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Weird feeling in head???

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Does anyone else get this? Its hard to describe but its like my head feels like it has lots of pressure in it and it sometimes gets a tingly feeling. It just feels weird. My sinuses are always stuffy too, wonder if that has anything to do with it? Sometimes I experience the fibro fog with it.... Just wondering if there is something I can do to help this??? Anyone have suggestions?


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don't know why or what the cause is, but it's scary, the pressure gets so bad sometimes it feels like my brain is about 10 times too big for my skull, just out of the blue.then i think is this what a stroke feels like. it will last about a minute or two then subside.i have lots of wierd stuff like this that i dont even attempt to explain or tell the doc, some are just so wierd, so i just chalk it up to fibro, unless it's someting thats really persistent, then i tell her about it.Not much help, im sorry. But just to let you know your not alone.


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I have had the weird head feelings for about 3 years non stop. Just recently it is starting to go away. I thought I would go crazy. I had an MRI 3 years ago when it first started and it didn't show anything. I have been menopausal, so I'm thinking it could have something to do with that, but I'm not a doctor so I don't know. I also have thyroid problems.


I am so glad you posted this as I have had this for years. Please try to bring up Weird or strange head feelings under search and read all my old post.

Everytime I go to the doctor with this they first said allergies, well had the allergy test and all negative (wasn't tested for food allergies). Then saw an ENT he said Sinus and was given antibiotics.

I have taken so many antibiotics and they helped for awhile then within a week or so the weird head feeling was back. The last round of antibiotics made me so sick.

In fact I am suffering with this now and have for months, now my weird head feelings linger .. for months , then I will have a few days maybe week or two and my head feels clear or whatever and it seems wonderful.

Now, I am being told its anxiety. I do have anxiety /depression and take xanax which takes the edge off but they don't seem to be helping like they once did. The doc now wants me to try zoloft but can't get the nerve up yet.

I do know when I have this weird head feeling my anxiety is worse but I truly think the weird head feeling causes the anxiety.

I do have head congestion and ear fullness and have had vertigo attacks. I don't have a clue what is wrong but I do know I feel so miserable.. I hate it. Oh, yes the fibro fog is worse at times, one day I couldn't remember what year it was.....

Have you mentioned this to your doc. If you read my old post let me know if any of my symptoms sound like yours.

Hope you find some answers if so please let me know.




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i don't know what it is, but sometimes i feel like i have a lot of pressure in my head and like its "pounding" or something, almost like i can actually feel my pulse in it (sounds really weird i know) but its just really uncomfortable and i think it has to be some sort of inflammation... idk, but its scary. my sinuses aren't really stuffy very often so i'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but i definitely have vision problems sometimes and just get the feeling like im "high" or "drunk" sometimes, which isn't very fun either..


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Hi, Star, This is my first time on this site and yours was the first I read.

I think I can help with "weird feeling". I have had fibro for over 12yrs. For years I was told I
had very bad cronic sinus. My doctor sent me to an ear, nose, and throt doc..He made it very simple for me. When your neck muscles are tight all the time the pain goes up and forword,thus the feeling of sinus pressure,it goes up thru your head and the muscles in your head get tieght, thus the foggy feeling. I take a muscle relaxer (METHOCARBAMOL 750 MG) plus 4 ibuprofen 3 times a day. The muscle relaxer are non norcotic. I also use salin solution
for my nose about 4 or 5 times a day to thin out the mucuse to lesson pressure.

Awhile back I was having trouble with my memory and spitting out words, I mean the words would not even come to my mind for about 10 min, my speech got slow, I thougt I was losing it. I told my doctor and he took a vitiam D test and found out I hand almost none so he put me on 5000mg aday.

I hope I have helped you alittle take care puyvicky

p.s. I would also get pressure behind my eyes so bad that I had no choice but to go to sleep and this would last somestimes up tp 3 dqys, now I don't have tat so bad either.

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Thank you so much, especially Puyvicky! What you said makes total sense. My neck is so tight most of the time I can barely stand it. I feel like it is so heavy that I wish I could take it off my shoulders. :) It all makes perfect sense though. I am going to try and take my muscle relaxers to help it. I try and not take them all the time. But I think I will take them when my neck is hurting so bad.
Also, I agree with some of the other posts. I do have anxiety and when I take a Xanax it does help, but I wonder too if that is the relaxant part of it helping it. Thank you so much for letting me know I am not alone in all this. It feels so good to know someone else cares.
Sometimes I dont know what I would do without this board and all the support!


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Hi Star

You've described some of my symptoms to a tee! I get this on and off.

