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The Porchlight Vol. 861 is CLOSED

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Hello Everyone..

The drumming sound my computer made has gone now. I did run some inbuilt checks on it..but today the server connection was horrible. very poor strength so i just disconnected and instead listened to some music i had downloaded.

Julie - i hope you all get to the bottom of why Den is feeling poorly. Its not like him. All these years he has always been working so hard and doesnt seem to be having any bad habits.

Rock - mmmmm...the wedding soup looks delectable...just what the doctor would order on a cold windy night. of course for me i would probably subsitute the meat balls with soya nuggets or mushroom. take care of yourself..those many bumps so often.

Sunflower - i believe you when you say Nepalese food out there is expensive. I heard dumplings (our momos) cost really lots for a plate. Like 2, 3 $ a piece! We knew this lady from our community who immigrated to NYC like decades backs and she was doing a brisk business selling momos from her home..

also we had a neighbour in India whose entire family emigrated (also decades back) and the boy of the family who had just graduated university here opened a dumpling shop outside a university in California and doing quite well.

Diane - pets are wonderful, my family has always had pets..mostly dogs and cats but my father was fond of keeping little birds and parrots on some occasions. Oh, gineau pigs too.

Mikie - im glad the tornado spared your part of town..scary..thank you for the info on diet and iodine. going to go thru it and see if i can implement anything. I see hospitals and sick people and think, boy, i dont want any of that. nada.

Granni - how was church. Its funny to think of your area being cold. I love the way you love to watch football games and are enough into it to enjoy with your DH. I m afraid i am no longer interested in the soccer matches and golf he watches. preferring sitcoms and music channels. We do watch masterchef together sometimes. He cant cook but the excitement of a reality show competition gets him. And he loves food.

I hv been going out. been on errands to town and day before to out of the valley to attend the funeral of a guru of ours who passed. Its two hours away and i went with my eldest brothers widow, my youngest brother and my son drove. we also had a meal there, some delectable finger chips and chowmein..and hot tea and visited another monastery. Its up in the hills so thats always a lift for me. i love looking at dales and valleys and pine and fir trees. and climbing up and down narrow paths.

Today i went and basically just messed about town..wanted to get myself out of the house for a bit. I visited the Pranic healing centre because its not too far off from where the bus stop is located, met a lady fellow pranic healer who had gotten the DV lottery and emigrated to Florida last yeat. She is Indian. she was happy she got out of this country in view of the EQ and other troubles but says life is lonely there right now, she is kind of my age, (50s) and will take some time to make friends. her other family and community is here and she was here visiting. Interesting thing is she was diagnosed with Mutliple sclerosis a year back but says it doesnt bother her. Maybe the twin hearts meditation is helping. She said she doesnt get time to do the higher level meditations.

She and the lady who runs the centre (also Indian) invited me to eat with them , they were ordering take out veg dumplings, but i had this craving for nepalese thali, (rice lentils curry chutney etc) and excused myself. I cook the same thing at home but get cravings for the same food cooked by different people. The tastes vary according to the spices used. A tweak here and there.

I got some groceries and ducked into a bookstore to see if there was anything interesting, (nothing i wanted ) so i cabbed it back home, quite thrilled because the cabbie offered to take me for the normal rate) and not the inflated rate. No, theres been no breakthrough in talks but products are coming in only theyre at an inflated price. fuel is still unavailable in the normal way.

I have a feeling someone is plugged into my computer because it is running at a slow rate. and im having to press down hard on the keys.

you all take care

God Bless



Hi, Kids,

The info on iodine foods was posted by a member named, WellnessCampaign, so we owe him or her our thanks. I figured it might be helpful for some of us. It's just more info on how to use foods to heal and prevent illness--the future of healthcare.

I could not get warm so got into the tub for a hot Epsom Salt soak. I finally turned on the heat because the water was steaming into the air off my wet bod. Yikes! I put on my leggings, a long-sleeve tee and my hoodie. I took stuff to Goodwill and stopped to wash the car. Boy was it dirty. It needs to be cleaned and waxed but it's good enough to take my friends in tomorrow night. Think I'll do my nails today and lightly clean the inside of the car tomorrow. This cold is sapping my NRG even worse than usual.

Mgr. got our bldg.'s annual mtg set for Mar. 24th at 6:00 p.m. at their office. Unless Barb talks someone into taking her, I doubt she will go. The individual assn. mtgs. are done according to Robert's Rules of Parliament but, other than that, they aren't a big deal. I have to do a President's Report.

