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Hi Wake,
You're not going to believe this!! I had to share it with you...

I got really desperate over this clogged ear thing. I called an old friend of mine that I haven't talked to in years that is a compounding pharmacist. He told me that mine sounded like moisture trapped in the ear......... I had had the congestion, allergies, had been in the pool and then flew on the plane. Bad combination, to say the least.

SO, he told me to go to the liquor store and buy the smallest bottle of Pure Grain Alcohol. Put 2 drops in the ear in the morning and 2 drops at night until or unless it starts causing a burning sensation inside the ear.

The ear is unplugged, although there is still a LOT of stuff in there that built up (icky stuff) from being trapped and infected. It is finally draining (which is a whole other really gross story). I don't have my hearing anywhere back to normal on that side yet, but it's improving, and I can hear things in that ear again.

If you think there's any possibility of it being trapped moisture in your ears, then I certainly wanted to share with you what is working in mine. I only did it twice and he said that the PGA evaporates without leaving any residue in the ear. I don't know if this would do anything to help with yours or not.

I know you've had no choice but to live with it. I'm still wondering how you're doing it though. Mine has only been a few weeks and it's driven me insane (it was a short drive, lol). I just can't imagine how uncomfortable that must be on top of everything else. I'm just wishing for some healing on you, (on us all) I guess.

Hugs Wake, and I hope you're having a good day today.