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TOWNS, A new game

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"Born To Lose" is a great song but I can't find any town by that name. You can hear Ted Daffen
the song's creator, sing it on Youtube. Woody Guthrie said, "I hate a song that makes you think that you are not any good. I hate a song that makes you think that you are just born to lose." But country western singers wouldn't have much of a repetoire if they stopped singing songs
about broken hearts. Never knew there was actually some sort of Dogpatch.

Yes, I was thinking of songs that are happy, optimistic, upbeat. Maybe the most popular
one is is Freedom. I read 15 states have a Freedom. And you can find a Pleasantville in
New Jersey, Iowa, and New York.

Other possibilities: (all made up)
Rainbow's End, Edenville
Happy Days, Good Times

Lucky Star, Birdsong
Blue Skies, Sweet Water

Yes, I guess most of us struggle with depression and with good cause. But I think I've had
good years and some good times along with all the "slings and arrows".



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Upbeat City Names: (These are real cities)

Bravo AL
Rainbow AL

Carefree AZ
Inspiration AZ

Cool CA
Happy Camp CA
Paradise CA

Heaven DE
Mount Joy DE

Niceville FL
Love FL

Friend KY
Miracle Ky
Lovely KY

Perfection NY
Truthville NY

Angel OH

The Holy City OK

Camelot TN
Happy Valley TN
Sweet Lips TN
Sweetwater TN

Romance WV


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Well, @#$%^&***!!.

I posted a response here couple days ago. Some writer once wrote about the cussedness of
inanimate objects. He was right. I guess that was before we got the new monitor. Anyhoo,
great list GB.

Camelot is a magical name. Saw the musical on stage twice. Once with Robert Goulet. This
time the show was on tour and Goulet played Arthur rather than Lancelot. Guinever was
played by his wife Carol Lawrence. Just read her biography. She said he was a lousy husband
and a drunk. One of my bridge playing friends was on Broadway with Richard Burton and Julie
Andrews. He played King Pellinor.

Sweetwater shows up now and then in stories and movies about the old west. Sweetwater meant
drinkable. Some water holes contained alkali or arsenic and were poisonous. Nevada has a
ghost town named Alkali.

Paradise was a small town in half a dozen novels by Robert B Parker. They were made into
films and starred Tom Sellack. Our library has few of them.



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I think it would be nice to live in Happy Valley. Or maybe I would be happy living in Niceville. lol GB


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I found some "scary" names too. Should probably save these for Halloween!

Black Cat AK
Blood NH

Death Valley CA
Devil Town OH

Frankenstein MO
Goblintown VA

Hell For Certain KY
Ghost Town Tx

Scary WV
Screamersville VA

Seven Devil NC
Kill Devil Hill NC


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Land O Goshen! Hard to believe people would live in towns with names like that.
How about:

Rear Window
Murder on the Orient Express

Funny there isn't one called "Killing Me Softly". With regard to same, I have never listened to
the song. Just looked up the lyrics. They don't make much sense. All the famous songwriters
have nothing to worry about.

Hope you're doing okee dokee.


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I think I grew up in psycho! Crazy family.

Killing Me Softly is really a pretty song. Doesn't make too much sense but I like the melody and the way Roberta Flack sings too.

How are you doing? I'm hanging on. Had the mobile imaging folks come out today and do another chest x-ray. There was still some fluid in my lung a month ago so they checked it again today. I'll find out the results next week.
My neck and back are hurting a lot from leaning on the metal plate to take the x-ray pic. I had to sort of balance it with my back and shoulder blades while they took the pic. Really hurts.

Wish I could wake up completely well one day. So, so tired of all this. Like you said in one of your posts, slings and arrows.

Take care. GB


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Hi Guys.

Glad to see GB posting. Glad for the update on how you're doing, GB. I hope your hub and daughter are doing alright. Was glad to see Soul post once recently, too. I see Rock's posts on The Porch and here.

There have been two songs mentioned that no one knew what the words meant. I knew what the words meant. I forget the one before, but this one "Killing Me Softly" I understand the words totally.

It's just about how you can relate to a sad song. As if it were written especially for you. A sad song you relate to can make you feel all the sad excruciating emotions you felt when it actually happened to you. The song can make you relive it. She heard someone singing a song that 'struck a chord' with her, as the saying goes.

I haven't been able to think of towns for this game. Some games I'm a total blank, ha.

Love to all,

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Hi Patti

Always glad to hear from you. I'm sure if you felt better we would see more of you. I
wonder if we ever did a list of sad songs. I'd look back but it just takes too long and uses
up too much energy. GB, do you remember doing sad songs?

Here's an old one from 1856. Gentle Annie by Stephen Foster.

Thou wilt come no more, gentle Annie,
Like a flower thy spirit did depart;
Thou art gone, alas! like the many
That have bloomed in the summer of my heart.

The Irish singer-songwriter Tommy Makem wrote a song with the same title. And
John Denver wrote Annie's Song. The only song I know of that was reportedly written
on a ski lift. All three songs can be heard on Youtube.



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Hi guys! Good to hear from you Patti. Rock, we probably did sad songs a long long time ago but they bear repeating.

Sad Songs:

"Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song" B.J. Thomas
"Song Sung Blue" Neil Diamond

"My Heart Cries For You" Dean Martin, Ray Charles and others
"Are You Lonesome Tonight" Elvis Presley

"When Will I See You Again" Johnny Mathis
"Heartache" Les Paul & Mary Ford

"Rainy Days and Mondays" Karen Carpenter
"It's The End of the World" Paatsy Cline

"Lover, Come Back To Me" Written by Oscar Hammerstein and Sigmund Romberg for 'New Moon'
"Sad Eyes" by Robert John
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Nice list. Some of my favorite songs and performers. In years past when I would walk the
dog I would sometimes make lists in my head. Favorite songs, movies, musicals, singers,
actors, etc. Always had a hundred or more in every category. I never had just one or two.

Honey, Bobby Goldsboro. Till The Grass Grows Over me, Tammy Wynette
Sea of Heartbreak, Don Gibson. The Carnival Is Over, The Seekers.

Those Were The Days, The Limeliters. The Halls of Ivy, thousands of school choruses.
Heartaches By The Number, Ray Price. Sweet Dreams Of You, Patsy Cline.

Patches, Dickey Lee. Teen Angel, Mark Dinning.
The Old House, John McCormack. Danny Boy, Writer(s) unknown. Sung by
every Irish tenor and many, many more.



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Hi Kiddo

Earlier I was trying to figure out how to amend the title of this thread to Towns and Songs, but it was too tricky for my addled mind.

I will start a new thread. This thread is CLOSED.