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Using Laxatives to lose weight?

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I'm desperate to lose weight and sort of fond of the idea of using laxatives. I tried every diet under the sun but I have been unsuccessful. I used to use laxatives for weight loss but then stopped as I was told about the consequences. I just feel like I can't control myself any longer and want to just pop those laxatives and shed those extra pounds!
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Did anyone lose weight using laxatives? should I start again?? I must lose weight fast!
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Using laxatives for weight loss is a very bad idea. You are going to mess up your gut bacteria which could then lead to you putting on even more weight and not being able to lose it. Eighty percent of weight loss is down to food. Watch your portion sizes and try to eat a lot of fruits and veggies along with lean proteins and whole grains.
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I agree! You can also try gyming which is the best way to reduce weight and builds stamina. The more you sweat, the more you loose pounds. But you have to do it daily and work really hard, because no pain, no gain! Drink black coffee before going to gym, again cuts the fat very fast, eat fruits and veggies more, cut the junk food. Do anything but don't use such short cuts like laxatives. It can prove to be very harmful later.