I gotta run, been on too long and the gorls are ansty and want to go for there ride-BBL-Carla

Annie glad to hear you are back and hope they found something that can help you and Danny-Carla


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I used to love to fish - so relaxing but that is before I got this DD's. I even used to bait my own hook. Gosh, how many years ago was that?? Is there any chicken left??

Erin - I am not sure how much of the storm you got. We got a little in the afternoon, rain and very little wind. We really needed the rain ( so dry here). Two things were cancelled for me today as they thought we were going to get something bad sometime today. Well, we did (get a good rain)in the afternoon but we could have had the meeting in the morning. How was your rainy weather where you were and how was your doctor appointment today ? Did you get any pain meds?

Carla - I sent you a note to on the other volume about your situation to with your daughter. That is so sad and I feel so badly for you. KIds these days, I do not kow what is with them !! You are wonderful, smart and an inspiration to many - a hard worker too considering your physical problems. Oh, thanks alot for starting us up again on this volume.

Hey, has anyone caught alot of fish yet ? I see we have a competition going for a ride in my DH's suitcase to Alaska. Has anyne won yet??

Joan - How nice your neighbors brought you over some fresh corn.

Annie - no need to apologize about not being on the porch so much . We know how busy and caught up with Danny and all his surgeries and such. Hope he will be finished with all his medical/surgical ordeal soon.

Hi there Mickey and Julie. Are you coming out to fish too?

Bye for now. Will check on you all later on, probably tomorrow since it is getting later. Hasve to try and call DD#3 for her birthday (#43 OMG !!)

Love to everdobby and those peakin in thru the bushes !


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Went for a ride on the cart, then a ride on the mower. It has been really dry here and it must have rained alot the 3 days I was gone.

Erin thanks for the DVD info. I do have a 500 gig My Book but I want to send some of my videos to my grandson. I have dial up and it takes HOURS to email a 30 second-1 min video.

I use a Kodak digital camera and a SD card for videos. I want to make several on one DVD. I can only get 2-3 videos on a cd. I have been looking at getting a new laptop and I flip flop on it everyday but I am having problems with it again so was looking online last night and saw the Blue ray thing, but it is a lot more than a standard DVD recorder. But with technology changing so quickly it will probably be outdated in a year for another "new" thing.

Julie you sound like you are running on fumes gal. I hope you get some rest tonight. Glad the ear was better and hopefully you will get up and feel like a new woman after the back cracker.

I do have a cane I use when I walk in the woods and in my own back yard in my effort to clean it up. I walked the logging road the other day and it is pretty cool. beautiful views. Feel better and enjoy that baby all you can.

Well it looks like a few want to not go fishin but that means more chances for the rest of us to go to Alaska with Granni.

I don't eat fish either, I am a catch and release too. Well I'm going to dust off the ole rod and real and get ready for our big day on the boat-Carla



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Just looking in...

Carla - the boat ride sounds great...i think i will just lay back on the pillows and admire the sky and surroundings..while others row; this will be the first time i am having a boat ride in a long long time; the family and money issue is something i have come to resign myself to...everytme i think oh ive got lots of money to spare for a new dress or bauble or other - one of my brothers calls to say he's in trouble ....just recently i found out my niece was five months behind in payment on her school fees and was staying home because of i had to scramble up the money and pay it...I wil never be rich, however well my husband might or might not do..but its ok, i hav been thru such rough times and feel grateful for what i have now

Dadman - no...i havent found my keys; had to call in locksmith and have locks broken - Im really interested where those keys got to...and i was so convinced i would find them

Lila - I love storms! as long as i am safe in some shelter from them...its raining sheets here as i write and i am enjoying the sound of the rain whipping down; een the air has got wonderfully cooler

Anne - Good luck with Dannys endoscopies and other seems he is bearing up well; take care of yourselves as well, its easy to forget ones own well being when one is taking care of others

Erin- my daughter has taken salsa lessons in the past; she is attracted to all things Spanish including their fooball players

Granniluvsu - it seems quite a job keeping count of kids birthdays and grandkids and all....but how nice...they are so lucky to hav someone as spry as you for a mom/grandmom; I love the way you trot all over the place visiting this that or another place...

Julie - you have an Amish neighbour? You live in Pennsylvania? Wow. I have always loved the rural countryside in north america..i know at heart i am a countrygirl - i would leave the city in a wink if i could

georgia - Get well soon wishes to Mr M....

