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There has been a request for a Lyme Forum...

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I am interested in a Lyme forum, unless there is negativity on the ME/CFS/FM forum if Lyme is discussed there. The old Lyme board did not get a lot of activity.


Hi, my name is Rich Carson and I am the founder of ProHealth. I would like to share my thoughts about the road ahead for the ProHealth forums, and for ProHealth itself.

I would love to see a Lyme forum here as well, and I am happy to tell you that will happen in just a matter of time--probably by the end of the year. We are totally redesigning our ProHealth website and you will soon start seeing lots of cool changes...starting May 12, 2013 with the introduction of our new ME and FM forums! Welcome aboard!

Our homepage redesign is almost complete and should go live within 3-6 weeks, that will be followed a few months later by the introduction of the ME and FM disease homepages, which I will be personally restructuring the system to ensure it is optimized to fit our patient’s needs. The disease homepages are really going to rock: they will have all of the same info that we presently post there organized and displayed in a way that makes sense--the ME and Fibro homepages will be broken into sections--just like a newspaper, so that people can visit whatever section they are interested in-- the treatment section, the news section, the research section and the other sections such as patient stories, inspiration, healing tips, patient resources including non-profit organizations that can assist patients, upcoming conferences, meetings, online presentations, etc.) to stay informed.

We want you to be able to get to the very best articles we have ever published. The articles in each section will be available to be viewed by sorting by highest rated, most commented, by date, most shared, etc. The idea is to give readers the tools to quickly find the best, most meaningful content quickly.

We are also working on the development of the largest and most comprehensive (and most accurate) doctor databases for ME and Fibro (and soon Lyme) and we are doing the same for support group leaders, patient organizations, helpful organizations, disability attorneys, health coaches, etc. I want ProHealth to be a total support system for every ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Gulf War Syndrome patient, and this company will not stop growing and evolving until it reaches that goal.

While we are doing this, our real passion, at least for me, is our 'Treatment Center' at ProHealth, where patients can find virtually every article that has been written about treatment in a way that will blow patients away; treatment will be divided into many subtopics, including the broad categories of Natural, Medical, Pharmaceutical--and within those categories you will be able to find subcategories such as sleep, pain, digestion, SIBO, fatigue/energy, thyroid, adrenal, etc. Since all treatment articles will be sub categorized, folks can go into any category as discussed above, and then sort all of the articles by highest rated, most viewed, most shared, most comments, etc. The idea is to give patients an easy way to quickly find the best, most specific info that can help them in their healing journey.

We have another really great feature that we will be introducing to the treatment centers, and that will be our product/treatment rating section, where patients will be encouraged to rate the treatments that they have tried for their global disease and for its various symptoms. We are developing a sophisticated computer scoring system that will display all of the data from all patients in a way that will show patients what the best treatments are for virtually all of the myriad symptoms we experience. Being able to see what works for many others patients on a consistent basis should be terrific for helping patients and doctors make the right treatment decisions.

The store presently has about 250 products, most of which are in our very high quality ProHealth brand. I will be introducing many new products so that we can improve the inventory and increase the by 1000 products--a 400% increase in selection. Patients will love it!

I and ProHealth remain committed to the patients providing the best products and services we possibly can. We hope our website will play a meaningful role in supporting you as a patient on this most difficult healing journey. Please tell us what you want and need, give us feedback, and let us know how we can better support your health and happiness.

To your good health,
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