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TwoCatDoctors-Can you check something out for me please

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on the website. I'm wanting to print out all the disability forms I need to fill out and send in but I'm not sure if when I click there if that's all of them. So will you check that for me please. or you might know already. I clicked on forms,then disability and it shows the forms. I want to print them out so I can get them filled out by hand because I know I will make lots of changes then fill them out online and send in. Or do you think I should mail them to my local office which is only 40 minutes away? I'm in a rural small community.


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I applied for myself back in 2003. I had the packet picked up at the local SSA office, made an appointment at that office and then handed it in at the appointment there. It was a long appointment and I was in misery.

It used to be that you had to file two separate applications if you were applying for SSDI and SSI. I don't know how they do it now online.

In looking quickly online, I have no idea how they are doing it now and what they want in order to file the original application. The system now I see is wanting to do the application online and not giving you other options. I'm seeing a medical and job worksheet, but it says at the top to not mail it in and is apparently part of the packet completed and filed online.