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Time is close

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George is home with Hospice. this morning he was gergling we thought we was drouning in his slava..so we called Hospice they told me what to do..they came as so as they can we started morphine and now we are under crises..nurse is on for 24/7 they said maybe a week is less..he is not in any pain we can talk to him but he can not respond but he can here..family was here all day for support..

Bless us all the end is near...he will be with God...JOY


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I will keep you and George in my thoughts and prayers. It is so hard to watch our love ones leave us.


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Oh Joy, I'm so sorry.

My Mom did the same thing with the gurgling. It's the MOST horrible sound ever. Did hospice give you the scop patches to dry up the saliva? They might help. They were helpful for my Mom in the last hours.

Hug him, hold him, stay near him if that is what you want. Such a very hard and painful time. I'm sorry.


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I'm so sorry to hear this news. Please know you and George are in my every thought and in my daily prayers. Bless you my sweet.........I'm not far away (over in Melb) but I don't know exactly where you are. When you have a moment, please look for my email. I included my phone number. I sent it to your happy sole email. If you need me, I'm only about an hour and a half away. Please call. Take care of yourself.......God Bless you and George.......if the end is near..I pray it is swift for George and that you always find strength in the loving memories you have of him.

Love to you,



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"The End" is so hard. Bringing George home was the best decision! He will be able to spend has last days at home and you have a wonderful Hospice team to help you cope. I also send my prayers for you and your family.



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Joy: Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during the end of this episode of your life. You are right---he will not be suffering, but will be missed. Know that God is in control and with you---Charlene


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Hoping you find peace in spending the final days with him.
Talk about your memories with him and tell him you'll be okay so he has that final release. Sending hugs to you.