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Update on Moducare

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Much to my surprise, it continues to help my immune system. I have not really gotten sick since I started taking Moducare, and ordinarily I am almost constantly battling a sinus infection. I've tried probably dozens of products and have not had this result with any of them. I'm going to keep taking it!

Unfortunately it hasn't affected my crashing - I still do that with depressing regularity when go over my 3-1/2 hours of light activity a day. Will see whether this improves with time.

But am very glad how my immune system is responding!



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Hi Jam - yeah, we have different issues. I have tried so many things for my immune system and I cannot get over how well this is working. Yesterday I felt like I was starting to get sick - the way it always starts - got very tired in the afternoon and had to go to sleep. Usually when this happens I wake up feeling pretty bad and then really bad by the next morning, but this time, nothing. Just a little extra tired and achey last night and it was gone by this morning.

I e-mailed the company about MS as a I have friend who has a friend who has MS, and the literature says not to take this if you have MS without talking to your doctor. So I e-mailed the company asking why this caution with MS and they replied 2 days later with a very good explanation. I was very impressed with their customer service. For anyone else who's reading, here's what they said about MS (I have read this product has helped with several other autoimmune illnesses, including rheumatoid arthritis and others, and the only caution seems to be with MS):

Thank you for your inquiry. I have included our company policy on Moducare and MS for your information below. You will notice from our website www.moducare.com that the plant fats in Moducare increase the body's natural gamma interferon. If people are taking synthetic interferon in the form of a drug and then add Moducare, the result may be too inflammatory and a relapse may occur.

Explanation for Moducare label caution on multiple sclerosis

There have been variable results with multiple sclerosis. Some individuals have experienced positive results with Moducare and this is likely due to the fact that there is a decrease in the amount of inflammation of the condition. Research on sterols and sterolins has shown that they dramatically decrease the inflammatory cytokine Interleukin-6 and tumour necrosis factor alpha. However, research also shows that Moducare increases gamma interferon. Recent studies on the disease mechanism of Multiple Sclerosis have shown that the condition may be TH1 dominant (i.e. increased amounts of gamma interferon). For this reason, some MS patients do not want to increase their gamma interferon. Although many people report that Moducare has helped them, there are some who state that it has had no effect on their condition. A few believe that it has caused their condition to flare up. However, without a research study, it is not known whether this was a normal part of their disease process. It is suggested that if a person does not have the "relapsing type" of MS and they decide they want to try Moducare, they should start slowly, always monitoring their condition. If they perceive any deterioration, they should stop the product. If a person has the "relapsing type" of MS, it is NOT recommended that they take Moducare until further research has been done. Those people who state that Moducare has benefited their condition report that it has helped with their walking, their balance and the tingling and numbness in their extremities.