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Tips for Managing Daily Life

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When i go out (anywhere) doing (anything) i should restrict my time 2-3 hrs or i flare up. I find also i have to sit back or lay down during or most of the day. It has taken me years to learn and accept this, but i have learnt it is not worth fighting against a losing battle. I have to learn if it is only one thing i have acheived for the day- that's good. I do alot of night time reading instead of fighting insomnia when it comes around. KEZZ
Thank you for the post, you are so right on about how our sharing no matter how small may help others! I have personally helped and been helped by this message board and Prohealth! I am still learning how this works, how do I give help, ideas etc. besides just on this message board?

Thank you again, Earthdog


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I have learned to sit while dressing. Especially in the morning when the pain is worse. Since I have an upstairs bedroom I make sure to do whatever I need to so I don't need to go upstairs again till bed time. I have children still living at home and they help out alot. Everyone has nights to cook. I have two and everyone else has 1 but it sure does help me out. Sometimes when I have a really good day I'll cook alot and freeze it so that if it comes my night to cook and I hurt too much I can just thaw it. I take baths instead of showers. I usually have someone to do my potato peeling for me as it hurts my hands but there are times when it needs to be done and no one is around. Then I sit on a stool I keep in the kitchen, just incase I need to sit down while I am cooking, and I peel them over a trash can so I don't have the mess to clean up later.
I can't think of anything else right now. Except, Thank God for my children. In addition to the cooking, everyone has both daily and weekly chores. Spreading it out makes it easier on everyone.


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Yes, I can feel your pain with the sleepless nights with a snoring companion, bless there hearts <3
If you find a good answer for this let me know,lol.....


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My first post! I have enjoyed gently reading the tips and wanted to share some of mine:

We had a hot tub (inground, looks like a small pool) installed and I find that daily soakings to be so very helpful. I had trouble with getting into an above ground hot tub, so we found one that is a fiberglass shell and looks darn nice to boot :) I like that there aren't too many jets (jets can hurt) and that it is big enough so that I can float freely.

My two little dogs have been such wonderful companions (acquired after coming down with fibro two years ago). When I am well, I enjoy little walks with them. They stand guard, ready to join me for a rest at a moment's notice. I especially like that the larger of the two lays on my legs - helps with pain. And we were lucky enough to find a breed (King Charles Cavalier spaniels) that are also good with small children as my daughters are young (3.5 yrs and almost 7 yrs old), so it isn't added stress. My two cats are lovely as well - especially my big male Ragdoll who loves nothing more than a cuddle.

Resting daily is a must. I resent it sometimes, but realize that if I don't rest in the day, I can't cope with family life in the evening. Occasionally I miss a rest and then have consequences. I also try to limit appointments/commitments in the afternoons.

I would say that that only 'good thing' that has happened with the onset of fibro has been the opportunity to find a rewarding and enjoyable hobby. I am surprised at how many creative people suffer from limiting conditions and/or chronic pain. Choosing a hobby that is reasonable is also helpful (for example, one that isn't time sensitive, can be done from home, etc). On days where I have too much pain or my hands don't seem to want to work, I can day dream about future creations (and often forget my ideas - hahahhaha!). I have joined into various online networks for this hobby and it has helped to connect me with others at my own pace, without having to leave the house. Amazing how much instructional information is out there too - all online! Again, I have been able to learn without attending classes.



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Well most of them have already been shared, but here is my list:

1. Pacing
a. Learn my limits and stuck with it
b. Do less than I think I can
c. Preemptive rests
d. Allow 2 days to determine effects of new stress level
e. Rewrite the script on how I approach life

2). Avoid unnecessary stressors
a. Avoid people who like drama
b. Avoid energy vampires

3). Avoid infections
a. Became a germaphobe

4). Avoid heat.
a. No more hot tubs (although I hear this is good for some)
b. Remember that my stress/exertion capacity is greatly reduced in warmer weather and that I will crash much easier.

5). Diet
a. Listen to my body on what works.
b. Eat right with nutritional and hypo allergenic foods and avoiding toxins.
c. Keep GI system moving (slowed motility = toxin buildup).

6). Work with my doc on ME/CFS diagnostics and treatments.

7). Empowerment
a. Research
b. Advocacy

8). Get into nature as much as possible

ok, there's my list. probably not complete, but good enough for now. I have a question for everyone...Is there a setting to invert a thread to show newest posts first? I'm not getting a response from admin on this. Thanks.

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My naturalpath actually has told me to up my protein. he said that I should have between 80grams of protein a day. I start the day with a protein smoothie , pineapple juice(anti-inflammatory) blueberries, strawberries, unsweetened natural yogurt, spinach, flax seed (Omega 3's are crucial for fibro) and a natural protein powder. Make sure your protein powder is organic and all natural. You don't want any synthetics or sweetners in them. This is the one meal a day my body craves and looks foward to. You won't even taste the spinach. I do approx. 4 frozen strawberries, and a handful of frozen blueberries.

