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today i was reading stuff on the net, and i read that if you have viruses it can give you brain fog, and there was a study that says if you use valcyte, it helps with the brain fog for hhv6,

well i have a lot of valcyte in my cabinet,

so i decided to take one i took one this afternoon i notice a little relief, earlier tonite i took another one, and as im typing this, my brain fog is lifting,

my vision is clearing, before i go to bed, even
thou its after 2am, i will be taking another one.
i will bring this to the dr's attention...sometime at the end of march, i will

see him, because i have to pay taxes, and i have to have it all paid up before the 15th of april. so


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I have tried several times to get off Lyrica because of brain fog ( I call it brain rot) My 86 yr old mother has dementia and the symptoms are the same - can't think of words, can't remember etc. Anyway every time I go down 100 mg of Lyrica (I take 300 mg per day) I am in so much pain that I give in and take the pill I have cut out. I hate myself for being so weak but the pain is so much worse than before I began the Lyrica. Anyway, where can I get Valcyte? I will try anything to get my brain to work right.