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what is Transfer Factor

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I have Fibro, Psoriatic Arthritis, possible Candida, and now, a Lupus diagnosis. I also have Blepharospasm, a neurological condition in which my eyelids clam down on their own, in other words, muscle spasms of the eyelids.

Since I have been on almost every other board, I thought I would explore this one.

I have no idea what Transfer Factor is.

I would appreciate the info.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I will try to find one of Mikie's old post explaining it..she does the best job. If I can't...I will give it a go.


Ok, I bumped up a long tread explaning TF's.

Prohealh now has come less expensive ones. You have to call their 800 and they will tell you what they target.

I know that the ones they carry target viruses. Mainly EBV (mono virus),, CMV and HHV6 A&B...those are the most common ones for CFS patients.

You really should be tested to see if you have any of those viruses to see if it might do you some good. It is a blood test you pcp can do.

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