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Tight Stretchy Belt For Orthostatic Intolerance

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I'm so happy that a member on another CFS support group mentioned that an elastic back brace could help Orthostatic Intolerance.

I have never wanted to try compression stockings because I wear sandals.

I recently bought a back brace and it worked.

Then I bought a ladies elastic belt to hold my denim blue jeans up, and it works just as well as the back brace when I tighten the belt real tight when I'm upright.

Now I don't feel like fainting from blood drained down from head - where I can't think straight when upright shopping or in kitchen or in bathroom brushing my teeth - and have to sit or lie down.

How luxurious this new discovery I've had success with, thanks to seeing it mentioned.

The other day I tried twice in ten minutes to get up and go to kitchen and nuke something up real quick. I was so hungry, but both times I felt so lightheaded I had to immediately dive right back into bed with nothing to eat.

Then a few minutes later I remembered my back brace, and put it on and stood in kitchen nuking something and back to bed with my food, no problem. Amazing difference.

Today I walked in a big store and stood in the checkout line with my elastic belt tightened, and not a thought of fainting or not being able to think straight to shop. Wonderful improvement.

The ladies elastic belt is much more convenient and comfortable. And easier to quickly put on instead of the back brace with its many straps.

I'm going to buy another ladies elastic belt for putting on at home over my pajamas I live in 24/7, for when I go into kitchen, or bathroom to brush my teeth.

Here's a picture of the belt that's on the website I bought it from. And, of course, they sell men's style elastic stretch belts, too.

***Remember, the trick is to tighten it real tight when standing up.***

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