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"The Truth About Vaccines" Free 7 Part Online Docu-series Starts April 12 2017 - Don't Miss This!

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No matter what your view is on vaccines, I encourage everyone to watch this docu-series.

There will be 60 of the world's top health experts featured in this docu-series.

We all want to be healthy and have safe vaccines, so let's all learn the facts.

It starts at 9 pm eastern time on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

Each episode is available to watch for free for 24 hours and then the next one starts, until all 7 episodes have aired.

It's easy to sign up with your first name and email address in the link.



Hi Jeremy!
Welcome to ProHealth!!
I agree with you!
I have 10-13 pages of notes on each episode so far.
It's horrible what the vaccine manufacturers, the CDC and the medical establishment is doing to all of us, but especially to our kids.
I encourage everyone to watch, even if you missed the other episodes. Each episode has different topics.

Jeremy G.


Has it inclufenced you one way or another, like towards some being safe or confirmed any previous notion (if you had) to not go that route? I'm just finishing episode 3 now.



In general, it is my opinion that I would avoid vaccinations due to all the heavy metals, other additives such as polysorbate 80 which opens the blood-brain barrier and allows metals and viruses into the brain, the contamination with retroviruses from animals that get into your own DNA, carcinogens, etc.

The immunity from vaccines, is short-lived, if one develops it at all.
Some vaccines are given for illnesses that are not normally life threatening. Natural immunity from having chicken pox, for example, will last one's entire life.

The fact that vaccine manufacturers, the CDC and those administering vaccines are completely exempt from liability is a huge red flag. The vaccine schedule exploded after vaccine manufacturers were given immunity. Now newborns are being exposed to hundreds of times the supposed "safe" level of heavy metals in just one day, not to mention that they receive more doses soon after that.

The causal relationship between vaccines and autism, other neuro-developmental problems, autoimmune diseases and more is also huge.

All of the corruption uncovered in the industry and especially in the CDC is very telling. There are massive conflicts of interest. The CDC is not an "independent" agency in charge of vaccine safety when they hold many vaccine patents and make billions of dollars per year selling vaccines.

Many employees involved in the CDC vaccine approval process have conflicts themselves, holding patents and having financial interests in vaccines and having deep ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

The cover-up of the MMR study showing African-American boys are more at risk for autism from the MMR is real.
CDC employees had no problem throwing away data that they didn't like.

Those are just a few reasons that, in general, I would avoid vaccinations.

There may be some instances that a vaccination could be necessary in a case by case review.

I have 21 pages of notes just from episode 6.

I wish everyone would be aware of all of this information that is being suppressed because big pharma even owns all the major mainstream media outlets.

Jeremy G.

You're definitely more informed that I, maybe you could make your notes available for download here. I love the series, but I find that I don't have the time each day to dedicate 1.5 hours to each video with kids and career. Overall, I agree with the messages I've been exposed to so far in the series!!


I understand how time consuming it can be to watch.

It took me between 3.5 - 6 hours to watch each episode because I was constantly stopping the video, replaying parts and taking notes.

I'm afraid it would be too daunting of a task to transcribe my notes onto my computer. I have exactly 100 pages of notes from 7 episodes.

I think there will be a free replay day or weekend but I haven't seen the announcement yet.

There are also clips available to watch on their facebook page and youtube.

Episode 1 is still available to watch in it's entirety on youtube:

The series is available to purchase also if anyone wants to do that.