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Transfer Factors same time users

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Hi, gang are you all out there? If so how are all of you doing on your transfer factors.?? Are you using two or more at a time each day? Wondering if you are?...many are on more than one kind of T.F. If so...are you taking both the same time at night and or spreading out the use to every other day? I am experimenting with mycoplus and Blend 100...used to be TF C. taking it both at night and one every other day. I have been told to take plenty of beta glucan to "eat up" the herx junk. I will let you all know how I do..both ways. Miss you all and hearing your stories. We are all here to help each other. Blazer.


Rich Carson takes two. Or used to take two. It was the fact that he took the mycoplus that got me to decide to try it.

It isn't the only part of his routine but it is an important part!