Elaine - hanging out at the bar and looking cute - the bar is going to be very crowded if you do that; fill up in no time; hope times at home are more peaceful and less strained nowadays

Hello to Rockgor, Marta, Bevy, Mickey, and everydobby else i might hav missed

I was very busy past few days because of relatives who were coming...

and i ate some spicy stuff which i shouldnt hav

so my stomach acted up after a long time with heart burn and gassiness

i couldnt sleep very well last night so today i am taking it easy just catching up on sleep

my dog who was having a hackng cough and throwing up all over the place, is a little better thank goodness, i took her off meat and wheat gruel and been feeding her blander stuff - milk and rice, bread etc...also going to deworm all of the dogs

God Bless



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I love fishing and it is so much fun on a pontoon. Mind if bring Randy along to bait my hook as well. I hate doing it and I always tell him I do everything for him the least he can do is bait my hook. LOL. We are going to fish for bass & Northern Pike so don't look but we have alive little fishies we use for bait.

We we go up north we always have a pontoon rented as well. I just love, love, love it!

Carla: I would be sick to my stomach over your daughter taking all that depression glass. I'm so about some more hugs!

Annie: Gosh, poor Danny is really having to endure a lot lately and I hope he isn't in too much pain. You will be in thoughts and prayers that they find some answers real soon!


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It has been a long day already. I got here at 7 this morning to help decorate a co-workers office. She turned 50 today and everyone brought in food for all of us to stay in and eat lunch here.

So that is nice, no $17.00 lunches, although I did spend about $20.00 on fruit. Yes, I made my famous fruit salad for lunch. LOL.

I am a catch and release kind of gal to when it comes to fishing and like I said earlier, I do not put the worms on the hook, Hubby or someone else does it for me. LOL However, fishing is so relaxing to me and I love it.

Julie, Sheba sounds so so sweet, I just love that. Jack doesn't bark much either, the only time he does if he sees someone walking their dog out the front door window. It is so cute, sounds like a bark like Sheba has.

Springwater, all I have to say is that your family is lucky to have you to bail them out of troubles. You are a very kind and loving person when it comes to you family.

Elaine and Erin - come on you two, you better go fishing with us, we will have Mrdad or Rock put the worms on for you so you don't have to do that part. Also, we won't eat the fish, you just catch them and them throw them back in. I know it sounds weird but that is the fun of it. You just have to try it.

Well, gotta get some work done. Oh, we had storms all night too, I love storms with lightening and thunder. I could sit on the deck and watch it all night. I think it is beautiful, however, I could definetly do without the damage, that is the only downfall of storms.

Hello to everyone else, love you all too, take care and have a wonderful Wednsday (wow, i can't believe it is hump day already).

Hey Monica, we posted at the same time. I am so glad you like to fish, me too, especially bass fishing. I am still waiting for my daughter to email the picture of her fish, it was huge. As soon as she does I will post it so I can show it off. (proud mommy)

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I posted this on the chit chat board. You have to watch this. I was just cracking up over it. However, I can pretty much laugh at anything so maybe it is just me. LOL


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Hi Julie, I missed you since we were posting at the same time. I'm sorry to hear your not feeling good. Do you think you have a flare coming on? I think somedays a cane would be helpful as well but then I'm so clutzy I would probably fall over and break something. LOL.

I just love hearing about the baby and Sheba. It sounds like Lindsey has a good watch dog and I bet no one will come near her if they see Sheba. LOL. Gosh, I remember when my son was little. I wish I could have those days back .... he was also entertaining like your Keira and very good natured. Somedays I just feel like my life has slipped away and wondering where did all the time go.

Elaine & Erin: Save us some seats at the bar for when we return from fishing. We are going to be thirsty after sitting out in the sun while fishing.

Springwater: What a sweet giving soul you are to always help your family out. I hope they realize what a wonderful person you are to them. Sorry, about the keys. I was hoping you find them.


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Is everydobby got there wormies and ready to go?

Springwater there are no oars on this boat, it is a powerful pontoon boat so grab a chair and catch the breeze if you don't want to catch a fish. I am sorry you feel you have to carry the fiancial burden of your family, it shouldn't be that way. Still no keys? Well I thing it is time to get it open and make sure everything is still in there. IF the "help" helped themselves they could have taken the key with them so you wouldn't discover it so quickly. I hope that isn't the case so will hope for the best.

Julie I will hope you will have the energy to get threw this day and Lindsey can help. That was a cute story about SHeba barking at David then the nieghboor. Where does she sleep?

