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What is the actual physiognomy of exhaustion?

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I posted this question under a different sub forum, because the way this forum is set up is very confusing to me. I think this is the right spot.

Has anyone ever studied what actually happens to the body when it gets tired? I’ll give a specific example: Zoloft has made me extremely exhausted (I’ve only been taking it for three weeks and it’s set my Chronic Fatigue back by several years)
I’ve had a long time to analyze the aspects of extreme exhaustion (I’ve had CFS for 20+ years) and besides lack of energy there are other sensations, such as a thickness in my chest around the heart, and a yawning sensation in the back of my head and neck (even though I’m not yawning) These sensations are common when I’m on the brink of sleep, but thanks to this new medicine I’ve had them for 48 hours straight.

What exactly is this thickness in my chest? Extra blood flowing to the heart?

And what is the yawning sensation? Are blood vessels opening up in my neck? Is it something else?

Believe me, this is only a pleasant sensation for a few seconds when you’re nodding off- NOT when you have it every waking moment for two days straight.

There are many other sensations to extreme tiredness as well. Does anyone know of any studies or anyone who has studied what these sensations really are? It may not sound so bad, but believe me I’d rather be in a hefty amount of pain than to feel this way for an extended time like this. There are worse things than pain (I have some chronic pains as well so take my word for it) if I knew what exactly was happening I could find a way to stop it, and the exhaustion would be much more bearable.