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Valtrex and FFC

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hi everyone,

I have been reading some posts and for transfer factor, AV,S etc. my doctor here prescribed me Valtrex 3 gramme a day that i was not tolerating good, too much weakness, fatigue, diziness, but without any other feeling of flulike symptoms. Dr. prescribed it to me cause i have HHV6 and EBV. I had to stop the Valtrex on my own cause i felt real awful on it, and I was afraid that this would only do more harm to me than doing good,I couldn't even stand up or walk because of the weakness, fatigue and dizziness. Is anyone felt the same on valtrex and what the doctor told you about those reactions? any advice? Is it normal not to feel the flulike symptomes but only extreme weakness,fatigue and dizziness?

also I am wondring about the FFC, I live in Canada and I never heard of these centers. I checked on the web site and found their locations.

Would like to know also what is the expense for those centers? I read people saying it is expensive, How expensive is it? and there Doctors working there or is it Naturopath and homeopath ..

What about the prescreption, and is insurance pay anything at all of these Rx.

How long these centers exist, I see people talking about FCC on the forum since about one year only, is these centres new?

thanks a lot for repling and for any advice.
God bless



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If you go to the FM/CFS/ board and search FFCs, you will find the answers you are looking for. There are many posts from people who are going through their treatments. I believe that the Doctors are all MDs. A few people from Canada have gone, Cindycor is one and you can search her posts.

Good Luck


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Thanks for your respond, I notice that you are from Canada, Toronto as well and you have some experience with TF. Did you buy it on your own or is a Doctor prescribed it to you... and is he or she Canadian doctor? as I think Canadian doctor does not know much about TF or at least in Montreal. I spoke with my doctor (microbiologist) about it.. but he did not seem to beleive in it so much or probably he did not know much about it.

God bless,
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We are not allowed to solicit nor post e-addresses here. It can get you banned. I suggest you remove the URL. BTW, the FFC's being referred to here are the Fibro and Fatigue Clinics.

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I haven't heard that about the 1000mg being better than a divided dose of 2 pills 500 mg each. I'm interested if you could let me know more, because currently I have been splitting the dosage.