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Transfer Factor Plus

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I was out of the "good" TF's as of November. As far as I know they are not available any longer.
Someone, please correct me if I am wrong.

So, I started getting virus, virus, then a terrible flu. Drats.

So, I decided to try Transfer Factor Plus. It isn't a targeted one. About $50 a month. I get mine
on eBay since it isn't sold here.

Voila, no more virus infections!!!!!! I still have the really bad sensitivity to light and sound.
but this TF is a step in the right direction for me!!

Thought I would let you know :)


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Spacee - so glad to hear that! It can be soooo frustrating when a product which works for you suddenly is no longer available and I'm really happy you found an effective substitute.

Have you ever tried colostrum? I've read that transfer factor is derived from colostrum, and that colostrum has several other components which are not in transfer factor. It's much cheaper. I recently bought Synertek brand colostrum which is supposed to be most effective because it's from the first 6 hours after the calf is born. And I think I had a very strong herx reaction from it (I'm still not totally sure what happened ... I detox and herx a lot and am often unsure as to what caused what)

Greetings Spacee...Do you still recommend the Transfer Factor Plus that you bought on Ebay? If so, can you please tell me what the brand name or label says so that I can look it up, when time permits. Many thanks. I have virus after virus also...