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To One and All I Have Completed Three Months

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I have completed my third month of Immune Transfer C. I am so thrilled with my improvement. I can walk now 4 laps at the mall. I started with 2 and it was a BIG step up to 3 and now 4! Actually, what I do now is walk for 1 hour. At nite few people are there and in time I think I will be able to do 5. Infact I have done 5 but I broke it up by seeing a movie inbetween 2 and 3.

BTW. I now take 4 capsules a week. Monday, Wed, and Fri and the other on Sat or Sun. Two days without it seems to be too long. Since I know that it is helping me so much and know that I need to continue taking it, I have ordered the 90 Capsules for $390. That will last about 7 months and cost about $65 a month. Somebody check my math! Anyway, that is mucho better than $140 a month.

I am giving myself about a year to exercise, do some much needed things around the house and then I hope to work part time.

Hugs to all...



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I have been reading your transfer-factor journey with great interest and empathy and wish you well with your recovery.

love & hugs



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I have had much more energy lately than for a long time, but I can very much relate! I remember when I couldn't believe that I would ever be able to walk around the block again.
I am reminded by posts like yours and Mikie's that we must be agressive with our illnesses if we truly want to improve. I become complacent with my relatively small progress.
You seem to be knowlegeable about TF; thanks for the benefit!


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Do you think it is possible to take 1/2 the capsule when one is starting out, instead of the full daily cap, in your opinion?

And you are right to pulse after 3 months. Should be able to pulse more after awhile, might even last you longer than you think.



I checked and it is possible to pull the capsule apart and take out 1/2 of the innards. I suppose you could put that unused part in some pastic wrap and keep it in the refridge until the next day. Or take the 1/2 without the capsule and reclose the capsule for the next day.

There are at least two schools of thought. One is that you can cut back in 3 months and the other is that you will continue to have improvement for 6 months to a year. The Dr. whose name begins with an R. on the homepage (third box down) says that. I think her name is Dr. Ryser.

I have been debating the anitbiotic therapy but think I will continue on with the TF's, maybe even trying some others with the IMC. That Dr. R. mixes the TF's together.
That's my thought today.


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Super!! I think we are all so lucky that there are so many new treatments and ideas, and more research every day. It sure could be worse!

good luck,


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Maybe it's in there somewhere and I missed it, but what
is (was) your diagnosis?

I'm glad you have done so well and progressed so far.



I have had CFS for 22 years. Elevated EBV, HHV6. Sometimes positive CMV and sometimes not. Have not been tested for mycoplasms but think I have them since one of the TF's I take is for that.

BTW I have noticed that I am not doing as well as before but I don't think it is the TF's. I have some shortness of breath and a arterial blood gas showed low oxygen. Thinking it is my heart. Might need a different med.

Hope that helps...



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do you take TF's regularly or have breaks every so often.
Taking them for so long obviously isnt a cure for you but do you find a reduction in symptoms when on them. Do you use any other immune stimulants like astragalus etc. Would be interested on a quick outline on what you have found helpful supps and meds. With 22 years experience with this thing, your advise would be appreciated.

thanks and good luck


I ususally take the TF's three times a week. Sometimes I take them in the AM and sometimes at Bedtime. About every 6 weeks I will take a week or two off.

I take Olive Leaf Extract and like it. My twin (who had most of the CFS symptoms (not quite the CDC criteria) took astralagus. And thought it really helped her. It did nothing for me but I would say I have a severe case. And, of course, we are all different. She and I had opposite symptoms almost, I slept all the time, she had the insomnia from h*ll, she rans a fever, I had a low grade temp.

Here is a list of my others (mainly recommended by Dr.Cheney)
AlphaLipoic Acid
Flaxseed Oil
silymarin/milk thistle
And really important...magnesium at nite.

B-12 injections (up to 10,000mcgs)...daily while I feel they are helping and then stop them for weeks or months.

Right now I have too little serotonin/dopamine in my brain and I am trying to find some alternative methods to help that.

And my thyroid has shown some irregularities and I need to
get that tested.

Both of the above would affect energy levels.

I have a pretty good quality of life. I can work a bit at my husband's office. And we like to exercise at the YMCA and go to church.


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Hi, Spacee...
Been busy with this summer but back to msg. bds.
I read your notes and so glad you are still at it all.
Its funny but I often think of you when I am taking the
very same T.F.'s and staying with it. I had a wonderful
"strong" summer...I mean like us getting a cottage, very far
away and all the work that goes into an old place...the
driving of thousands of miles and keeping up with life. Of course
I took the T.F.'s but the other truck load of supps. also.
But...this must have been the strongest summer of my entire journey
of this horrible cfs/fm...positive for myco/ high titers for eps/barr
virus...etc. (so all would understand...just how sick I a young mom and wife). I think this summer, age 51...I had more energy and life than I did at 35/sick...for sure! Suddenly in the last two weeks I became ill by
running into someone sick with a bad flu. I have been on huge amounts of the mushroom family supps., olive leaf, echinacea, and even some IV supps/at doc'
strenthen me up! Just feeling somewhat better. Now how in the world did
that happen?...w/all that I am doing. Spacee or anyone else, do you get hit like this.
I think its the fragile immune system that has a fit with viruses and fighting
them off. Sometimes I wonder if I should contact the T.F. people and ask if I should be doing something else. What do you do or anyone else...when hit by a bug and you know you have to pick yourself up by your boot straps.


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I'm just about to order the Transfer Factor 200 from proHealth (YES!)..... I am right that's the one for EBV aren't I?! :)

They don't do anything for mycoplasma do they, ProHealth?
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Transfer factors are powerful little molecules. A few years ago ProHealth ran an article about transfer factor from a researcher at Duke Med Center named Aaron White. He now has a book out about transfer factor that is in its second edition. I haven't read the second edition but the first edition contained everything anyone could possibly want to know about transfer factor, including how they work, how much to take, what to expect and so on.

Also, there are other options for immune weaknesses available now that are good in different ways than transfer factors. Doing a search for "thymus protomorphogens" will yield interesting results. Protomorphogens are molecules that trigger specific organs (in this case the thymus, in which T-cells mature) to rebuild and work harder.

As other posters have pointed out, transfer factors don't seem to "fix" the immune problems that leave some of us vulnerable to infections. Rather, they help the body go after and kill whatever pathogens are in there. They do boost immune system health, but not enough to keep all people from relapsing if they stop taking them. Protomorphogens for thymus, thyroid, adrenals, and even the pituitary and hypothalamus seem to be promising adjuncts for treating basically any condition with an immune component.

Hope this helps!!

PS - The book is called "A Guide to Transfer Factors and Immune System Health, 2nd Edition" Again, I haven't read it but the first edition was excellent.