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Tips for Managing Daily Life

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Please share any lifestyle adaptations that have helped you to manage daily life with your illness.

Collectively, our discoveries and ideas, no matter how small, may ease the way for many others.



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I have a senegal parrot and he goes into the very warm bathtub with me. I suggest wearing a shirt while in the water because they have rather sharp claws. He sits in there and says "love you" and he is so cuddly and non-judgemental, this has been a godsend to me. jupitor
I still work daily, too long days. But, if I can remember, I have found that a break, only has to be 20 minutes mid-day really, really helps.

Someone mentioned too much protein. I have been drinking a protein shake for breakfast after I read about it helping with hair loss. Could this be making the fibro worse?


I say learn to let the guilt go involving holidays, family obligations, etc.....don't let family guilt you into going to all events...we don't go to anyone;s home for holidays dinners, we eat here by ourselves(the 6 of us) hubby does the is so relaxing and peaceful.....

pick and choose your favorite holiday traditions and let the rest go.....i stopped sending xmas cards one year....another year, i stopped baking, ....this year, i only decorated the tree and put up stockings, no other house decorations.....hubby didn't have time to get the outside lights up and we just let it go.....

you can drive yourself crazy feeling guilty....i try to save all my energy(which is not very much) for doing small tasks for my kids and hubby here at big job is laundry and keeping the house picked up and neat....

oh, and get a weekly housekeeper!!!if you can't afford it, try a teenager, they work for less when they are under 16....even if they just vacuum for you....or sweep...and change the bed sheets...


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Eating more frequent meals than 3 large meals. My stomach must not be too full. I suffer from IBS as well. Trying too eat more fruit than usual. Only like 3 portions. Mix my fruit juice with water,because I don't like drinking water just plain. Bought new supplements. Viralguard, Multivitamin and Calcium-Magnesium with VIT D. I use a thingie you put in microwave that looks like a thick scarf. I can hang it around my shoulders or cover my neck with it. Xanax helped me alot with muscle tension.


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Walmart, smith's were hard for me until someone said "don't they have electric carts?" And everyone is much nicer too.I also have a cart to wheel things in the house. And I make the trips smaller, less to put away.
House keeping help is also a must.


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Keeping to a daily routine is essential: getting up at same time every day and going to bed same time. Also as others have mentioned, not feeling guilty about things that you cant do, especially family related. Thats not easy to do sometimes but its better than wearing yourself out.



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and when my kids started talking about Christmas and what I would like to have I asked for their time. Our oldest came up and pruned our roses and did a lot of work in the yard and said he wanted to come back up on his day off next week. My middle son is doing some reroofing, and my youngest will be here in spring to power wash and put up the deck cover. Managing daily life is easier if we finally admit that we could use help!


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Yes, I agree with the importance of good sleep. My husband snores and since FM I have had trouble sleeping through it. Anyone else found an answer to this?


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After dealing with cfs/fm for many years and being bedridden and with high levels of pain many times taking a good look at the depression factor in my illness and being willing to try Cymbalta to see if it works for me.
a few ideas to make housework easier:

Store household cleaning products in an upper kitchen cupboard rather than the cupboard under the sink.

Keep cleaning products in bathrooms and/or in each room where you use them.

Keep extra plastic bags in the bottom of wastebaskets & garbage pails. This makes it easier to change the bag when the garbage is full.

I love those Mr. Clean reachers! They are made to clean the bathtub/shower but they work wonderfully on floors and walls, as well.

Hang brooms & dustpans (with a special hinge) on the back of all closet doors. This way there's a broom & dustpan easily available no matter what room you're in.

Use the same coloured bedsheets, pillowcases, blankets and quilts. Then, when the bed is unmade, it doesn't look as messy.

Use a long-armed spatula to scrape any dirty & stuck bits off the floor as you mop up.

Swiffer mops are wonderful. If you don't like using disposables, then a cloth works well in place of the disposable wipes.

As you leave a room (even just to go to the washroom) take away any garbage, clutter, dishes etc.

While you're taking a shower, use a bath scrunchie (an extra one used only for this purpose) to wash the tub & shower. You can use a bit of shampoo as a cleaner . This is much easier than trying to clean a dry tub & shower from the outside leaning over.

Put on a thick terry-cloth robe immediately after a bath or shower. This saves on having to launder so many towels as well as reduces the bending & stretching needed to dry off with a towel.

Keep dust clothes in the top drawer of dressers and tables for a quick & easy dusting, as you notice the need.

Store like-products on trays together in the cupboard in order to cut down on the number of times you need to bend & stretch to reach necessary items. For example, if you frequently bake cookies, then store flour, baking soda & powder, vanilla, oatmeal, raisins etc. all on one tray in the cupboard. Or, to more easily make coffee/tea, be sure to store coffee, creamer, sugar, teabags, mugs, teaspoons etc. together.

If you have pets, then use a plastic serving tray on the floor for their food dishes, water bowls etc. Then, when you need to refill their food & waler dishes, you can lift it all up (and put it back down) at one time.

Re-use the same water glass / coffee cup all day.

Use all white dish clothes and dish towels, a fresh one every day, or as needed. Store dirty dish clothes & towels in a plastic bag so they can all be washed together once a week (with a bit bleach, if necessary).

Use three laundry baskets (white, light, dark) and sort dirty clothes right away (when you undress) by putting them in the appropriate baskets. Tie socks together when you put them in the laundry basket.

Replace toothbrushes every six months. Store the old ones in the bathroom and/or kitchen cupboards so they can be easily reached and used to clean around faucets etc.

God bless,
Anne Theresa


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I have learned to listen to my body, I am ever so aware when I get to tired or just have bad days, instead of always fighting my body to do as I need it to do, I listen and rest and try little bits at a time, or if thats not a option, then I give myself the hall pass of being ground to thy bed!!!!


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Hello, My husband used to snore but now he is on the CPAP mask and it is amazing. No more snoring and with the soft engine running on this put me to sleep in no time. I take tramacet for my pain. I dont sleep well every nite but little things I do help me daily.

I hope this information helps you :)



the Activities of Daily Living, I never thought of putting my pet's dishes on a tray, thanks for that one! I have 4 dishes I constantly have to pick up and clean.

Being in a flare, it would be easy for me just to give in and not do anything, but the 2 kittens I just received as presents and my elderly dog and cat do not allow me to, they want attention as soon as they see me in the bedroom doorway, before the coffee!

They are the biggest obstacle, but I realize a blessing, too, to keep me moving, although it hurts.

I inherited a reacher from my deceased mother, and it helps when I have to retrieve the dog's leash in the morning when I put her out and to pick things up, which is constant.

The first thing the doctor did when I went into a flare was put me on low dose Elavil, which I take 3 hours before sleep, and it worked. I was not sleeping well from the pain.

Lots of good tips here..........


That means no TV, no computer, no music, no books--nothing that could "exercise" my brain. Closing my eyes also helps. Call it "mental rest", if you will. For me, it's as important (if not more so) as physical rest.


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My goal is to do something productive for 45 minutes a day if I do that I feel like the day's not wasted.....when I get up in the morning I count the hours until its bedtime, not that I sleep good.


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I think that pets are great company when there's only me living at home. My pet cockatiel, Leigha is such fun to have around. She likes to play with little things around the house while I am working at the computer. I caught her laughing last week while i was working and tried to see what she was doing at this time but when I peeked into the room where she was she just looked at me as to say, what's up? Little smarty-pants, I think. She also likes to sit on my shoulder after I have had a bath and preen my hair and cuddle close to my head. I can feel her warmth and that makes me feel pretty good inside on the days that I am struggling with fibro pain.