Also make sure you do high dosages of pure fishoil. DHA and EPA should be around 1200/800 a day. YOu can't take too much of the Omega 3's. the more the better.

My naturalpath also recommended cutting down on beef, and dairy, and sugar. The only dairy he wants me to keep is natural yogurt because of it's benefits. These three foods cause inflammation in the body which leads to increased pain. I haven't cut them totally out, but I have reduced, and I can go for 3 weeks without a bout sometimes! It's worth a try maybe.

Hope this helps! All the best!


Being compulsive by nature, it was not easy for me to change my ways. But like you I have learned to pace doing household tasks, shopping etc.


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I strongly urge anyone who has been told they have fibromyalgia to consider instead that this diagnosis is incorrect and what they really have is Hypermobility Syndrome such as Ehlers Danlos type 3 which affects blood vessels and causes migraine and dysautonomia, POTS, ie: low blood pressure.

Dr Bravo a Chilean doctor has written several articles on this, and his explanations make more sense than an inexplicable and untestable diagnosis of "fibromyalgia".

Google Bravo, dysautonomia, hypermobility. Please read them, and don't discount them because his English is a bit quaint, it is not his native language.


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I think you may have dysautonomia possibly associated with hypermobility syndrome.
Try Googling Dr Bravo, dysautonomia, hypermobility


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I don't like the taste of water either so I those Crystal Light singles packs and I add one packet to 32oz. of water. It's as good as water but you don't have to drink just plain old water.

works for me!


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I have been on Cymbalta for several years first for my depression but I also know it works for my pain because I was taken off a couple of years ago and I absolutely could't move because of the pain. Since I've been having this bad fibro flare that is resistant to meds, my doc wanted me to go on Savella and when you're on Savella you can't be on Cymbalta and I wouldn't do it because I know what pain comes after getting off cymbalta


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When I had fibro for about six months, my rheumatologist suggested I could relieve my pain by exercising. All I did was walk at least 20 minutes a day, I would walk outside in the summer and at the mall in the winter, and it not only made me feel so much better, but I also lost some weight which also helped. At some point I stopped exercising, haven't exercised in about a year, and am back in pain again. I need to get back to it to feel better again.
You could not have said it better! Up until this last Christmas, I have purchased gifts for everyone in my family. Even though our family is growing, there are only 3 little ones; the rest are 18 and up. I have also helped my Mother do ALL of the cooking. The two of us have been cooking for years. Every year, I would think to myself, I can't do this; I just can't make myself go shopping, saying it over and over but yet MAKE myself go. So this last year, I asked my Mother if we could just draw names for the gifts, except for the little ones, and have everyone bring something. Oh, that would be so much better on me and my Mother as well.

As for the decorating, I did pretty much the same; just decorated the tree, which already has the lights on it, and put garland over my mantle, and hung stockings. That was it.

That's a great idea for housekeeping. I just may have to give that a try.

Thank you so much for the information/ideas. I surely was feeling guilty but I don't think that will happen next year.

Have a wonderful afternoon!



Sometimes hauling the garbage bags to the big garbage can at the curb is too much for me. I live in a duplex and our drive way is a big hill. I park my car within a few steps of the house so when I'm getting ready to go some where I put the house garbage bags in the car and drive down to the can at the curb.

On days I feel good I walk it down, but its nice to have a plan B.


I cut a sponge in half and I keep it in the bottom of the tub and when I need to clean around the bottom of the tub I just use my foot to wipe around the bottom and I don't have to bend over!


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The sponge is a great idea for cleaning the bathtub. Thanks.

I have found something quite by accident that helps me throughout the house while doing housework.

I bought a cheap desk chair from Walmart for $20.00 thinking it would be high enough for me to sit on while cooking or washing dishes. Well...I didn't consider that it wouldn't be high enough to do the job. I was dissapointed that I had spent $20.00 and already thrown the box away that it came in.

One day when I was looking in the lower cabinets of the kitchen for a pan that I rarely use, I was worn out by trying to bend over and see into the very back of the cabinet. My legs were weak and wobbly and I sit down in the chair I still had in the kitchen. When I let the chair go down into the lowest position...I found quite by accident that I could easily reach into the back of the cabinet. Now I use this little chair all over the house. It is light weight and on rollers so I take it all over the house.

I fold laundry and load the front loader washer while sitting, I clean the commode and baseboards in the bathroom while using the chair...just about anything that is located low to the ground is now easier due to the desk chair.

Hope that helps someone else too. Also, I ended up buying a drafting chair that is much higher and also on rollers to use in my kitchen. I can sit and prepare meals at the bar, roll up to the sink to wash dishes and sit in front of the stove when I need to cook. It is really a life saver.