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"Tick attachment times and other Lyme disease myths" By Laurie Radovsky, MD

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I'm sorry to hear that, Barry.
Since a bullseye rash is diagnostic for Lyme disease, you definitely were infected.

It's really the same story all over the US, and even the world...that doctors are inadequate.
I had to travel 2 hours each way to see a Lyme literate practitioner.

Many integrative medicine practitioners, functional medicine doctors and natural medicine doctors are educated about Lyme and the common coinfections that usually come with it.

There are some good ways to help prevent tick bites.

Permethrin spray, found in the sporting goods dept, is sprayed on a set of clothes (do this outside) and let the clothes hang dry before wearing. It lasts through several washings depending on the brand of Permethrin. It is quite effective as a repellent and can kill the ticks too.

Tuck pant legs into socks and wear long sleeves whenever possible. Light colored clothes make it easier to see the ticks.

Examine your body carefully after coming in from outside, especially all the hidden places where ticks like to attach....behind the ears, scalp, behind the knees, groin, buttocks, etc.

Shower also after coming in from outside.

Permethrin can be bought in larger quantities and sprayed on ones property.

If one doesn't want to spray their property, you can make tick tubes easily. Spray permethrin on cotton balls or dryer lint, put the permethrin soaked cotton/lint inside of toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls that have been cut to make smaller. Place the rolls around the perimeter of ones property. The mice will come and get the cotton/lint to make their nests. When the mice are in the nest, the permethrin will get on their fur and help kill ticks that they normally carry around in large numbers.

It also helps to make a 4 ft wide barrier of mulch or stones, etc between ones lawn and the surrounding woods whenever possible.

One can use DEET on the skin, but I prefer to avoid it since it is neurotoxic.

There are many essential oils that repel ticks and are non toxic to apply to the body, even for children.

Those are just some suggestions to potentially cut down on the number of ticks that get on you and end up biting you.

If anyone wants to read some good info about Lyme, please go to www.ilads.org.