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Transfactor..what is that?

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Ok I am having major brain fog but I would like to know what transfactor is and does in layman's have alot of bad cells called >? attacking good cells called? and this is what you take? or do? to get rid of the bad cell? or to build up the good cells?

Did I get close to what I am asking here?

I have FMS and I know my immune system is down if I don't have cancer...results not in yet...

Thank you in advance for answering my question!

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So, sorry to read you are having so many problems. Praying you don't have cancer. I hate waiting for those test results. I have certainly done my share of waiting for them.

If you would hit Library at the top and type in Transfer Factor in the search, it is explained soooo much better there then I could ever do.

Well, having some brain fog myself, I just read that you are asking in layman's terms. Ok, I will get it a go. When humans are born and breastfed, before milk is colostrum and it gives a temporary immunity to the baby that is the MOTHER's immunity.

Back in 1949, it was discovered that these immunity thingys that they decided to call "factors" can be transfered from cows and chickens to humans. Isn't that odd??

So 4Life Transfer Factors somehow got the "patent" on the transfer factors. But they sell the right to the patent to companies who want to broader the types of TF's that are available. Mainly, the "targeted" TF's. Ones that are made to target a specific virus like EBV or mycoplasm, etc.

So, these Transfer Factors, cause our immune systems to have the ability to fight these germs. When our bodies start fighting, we can have a "die off" of the "bugs" and that "die off" can cause us to feel sick. It is temporary and it is called a "herx". A herx is really a very good thing.

The "herx" effect was discovered in the 1940's when men with syphillis were given antibiotics felt much worse before they felt better. That was caused by the ssphillis germs dying. It is named for the person/s who discovered it and then shortened to "herx".

Hope that helps! Mikie will be here again soon. She really knows the most about pulsing the TF's and other meds to get the best results.

Soft hugs...back.



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You explained it very well. I know what herxing is now. Thanks for giving it a go at explaining but I still have a few more questions like:

Does TFactors meds. or supplements build the good cells up to attack the bad cells?

If so , is their only certain conditions that you have to have to use these TFactors meds. supplements or devices {if any are out there to help}

I am assuming that you can get stuff related to Tfactor OTC here and other places?

Thank you Spacee for taking the time out to try and explain to me...hey...I just caught your
takes me awhile....I really feel like your screen name alot of the like it!

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Ok, the TF's (I just call them TF's. You can only buy them at certain places even though they are nonRX. I don't think the manufacturers like to call them supplements. That would make them fall in with vitamins and herbs and, I think, they want to avoid that.)

The TF's are either "general" or "targeted". Anyone can take ANY of the "general ones". My sis took the general one from here and she didn't get the flu that year even though other people who worked in the tiny room that the hospital had their medical lab in, did get the flu. In fact, the year she TOOK the flu vaccine, she still got it. So, a general TF is for anyone.

Now, not all general ones are alike. I CANNOT believe all the stuff that is coming out with TF's in it. There is a drink now, toothpaste, spray for the throat. It can be confusing.

4Life's PLUS Advanced seems to me to be the strongest general one. This is not to be confused with 4Life's Advanced...see what I mean. Make sure it has the PLUS in the name. They all so make 4Life Classic...that is the weakest one.

One site quoted a biologist as saying "TF's are a highly concentrated immune messaging system". So, just think of it as IMing your immune cells to respond to attack. (That last sentence are my words).

Where do you buy 4Life. Tricky. All I can say is google and hope. The last place I ordered from never sent it. Once you find a good place, keep the site or phone #.

ProHealth sells the majority of the targeted ones, I think. They sell a number of ones that are not listed anywhere. I have an old catalogue from when they DID list them in 2004. So, post here or call them and ask if they sell it.

Smiles...After all these years I am still...



If you think of the TF's as little oral vaccines. They actually train the immune system to recognize and kill pathogens. The general ones strengthen the immune system and offer immunity to whatever pathogen factors are in the colostrum in which they are made. The targeted ones do this in addition to training the immune system to kill the targeted pathogens.

Even though these factors are removed from live pathogens, they cannot, in and of themselves, infect us so they are safe for us to take. Like injected vaccines, the TF's do not offer permanent immunity so they must be pulsed, like booster shots.

I took the TF's for three months and then started pulsing them for a couple of days every 6 weeks. For me that seems to be working well, but we are all different. I still Herx every time I pulse them, so I know they continue to work.

Love, Mikie


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I understand better now what they do. I am so glad they are helping you and I hope they continue to do so for you.
I might give them a try. Are they real expensive? Where can you get them and what brand name am I looking for? They are in pill form aren't they as well?



