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tremors just started

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my husband is having tremors.begins by complaining he is hot and then starts shaking.complains of headache stomach ache and pain everywhere, then he starts crying and pacing the floor saying I wont help him.I have had him to several new drs and they all say this is just a symptom of dementia. I think it cld be a partial seizure but eeg shows only general slowing of brain activity. has anyone ever withnessed this symptom.I cant get any dr to help him...


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Has he been checked for parkinsons disease? I don't know all the symptoms but i do know shaking is part of it, my grandmother had parkinsons, and she would have tremors, I am sure it is very distressing for him, something he doesn't understand or accept. I hope you can find a good doctor to help him, my heart goes out to both of you, i hope you can find out what is wrong with him, maybe a neurologist(sp) could help?