Julie, you are soooo right about the brain fog issue. I think I'll step up my iodine intake through food. I used to take Synthroid and I did seem to feel better. If even one hormone is out of balance, it affects everything. Good luck with GPA's appt. You are so sweet to make sure he doesn't feel rushed. I'm always early because I can't deal with the stress of hurrying.

Spring, I keep thinking I'd like to make more spicy dishes but I'm not a very good cook as it is and I worry that I'll just mess up and waste food. I love the taste of curry in dishes. How nice to find a taxi at normal rates. A real blessing! I'm glad you've been going out and, especially, in the hills. When I lived in CO, I could drive into the foothills, or into the Rocky Mountains, to get away and smell the mountain air. Aaaaah!

OK, gonna go. Tweety is soooo restless today. I think the cold weather is affecting her too. Have a good one, everydobby.

Love, Mikie


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Dear Porchies,

I won't be on here to long as it has been so busy around here and haven't gotten to much done except a bit of shopping with DH.

********To make a long story short our DD that lives nearby came over to tell me that she had just gotten a text either from our daughter or SIL in Crowley, a suburb of Ft. Worth saying that she was in an accident and had an awful accident and was in the hospital. The more I hear the worse the accident sounds. First we heard that she was T Boned and then we heard it involved 4 cars. She has a fxed pelvis and a fx of the Left hip socket of the femur.

Had thought she perhaps had had the surgery but they are waiting for the surgeon who make the determination of when to do it and to make sure there are no other issues to deal with. At first they said something about possible bladder injury but haven't heard any more of that. So hope that was not true . It sounds like she has enough to deal with. Looks like she will be out of commission for awhile. She works in a doctor's office (fertility clinic I think)..

Please pray for her. There is quite a bit of family living in the area so hope they can help. I wouldn't mind being there to help here at home but the driving to and from places in a strange location does not work well for me. I am also not driving myself there. Wish I was young and brave like JULIE and SUN and could drive everywhere by myself.

I need to go do a wash at least so will try and come back later and update.

Please pray for DD Lynne and her husband and young son, as well as all of us.

Love to all,
Granni :)


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Many prayers, Granni!!!!!!!!!

Love and hugs to you and yours. I'm thinking about you. Do you want me to post this on the Spirituality/Worship board for you?? Let me know.

I'm sooooo sorry that this happened. Prayers for diagnosis, and healing, and recovery, for your DD, and you and your family.

Luv ya, my friend,


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Granni: Just saw this.....prayers for your DD. Terrible, terrible. Let us know how things go for her. One is never safe when you get into a car, but then my SIL's father had a terrible accident almost 2 years ago......fell out of bed and severely injured his eye. He's had about 3 surgeries on it and it's still not completely healed, so even at home you can get hurt.

I filed a written complaint with United Health. Seems there is a paragraph in the contract where they can "estimate" what Medicare will pay then they pick up about 20% after deductible. I don't have Medicare part B, just was allowed to sign up last week, so I'm praying this "estimate" thing will be overturned. I've got about $5,000 in bills that I'm having to make payments on.

I went to an art class yesterday but all we did was chat. THis teacher is really annoying.......our other one was a nationally known artist and this one can't even paint. It's pointless to complain to the college that's paying her salary. So after discussing powerball yesterday I stopped afterwards and bought 2 tickets.


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Yup, the new appointment with the chiro was for today. We've been
going to Dr. Ted for a long time. Twenty years maybe. He still
charges us the same fee we were paying back then. He has magic
fingers. Maybe I will write a little verse about him. Or maybe I already
did. Life so confusiatin' these days.

Got a Christmas photo from my brother back in Minnesota today.
It shows the 6 grand kids. All blue eyed tow heads of Nordic

After the chiro we went to nearby Trader Joe's. Like going to a
flower show only no admission charge. Lots of spring flowers.
A veritable rainbow of colors for the tulips. I think there were
3 shades of purple. And some plants I couldn't identify. And
big pineapple plants. Two feet tall. About 20 bucks. I kinda think
there's not enough sun here for the pineapple to develop.

Lots of orchids. Mostly phalaenopsis; some dendrobiums and oncidiums.
They also had pink lady apples. Don't think I've ever seen them in
a store before. I read they originally came from Australia. 69 cents
@ for an apple. That's $8.28 for a dozen. More than I'd pay. But I
woulda bought one if I had enough teeth to eat an apple. I did buy half a
dozen bottles of fruit juice.

