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transfer factor

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Hi All I am a newbie I have chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis and I was thinking about using transfer factor but I don't know which formula I should use. Does anyone have any idea all help is appreciated


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tulip, my doctor recomended 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet at night.the reason for the low dose is some people have flu like symptoms at first. but i have read some things that say people should take 3 tablets 3 x a day and another doctor says take as much of it as you need until you get the results you need then back down. in the web site they give you a good example of how to try it. good luck bill m


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My doc orders Transfer Factor 7000 from Advanced Medical that is geared to target flora overgrowths common with Candida. It needs to be ordered by a doc. i cant get my hands on it but any physician can. If you give your doctors the number 1800-3666056 they can access the ordering info..
Take care!