Where to start. The general TF's (non targeted) cost from about $30- $60. The Essential's here is good but the 4LifePlus sounds VERY good. You can get it on eBay!

I started on 4Life Classic. I could tell that it was "doing something" but not enough. Again...a general one. So,I quickly switched to Immune Transfer C. A TF that targets EBV, CMV, Lyme, HHV6B and Chlamydia.

I chose that because it most closed targeted the viruses that Kutapressin did. I was taking Kutapressin but they quit making it. I knew I wanted EBV, HHV6.

Mikie, Rich Carson and I have had good results with Immune Transfer C BUT we also needed at least one more targeted TF. Mikie used TF 200 to cover the HHV6A.

The Immune TF is the most expensive at $145, the TF 200 is about $45. Mycoplus is about $145 also.

At this point I am going to start a new answer.

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Well, those of us have used different approaches.

I took the Immune TF for a year because I read that you can have improvement up to 1 year. Now I take it 5 days every 6 weeks. Please, keep in mind that I did NOT herx with this TF but only improved.

Mikie took the Immune TF for 3 months. She herxed ALOT. Had to open the capsule and place just a small amount under her tongue. She slowly increased to a full capsule. Now she takes a capsule two days (I think) every 6 weeks).

What Rich did, I don't know...wish I did. But he has written be careful starting with the TF's because they can pack a wallop.

So, personally, the targeted TF's are much more expensive to start with but when you reach the evey 6 weeks, it drops way off.

Got that???? Smiling at you!




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I do the green tea but herx I am not doing.

I have a serious problem with constipation...

Only one thing cleans me out...

and I am not to sure if that is helping me or hurt me...

It is a whole bottle of magnesium citrate...

So if TF kills the bad and makes you herx then I guess I should try it and maybe the constipation will go away.



There was a tread on the other board about probiotics really helping constipation by putting normal flora back in the colon.

Prohealth sells a good one that has the advantage of not having to be refrigerated. Jarros Dopholis EOS. They sell one that has to be refrigerated too.

Food for thought.....



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I will check out the thread and the prohealth products.

Thank you and Mikie for taking out the time to explain and help me here.

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Was taken by one of my son's in Istanbul, Turkey in July. It was one of the oldest Greek Orthodox churches dating back to Constantinople (I think)and later was changed to a Muslim mosque and all the Greek Orthodox stuff was covered.

Now, the building is a museum and they are trying to uncover/restore the Greek Orthodox part. I think the reason is called "tourist money". :) But that is just a guess.

My son is getting a degree is religion with a minor in history. (You can tell I'm not the one with the facts). He wanted to play kholmes game "where in the world was this pic taken" and that is the one he used.

I agree that it is a beautiful I left it in!



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where in the world that pic was taken.

Thank your son for the history lesson...I love history but can't retain anything except water...hehe!

WoW! I bet your just beaming with pride over what your son is taking in college!

Has your son stump Kholmes yet? lol!

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My brain isn't even holding water this week. Sometimes I just can't make a coherent sentence.

I know why...too much missed sleep.

No....You know that kholmes is a tuffy to stump. We are way below his level. haha

Well, yes, I am proud of my son. He got very little high school education because of undiagnosed ADD (diagnosed before 12th grade). So, he has worked very hard to accomplish what he has. Thanks for your kind words!

I read your bio...cute little angel!



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A few years ago ProHealth ran an article about transfer factor from a researcher at Duke Med Center named Aaron White. He now has a book out about transfer factor that is in its second edition. I haven't read the second edition but the first edition contained everything anyone could possibly want to know about transfer factor, including how they work, how much to take, what to expect and so on.

Also, there are other options for immune weaknesses available now that are good in different ways than transfer factors. Doing a search for "thymus protomorphogens" will yield interesting results. Protomorphogens are molecules that trigger specific organs (in this case the thymus, in which T-cells mature) to rebuild and work harder.

As other posters have pointed out, transfer factors don't seem to "fix" the immune problems that leave some of us vulnerable to infections. Rather, they help the body go after and kill whatever pathogens are in there. They do boost immune system health, but not enough to keep all people from relapsing if they stop taking them. Protomorphogens for thymus, thyroid, adrenals, and even the pituitary and hypothalamus seem to be promising adjuncts for treating basically any condition with an immune component.

Hope this helps!!

PS - The book is called "A Guide to Transfer Factors and Immune System Health, 2nd Edition" Again, I haven't read it but the first edition was excellent.