One thing I definitely find helps (I've just written it in a response to neck pain) is to press those 2 points at the base of your skull firmly, at the top of your neck and hold them fr about 10 seconds then release and repeat. They will be sore but it really helps get rid of the congestion for me.

Another thing that helps me for this is a few drops of lavendar, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils mixed in with a base of almond oil and rubbed on to the base of my skull and temples.

Also pressing the pressure points on my sinuses helps with this too and rubbing my forehead quickly.

I also use ear candles regularly which are supposed to help clear sinuses and congestion.


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I'm not sure if this will help you, since the tingling could be coming from many different things. For what it is worth, I used to have similar feelings in my head and finally figured out that it was related to a yeast infection (most likely in my sinuses). Once my yeast was cleared up I no longer had the feelings. However, when I would eat lots of sugar or starch (which yeast feed on), lo and behold the tingling would start up again, fibro fog would too. As long as I stay yeast free I no longer have the tingling and only have fibro fog if I get too tired. I hope this helps someone. It is such a job untangling all the pieces of the strange symptoms we are all subject to.



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I have had this feeling for about a month...I feels like there is a clamp on my head...and there are times that it is getting tighter and tighter...mostly around my sinuses...and Jaw area..and eye is not a is just my brain is pushing up against my I getting too graphic ....:-/ I go to a Chiro and an has helped a bit.. worth a try.


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Yes Brownie I feel like that too and I go to a massage therapist. It does help, but I only go once a week and it gets bad in between appts.
I do try and push on the pressure points and use aromatherapy. It does help.

Also, Your right I think I might have the yeast thing. I have a yeast infection in my mouth right now and also have had them "down below" alot. I used to get it in my nose all the time. I think I may give it a try.
Thank you all for the good ideas and for not making me feel like I am crazy.


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Hi Star;
In addition to the pressure in my head I also get double or blurry vision within about 5 minutes of laying my head on a pillow. For example when a person watches TV or reads in bed, and you take the pillow and prop it at the small of your neck.

I haven't been able to read in bed for several years now. I've talked to my eye doctor and primary care doctor, and everyone has no clue why this is happening.

I had a CAT scan on my neck a year ago, and it showed nothing. It is so frustrating.

Have any of you ever had the blurry vision? Also from time to time my ears have a plugged feeling. Kind of like when you're in an airplane. I feel like there is a tunnel in my brain.

I'd really be appreciative of any suggestions.

Thanks so much!



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Hello,I have been suffering from something similar for several months now.

It started on Jan 15 when I took a normal course of antibiotics+antibiotic cream for a private infection down there.

I took the antibiotics 4 times a day with very little food, alot of the time with no food at all, had a warm bath daily with Epsom salts to help clear up the infection.

4 days later I woke up with an anxiety kinda feeling, had horrible yellow diarrhea, and my head felt "foggy" is probably the best way to call it, maybe numb somewhat? very hard to put into words.

Since then I have had a continuous sore throat + on and off diarrhea and the weird feeling in my head has been consistent,also I have had random pains in my chest and arms and back, minor, but still alarming as they never happened before.

I have had-two stool samples done, three blood tests done, a chest x ray, abdomen+bowel x ray, sinus x ray(neck+sinus region), a lower bowel inspection( camera inserted in the rear for observation) all clear with no sign of what could be the cause :(

I also feel tired from this and am very depressed as I am paranoid something is seriously wrong with me.

If anyone has had any results or if anyone can suggest another test that I should have done please don't hesitate to respond.



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babyk, i have exactly what you describe. a pressure in my head that seems to correspond to my heart beat. in fact, i can feel and hear the whooshing in my ears and head, and often, my neck too. this is one of my worst symptoms, and is so intense i cannot even describe it. i moved to california from maryland solely because i found the low pressure/high humidity to worsen the head pressure dramatically. no doctor seems to be concerned about this at all, but i can't understand how something so intense cannot be concerning.
I get this also ... mine is more like Pressure... it even feels like it builds pressure in my head when I pee... I do have lots of neck issues... Disk D.. and such.. used to see a nuro.. but found nothing wrong.. not sure what it is. but thx for posting this.. I thought I was alone in this symptom .


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Almost always when it gets bad, I find there is a correlation with my blood pressure. It fluctuates a lot when this is going on, and it is sort of scary.
please test your HHV6 antibodies. perhaps antivirals can help. they help me a little so far. i have exactly what you have in my head.



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I have the same thing. I usualy use a heating pad or a rice pack and get it as hot as I can stand it and put it on my head. That seems to help.


sometimes I feel like I am being sucked into one of those tubes they use to transport money around at the bank drive-up.

I get those pressure heahaches too--mostly when its really cloudy out and trying to rain. I stand outside and practically do a rain dance. I generally feel so much better once we do get a good shower.