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try adenosine sublingual tablets

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one of the best kept secrets for energy is adenosine, I've been to two of the top docs in CFIDS in this USA, the second has helped me I get compounded troches made of AMIP or Adenosine I do 5 a day, the thing is I have to pay for them, stupid insurance companies my doc's nurse says many of there patients' insurance cos. are getting away from paying for compounded troches

but you can get adenosine on line I'm not sure I can say the brand name cause of this pro health forum

I live in western Kentucky and have found a compounding pharmacy that I've done business with since 2000 NADH got too expense , not there are using Oxtocin google it


As I understand it, you can say the brand name of a product. You just can't provide a link to a page where products are sold other than this ProHealth web site.


Yes, you may post the brand of any supps but just not provide links to commercial websites. ProHealth is always looking for potential supps to carry in the store here so I suggest letting them know about anything which anyone finds helpful.

Love, Mikie
Hi there y'all. I'm new to this site. I'm not even sure just how it works lol. What I do know is that I have Fibro/CFS and it sucks all the time.