Mikie, thanks for the info on iodine, etc. If I were healthier I would
attempt to make some changes. Alas, takes energy which I don't have.
Never heard of "dulse" before. Looked it up: red edible seaweed. Not
to be confused with Dulcinea, the female lead in Man of La Mancha. I
can remember parking my car some blocks from law school (couldn't
afford the parking lot) and humming The Impossible Dream. I really
didn't expect to graduate. I was only in my 30s, but was already running
low on energy and working by day and going to school at night was wearing
me out.

I kept skipping semesters because I ran outta money and or energy. Took
me 6 years instead of 4 to get through. Then when I did I only practiced
for 6 years anyway; crashed; wound up in the hospital/loony bin as
one of my friends called it. (He had been there himself.) I had a bi-
medical diagnosis: appendicitis and clinical depression.

Springwater, your diet sounds so exotic. Of course so does Barry's.
Wouldn't it be fun if we could all get together and have a pot luck.
I could bring tuna hot dish, Jello blended with whipped cream, and
the cream cheese, whipped cream pie with cherry pie filling on
top. Mid West, middle class cuisine.

Granni, sorry to hear the terrible news about your DD Lynne. Maybe
by this time you've had some more news? I can't think of anybody in our
family who was ever in a bad accident. Of course most of them live
in rural areas or small towns where there isn't much traffic. My mother
told me some relative, possibly an uncle, had died in a car crash a long
time ago. Way back in the days of the Model T. She knew very
little about the accident herself.

Sun, I don't even know what the powerball is. But our chiro mentioned
it today. He said he bought 2 tickets at $2@. I guess it's just an extra
large prize, right? Have you seen the news on what that young woman
is doing with the 88 million dollars she won. She's put up bail 3 time for her
boy friend who is a drug addict. Over twenty million dollars to let him
out so he can get into more trouble. I suppose she'll get most of it back
providing he doesn't decamp.

And speaking of which reminds me. You guys remember Rosemary DeCamp,
the actress? She played Mrs. George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy.
She's the one dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

Sun, sorry this medical-insurance business is so worrying. I get so
mad at our government. Trillions in debt but plenty of money for
foreign aid while folks are struggling here, and our infrastructure
crumbles, and our schools can't teach and on and on. Uff-da! I
hope both of your powerball tickets win.

OK, gonna go lie down and turn on my electric blanket and read
a good book.

Hugs, Kids
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Granni - Praying for your DD. What a terrible thing to happen. remember you dont help any by worrying yourself sick. Take care of yourself. And your DH.

I know the board will keep sending prayers, as will all your family members and their friends..i hope your DD is soon back on her feet

God Bless


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Rock - you never heard of powerball? it is what heaven on earth probably looks like for a lot of people! Including me, some of it. $1.5 billion. it would buy me a nice cottage in the hills in a safe country where earthquakes are unknown to happen and would buy me enough tea and mushroom dumplings to last me my lifetime. Also, all the books i could read. and treats and chewbones for the loony dogs i have. oh, and maybe a 10 carat solitaire or two which took me fancy. and a visit to peru and machu pichu.

Your youth sounds like it was is supposed to feel most powerful when one is young. It just shows how strong and resilient you were at your core that you hv ended up this lovely man now and with that lovely man Gordon.

Sun - i would hv bought powerball tickets too had they been available here. Hats off to you bravely wading thru that maze of paperwork on medicals..math was not my strong point and now brain fog has also tampered with my memory big time. it would hv driven me to tears to hv to sort out and calculate.

Mikie - my father once was invited to America by his step mom and step sisters, they are US citizens and they went to colorado, grand canyon on a trip,( they stay in New York). the trail was so long and my father and an American lady friend got separated from the other people and got lost. They knocked at the door of a house in the wilderness and were greeted by an old man with a father didnt come back with too pleasant memories. for one he missed the open spaces because downtown newyork is so crowded. and the food. i wouldve loved it...its not like we hv the great outdoors at our feet here.He was there for three months.

I dont know what it would be like to stand on the edge of grand canyon and just look below and into one of Mother natures more bizarrely beautiful works of art. Scary but awesome.

God Bless



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Well, I didn't win the powerball BUT it was won in a town over the hill from me. Wonder if I might know the winner. Exciting to think about it.

And today I was talking to one of the librarians who told me a friend of her DD won $22,000 in the last powerball. Wow.