Elaine Jerome said he would screen your calls so come on and bring a BeeKeeNee so you can catch some rays if you don't fish.

Erin come on, you can help navagate us into unknown waters and see all the creatures frollicing on the banks.

Sweetie-where are you? Stuck on the scabble game. Now come on- step away from the Google dictionary, I am worried we will have to do a "scrabble intervention" soon. We miss you.

Monica thank you but I gave her those dishes in hopes of saving a argument-oh well. I really am better today and will not let it get me down. It is a choice to be happy or sad in these situations, I choose to be happy :)

Mickey- I perfer using minnows instead of worms, you get bigger fish to. I missed something in your last post, it got lost in trasnlation I guess

Mrdad and Rock- where in the world are you. Matt Lauer is looking for you.

OMG I just caught my first fish!!! Glad I have my camera and laptop with me, I never leave home without it.

SEE MY PROFILE PIC TO SEE MY FISH. I really do need to get to the beauty salon to get a trim on the hair. Come on guys
let the party begin.- Carla


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Well, ow that it is almost afternoon here I thought I would check in with guys. Nothig exciting going on here. Went to our work out room here in the subdivision for the usual treadmill and leg pushy thingy ! Believe me I did not feel like doing it as usual. We usually get there 2x a week. I know we should probably do more but we are lucky to do that much.

Oh, we got our blood work done the other day adn got the results yesterday evening. We are all normal according to that anyway and my b/p was actually normal there to.. Next week will be something else when I have to go to my rheumy. I have to drive into the Woodlands from where I live and that drive with some of their traffic can make it go up.

I was hoping my PCP would be able to change one of my b/p meds that was going up in price. The one she mentioned of course was the same price through my insurance. So, I guess I will bite the bullet and stay on it. I have to take two meds for b/p. It all started when I started ( about 25 yrs ago) with all the pain and hasn't come down since !!

Mickey - did I mention something? I don;t think you put the site or url down on your last post that was supposed to be funny. Did I miss it on a different post? How nice you office is giving your co worker a 50th BDay party. Oh, and you made some fruit salad. Can I stay for lunch ! I'll bet everything will be YUMMY !!

Georgia - God bless you with all these things happening all at once to you. I am so sorry to hear about Mr. M. What did happen to cause such injuries??? My thoughts and prayers are with you both,

Julie - slow down a bit hon. You are wearing me out. Of course you are a young, as they used to say "spring chicken " (-: !!

Springwater - I forgot what you said today but I know you were there. I think you were going torest while we all fished !! Hope you get some energy soon. I usually don't have any either so if you do get some can I borrow a little from you (-: !!

Hi ther Monica - How are those kitties coming along? Is Honey behaving any better for you and Miss Sophie tto..Have they gotten used to each other yet (in a good way?). I got disconnected from the volume so I don't remember what you said either.

Mrdad and Rock - how are you both doing?? Hope Mr dad get to feeling better sooner better than laater.

Hey, has anyone cauaght any fish yet?? Gotta leave for now. DH needs the computer so have to run for now.

Love to everydobby,




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I've been lurking in the bushes with Marta, MrDad, and Annie. You guys are hard to keep up with. I haven't felt like I was capable of addressing everyone so I have just been hanging out in the shade. I still can't "talk" to everyone so please don't be offended.

Carla...I do want to tell you how much I hurt for you. This disease is so hard for people to understand but you would hope your children would. Both of mine have been very supportive BUT occasionally they or my parents have really hurt my feelings. My son was trying to be nice last week but he told me how his mom of a few years ago would have been different. He was talking about how kind and sweet I used to be. I told him he was right, I am not the same. How could anybody stay the same and have gone through what we have? I have to take care of me now. We talked about it and we hugged but he really does miss the Mom and person I was in the past. He was so proud of who I was before and my accomplishments. He always tells me I am his hero though. My parents are not unkind but deep down they too just don't understand. Sometimes I wonder if I would understand too if it was not happening to me. But whatever they do or do not understand, they need to respect and love their Mother. I hope your daughter realizes this soon. You are a great person and I respect you so much for who you are and what you do. Always remember that you have support here.

Julie...Please slow down. It sounds as if you are heading for a crash. Remember every ones plea to Mickey to take it easy. You need to heed those warnings too. I've been there (in fact still there) and I hate to see it happen to anyone else.

Georgia....Hoping Mr. M will recover quickly. Life for you has not been easy lately.

Elaine.... I am so proud of you. You handled the situation with your sister and her partner with wisdom. Good for you!

