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What is the single most important thing you've done to rop

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Absolutely, the most important thing I've done is to stay away from junk food and sodas! My diet is not perfect, but I work hard at eating properly. Second to that is exercise, which is very useful when I'm doing it (though not overdoing it).

-Pearl S.


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#1,,,Changed my diet to whole grains, fruits, raw veggies ,,chicken,,fish ,,,wild game meat,,and some pork (because i love it),,,small amounts though,,,,,only drink water,,coffee,,,tea,,,like Pearl says no junk food and no pop,,,,,unless it's a special occasion ,,,,,exercise,, that includes some light yoga and stretching every morning and walking at least a mile a day,,,,,eighter outside or on the gazzell,,,,,,I have also replaced as many of the meds as i could with supplements,,,i take fish oil,,B-complex-D3-milk thistle and am going to check into grape seed extract,,,,,S


Stop listening to idiots that bash alternative medicine because they are scared of it - they will never recover and are hopelessly brainwashed.

Avoid all wheat, dairy, corn and soy containing foods like the plague. Also all junk foods. Eat mostly veggies, but not too many root veggies. "Whole grains" doesn't mean anything good, it just means "whole food that cannot be digested properly". Only brown rice would be an acceptable food IF the gut is not full of bad bacteria and yeast. And it probably is. In fact, assume it is unless you can prove differently, which brings me to my next point:

Do CDSAs to determine the state of your gut/immune system and take the necessary steps to treat it.

If the adrenals are shot, use Adrenal Cortex Extract when you need it.

All the supplements in the world will not work unless your gut is in condition to absorb and assimilate them properly. Use a good multi vitamin powder while you are treating your guts. Something with a rice powder base is a good one. Remember, whey contains milk proteins and may hinder your progress. Only a CDSA and an experienced health practitioner can guide you on exactly what to eat and what to avoid.

Use digestive enzymes and betaine hcl to help digest your food.

Do your homework! I had to avoid all carbohydrate foods, wheat, dairy, corn and soy while I fixed my gut. There were tons of bacteria and yeasts to kill off and it's almost impossible to eliminate them while you are eating carbohydrate foods because carbohydrates turn into sugar in your body and the "bad bugs" feed on sugar. I was using emulsified oil of oregano pills to kill off the bad guys in the gut.

If you suspect infection all over the body, like with fibro, consider using MMS but start slowly like the instructions say. Fibro is mostly caused by fungus in places which will cause pain. See beatcfsandfms.org for correct info on these diseases.

I took tons of supplements before fixing my gut and they did help a lot, but the diet change and the gut bacteria kill-off was the big deal - I am almost back to normal now. The gut is the key to cfs. It is the heart of the immune system and where you absorb your nutrients. It's also the place where most of the body's serotonin is produced. So if you're depressed it's a good chance it's your messed up gut that is responsible for it.

Find a qualified health practitioner, NOT a medical doctor. The medical profession has their way of doing things - drugs and surgery. This is great for life-saving conditions, but for chronic diseases, they are guaranteed to misdiagnose you (by not addressing the root cause) and make you worse. The medical profession does not attempt to find the root cause of illness, they attempt to relieve symptoms - ONLY. This does not work for cfs and fibro.

The root cause in most cases is too much bad bacteria and yeast in the intestines. If this is allowed to continue, the rest of the body will eventually be affected with a myriad of horrible symptoms. The body is being starved for nutrients because of inefficient digestion, the liver and kidneys cannot keep on top the detoxification without the nutrients they need, and the gut/immune system will be open to yeast and any other opportunistic infection that comes along - probably a very bad one like lyme.

You can do your homework and figure out a plan for yourself, but this could take years, literally. There's so much to learn. I'm using Dr. Farr from becomehealthynow, he's pretty good. But any health practitioner you use has to have a good track record in treating intestinal hyperpermeability and interpreting CDSAs. These are not things that medical doctors learn about so they can't help us. Our biggest mistake and waste of time and money has been us expecting them to "fix" us and they don't know how. But that doesn't mean NOBODY knows how. They are just the first person we go to, that's all.

CDSAs - comprehensive digestive stool analysis - is not something medical doctors work with. So don't bother getting a medical doctor to help you with it. He won't be able to interpret it and probably doesn't even know what it is.