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TIA or Not

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I was rushed to ER on Friday April 5, 2013 diagonosed with a stroke. Face was sagging, speech slurred, limbs on left side weak. I had all the test. doctor V says I had a stroke but doctor R said no b/ c nothing showed up on mri, mra, cat scan etc, they asked if I did not want to go to work or was everything alright at home. Was given blood thinners, shots in abdomen for stomach upset, chloresterol medication and an catheter, also a sign posted on the door saying Fall Risk. After 3 days the hand was almost normal, left leg still dragging and speak off and on, doctor V says in house therapy, aspirin, pressure meds b/c i had a stroke but doctor R discharged me with no medication and said I may have had TIA, but my leg should not still be dragging and he did not see nor agree with doctor V, discharged and told to just lower the salt, check with my primary and one week of out patient therapy. I feel awful, still weak and foot dragging



We are not Doctors here, so we cannot diagnose or give medical advice.

You should consult a Dr if you are feeling terrible and are not comfortable with the current plan.

A Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) is a precursor to a stroke, so it should be taken seriously also. I cannot tell you if you had a TIA or stroke.

Please consult a Dr. You could always get another Dr's opinion if you are not comfortable with what you have been told.

Best of luck to you!


Get a second opinion, please get a doctor to review the situation and not go by assumptions. My grandmother, who i dearly loved had a major stroke left her changed completely, what they found from her brain scans is that she'd had many mini strokes that no one picked up on. Immediate intervention is a must and you should get the doctor to explain the problems with your leg refer you to physiotherapy to regain your health. A friend i know that had a stroke had paraylisis in one side of his face had intervention and went on to have no further incident.

At the very least get a definative answer to put your mind at rest.

Thinking of you



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Our Hospital Emergency Room always discharges patients with special ORAL AND WRITTEN instructions to follow up and see your family doctor or Primary care physician within 48 hours or if you are discharged on a Friday, then to call and see him/her on Monday.