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Tramadol vs. Vicodin

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I am reading a lot of posts by people taking Tramadol who think it is the greatest. My experience with tramadol is that it is effective for the pain, better than Vicodin, but it knocks me out and I get sleepy, where Vicodin doesn't really affect me. What are the experiences/opinions of you all?


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Been on ultram a few time and it didnt help . Vicodin dulls the pain for me but Norco really does the trick . I take about 3 to 5 Vicodins a day . Most days just 3 unless I'm in a huge RA ,spondy fm flare up . But the vicodin affects my IBD so I have to take colace everyday to.


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I took generic Vicodin for several years for degenerative arthritis pain. It is strong stuff and I would fall asleep after an hour or so of swallowing 1 tablet. (Vicodin contains 500 mg acetaminophen and 5 mg hydrocodone.)

I no longer take it because 1) it is not prescribed to me by current healthcare people, and 2) the Tramadol/Flexiril combination I now take for my Fibromyalgia pain is very effective.

I "admit" no dopey feelings from Tramadol (I love the way some physicians word their notes into our med records). Only slightly from Flexiril.

It is my understanding that the Tramadol enhances the effectiveness of other medications. I find this to be true of Tramadol and acetaminophen, if I have a migraine headache, when acetaminophen alone does absolutely nothing to lessen the pain.

I am satisfied with the relief Tramadol has brought me, but because I still have DA and severe cervical spine pain at times, I'd like to have Vicodin on hand but the hassle to get a prescription isn't worth it to me. I will holler loud and long though if the Tramadol and Flexiril stop working.

I find that I can do many activities while taking Tram/Flex that I could not or would not have attempted on the Vicodin.

Also I personally experience no hangover-like feelings the next day from the Tram/Flex whereas I was loopy for at least 36 hours from the Vicodin.

Amazing isn't it how diverse our experiences seem to be. I recall a distinct grouchiness from the Vicodin, too, that I don't have with Tram/Flex combo.


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It is strange how different painkillers affect us differently. i too get a little cranky from Vicodin. Oddly enough I read on the internet that Tramadol is bad to take with Flexeril. But if your doc says ok, then great. I was wondering why I feel so dragged out in the morning and now I know, I have an opiate hangover. Thanks for this info.


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Lost her hearing? That is awful. I feel bad for you and your daughter. From what my doc told me, the ability to enjoy an opiate is genetic. Like I can take a Vicodin and for me it doesn't do anything but take the edge off the pain. I have friends who take it and they are in La-La Land. But I imagine something would be dangerous with these. I have IBS and constipation has not been an issue, but I take a product called Oxy-Cleanse(www.toolsforwellness)which is great for IBS.
My experience with tramadol is that tramadol is effective for the pain, much better than Vicodin i order it form online on web it gives me sound sleep because i was not able to sleep for reason my joint pain some of people i know is taking vicodin and his experince is quite good with Vicodin so there is no comparision with both medication.