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Unintentionally weight loss.anyone?

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I am brand New here, so forgive Me if this is an inappopriate ? 4 this group! I have fibro & CFS, also severe rapid degeneration of my spine 4 the past 5 yrs! But for the past 2-3 months i have had a great deal of UNINTENTIONAL weight loss...2 the pt, it is scarying Me! If this is not appropriate here, could someone PLZ suggest me 2 where might be better??....like I said I am a Newbie ;)....just registered 15 mins ago! I WISH ALL OF U THE VERY BEST OF LUCK W/ UR Individual challenges....GOD BLESS...Fairlady1


Dear Fairlady, When ever you lose a large amount of weight quickly, without trying you need to get yourself to the doctor and get yourself checked out.

I too have FM & CFS, so I know how much it takes to get to the doctor. I am sorry you are having this experience. I do hope you will go get checked and let us know how things turn out.

Hugs and love to you,


Yes I too have had a lot of unintentional weight loss I also have fibro and CFS. Been to many doctors and had many tests. The problem is in my digestion. My nails are thin cracked ridges in them shows that I am not absorbing my nutrients. I have a big problem with digesting protein ...need digestive enzymes' after eating probably why I am losing my hair also... hair needs protein.MY weight is good but seems like I am losing muscle mass even though I eat large amounts of food. Also see undigestive food in toilet I have also had breath test which showed bacteria problem in stomach which can cause weight loss too go to an gastro Doctor. Hope this helps you let me know will get back to you