That's all for me for now. Hello to everyone else...Granni, Springwater, Joan, Linda, Rock, Jole, Erin, Mickey, Monica, and everyone else that I have missed.



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Please don't feel bad about not addressing everyone, I never do. If I did, I would be spending hours on the computer going back and forth. The porch is just so you can tell us about yourself and if you want you can address everyone, but that is totally up to you honey.

Anyway, Granni, the URL to go on the site I told you about I posted separately under "Going Home from work on Fridays", but I will post it here to honey. It is really funny, I think, but it doesn't take much to make me laugh. Hahahahahaha, see I am laughing now.

Here it is:

Just highlight it, and copy and then paste it up on the address bar and it will bring you right to the youtube video.

Love ya, Mickey

Well I gotta go finish my fruit salad (cut up the bananas)since we are getting ready for our big birthday lunch for my co-workers 50th.
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Okay guys, look at my fish on my profile. It is a 7 pounder, 21 inches long Bass. Aren't you proud of me.

No really, this is the Bass that my daugher caught when she went fishing with her Grandpa last week. She is unbelievable. I am so proud.

Elaine - we used to use popcorn when I was little when we went fishing and that worked like a charm, so I am sure Gummi Worms would work too.

Julie & Georgia - you both are in my prayers big time. Love you too and hope things go better for you.

Bye for now,



Well, I see I'm back to my old tricks of being at the end of a vol. Oh well, I enjoyed reading all of your posts! Just not going to be able to answer everybody this time.

Yes, I'm all ready for the fishing venture on the pontoon, but like some others, I'm not much of a fisher. Will sit and enjoy the mild breeze and good conversation, quiet I know so we don't scare off the fishies!

Thanks for the food Erin, you always have such a good variety of things that I haven't had the energy to cook in years!

Georgia, I am sooo sorry to hear about your hubby! He sounds like mine....have to tie them down to keep them from doing anything! Hope he is doing better and not in too much pain. He's lucky to have you there for the day to pamper him!

Annie, so good to see you back. I didn't realize all the things they were going to do with Danny. I know the tests had to be uncomfortable, and hope he wasn't upset with it all. But know it would be great to finally get to the bottom of all his problems. You are a great mother, and have had a lot to deal with...but I know you are happy to do it all for him.

Mickey, was that you in the fish picture??? Yep, it's a doozy all right. If that was you, you have a georgous tan! Must be all that pool time....

Carla, you have a good outlook on things with your daughter. Sometimes they can be cruel, but as mothers we never get over loving them, do we? Even though it's hard at times. And yes, it has to be hard for them to understand since it's hard for us at times to get it ourselves. But the "heart" pain is hard to forgive.

Well, I have my 16 year old grandson still with us, and this week my 5 year old granddaughter. We're having fun together. It's a beautiful cool day here today, in the 80's, so we went for a walk and found 4 baby kittens with their mother. Faith thought they were just the cutest things!

Sat on the porch watching her swing and play fetch with our dog, Jessie. She has such a good imagination and yes, Julie, you are right. The babies are precious, but hard to take care of for us. The older ones are much more fun, just not as cuddly and innocent!

I have a 1950's credenza in my dining room, and under it is a piggy bank for each of the 7 grandkids. They love putting change in their banks when they are here, and have never wanted to trade their own. Each has a different color, and some different sizes. They look pretty cute with their noses sticking out from under the credenza!

I just have to make sure they each get the exact same amount of money to put in their bank, so it does get a little confusing and I need to keep it written down so as to keep it fair.

Mrdad, Rock, where are you????? We do need you on our fishing expedition! To everyone else I've neglected to mention this time, hope to catch you the next go-round. Love to all ****Jole****


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I just wanted to say that is such a great idea for your grandkids, having piggy banks for each of them. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to steal your idea for when I have grandkids.

Also, no that is not me in the picture, that is my oldest daughter (18). She is a bow hunter, gun hunter, fisherwoman, etc.... and she is getting ready on the 19th to go to college. Boo Hoo, I am really going to miss that girl. We are best friends as well as Mom and Daughter. Everyone here at work keeps telling me I will be glad to get rid of my kid for awhile, but no way, not in this case.

Anyway, I also love the name Faith, reminds me of Faith Hill, who I love her music as well as her and Tim McGraw have an awesome marriage I believe.

I am glad you are having a wonderful time with the grandkids, I am sure you are cherishing every moment.

Take care and God Bless.