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What makes you happy?

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Patti, I do love those old movies. I will eat the rest of my brownie later tonight. I can't eat it all at once cause of the diabetes but it works if I take it slowly! :) Let's hear it for the simple pleasures! GB


Hi, Kids,

Good grief, I haven't been here in a while. Don't know why except that my brain has been addled by exhaustion. Today is lunch with my two best friends in the hood and I'll add good food and friends to my list of favorite things.

Rock, I'm thinking that next, a robot will come to your home and a doc will remotely use it to perform surgery. Of course, we who watched The Jetsons always thought we'd be flying around in our cars by now. As I mentioned over on the Porch, you are in my thoughts and prayers today and I hope all goes well. Let us know you are OK when you can or have Gordon let us know. As I also mentioned on the Porch, I'm glad they can make things from pig parts for medical use but of all the things which come from pigs, I like bacon the best. Mmmmm! I'm not trying to ham it up but do love that porcine humor.

Ooh, ooh, another thing I love is seeing a box from Amazon at my front door. For some reason, I love it when Sir Vester and I are in bed and he decides to jump off. Just watching his bushy tail, fuzzy behind and the bottoms of his little black and white back feet going over the edge makes me smile.

Hoping all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Patti

I love the photo of the workout on the treadmill. And the chart. My, what a difference
50 years can make.

Here's a video I found today on Youtube. Silliest things I've seen in a coon's age. The
singer is Tony Martin. I met him and his wife dancer Cyd Charisse back in the 1980's.

You can read about the Ritz Brothers in Wikipedia if you're curious. They really were
brothers. Appeared in 20 movies. They were expert tap dancers, but you can't
tell it here. One comment on Youtube was that they were imitating the Brian Sisters
who had appeared earlier in the movie. The one with glasses reminds me of
Woody Allen.

The movie was Kentucky Moonshine (1938), 20th Century Fox.




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My hub has a movie with the Ritz brothers in one of his many 100 or 50 packs of old movies. We both love old movies. I sleep through a lot of them, since I'm a day sleeper. (I wake up for awhile to eat and look on computer in my bed in living room, then go back to sleep).

Anyhoo, I looked them up on YouTube to see if they rang a bell. And looked them up on Wikipedia just now - I love looking things up on Wikipedia, do it every day for me and hub.

Speaking of Woody Allen, his book 'Without Feathers' delights me and I laugh out loud every single time I read it.

Woody being such a pessimist, did a twist on the Emily Dickinson poem 'Hope is the Thing with Feathers.'

Nice poem. Here it is:

'Hope Is The Thing With Feathers' by Emily Dickinson

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.
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Hi Kiddo

I remember reading Emily Dickinson in High School. Don't know if "Hope" was one of
the poems we read or not. I found Woody's response.

How wrong Emily Dickinson was! Hope is not 'the thing with feathers.' The thing with
feathers has turned out to be my nephew. I must take him to a specialist in Zurich.

Woody Allen

I prefer old movies too. Yesterday I watched Revenge of the Pink Panther for the 3rd
or 4th time. Now and then I get a DVD of some new movie from the library. They
just have no appeal for me. I watch 10-2o minutes and then give up. Haven't been
inside a movie theater for 42 years. At today's prices I've probably saved enough
to buy a car.



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Hahahaha, love that book. My paperback of it is in pieces too, along with my Erma Bombeck's, taped together but hanging all lopsided in half. My son told me I should get some new ones, I really need to, just never get around to it.

The newer movies seem blah to me, too. Totally boring. I'd turn them off but hub likes to see them through, even though he thinks they're boring, too. So many of them nowadays just don't have the 'It' factor to me.

There are only a few newer that I love. Such as dramas 'Fences' and 'Lion' of 2016, both this year's Oscar nominees. I was surprised I actually liked two new ones. Cried floods pouring down my face at the last long part of 'Lion'.

I don't cry easy in real life, but cry a lot at certain scenes in drama movies.

And the drama 'Reign Over Me' with Adam Sandler. I cry my eyes out. Just like I do at 'Gone With the Wind'.

Here are newer drama movies I like:

'Nell' with Jodie Foster.

'Fisher King' with Robin Williams.

I can't stand Robin Williams' and Adam Sandler's comedy movies, but love their serious dramas.

I seem to go for the movies about underdogs.

Gonna try to get some rest - me and hub have chiro appointment in morning. And three errands to run afterward - bank drive-thru, drugstore drive-thru, and gas station for lawnmower gas. Have to go whether I've slept a bit or not.

P.S. Had another kawinkydink the day after you had mentioned kimchi's horrible smell on The Porch. A local news segment was a reporter visiting and interviewing a local kimchi small company in the city. The reporter said you could find the place by following the smell. She said it in a cheery nice way, and I'd have thought it must smell good if I hadn't read what you said, haha. It's a type of sauerkraut with other things mixed in with it, such as beets or carrots.

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Rock, I read that you and Mikie are fast typists, using all your fingers and thumbs, without looking at the keys. So do I, lightning fast, since steno class in high school.

It reminded me of something that made me real happy just a few years ago.

I read somewhere (I think someone here on ProHealth mentioned it) that on the computer keyboards, the two 'home keys' that you put your pointer fingers on, have a little raised line on each key - on the f key and the j key. I'd never noticed before. That really came in handy to find that out, for when I'm awake at night, typing in the dark. I can feel where the home keys are, to get my bearing and start typing.

Speaking of the Pink Panther movies, my hub likes all of them except for the last one (maybe the newer remake with Steve Martin, or maybe the last one with Sellers, I forget). I've slept through them all. I did laugh at 'A Shot in the Dark', though.

Oh, and speaking of Blake Edwards (I read The Porch) - he had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome the last 15 years of his life. He described his struggle with CFS on the CFS documentary 'I Remember Me'.

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Hey, Patti

I was never a lightning fast typist. And now I'm really slow. Kinda like an old WWII
beat up Zippo lighter. Wonder if they still make those. Yes, I only found out about
the little bumps on the F and J keys after I'd been typing for about 6 decades. I wonder
if they were put there to help blind typists.

I had forgotten all about "I Remember Me." Just checked. It's on Youtube. I'll have to
watch it again. I had forgotten Blake Edwards was in it. I loved your review of the
Pink Panther movies. "I slept through all of them." I've read several times that the
first Pink Panther movie was intended to revive David Niven's career. Instead it
made Peter Sellers a star.

I'm going to see if the library has the movies you mentioned.

The tomato season has arrived. We've been getting one or two cherry tomatoes a day for
the past week. Today Gordon brought in a colander full. Must be a least 3 dozen. Gordon
doesn't even eat tomatoes, but I do. My mother used to make breaded tomato slices.
Put crumbs and butter on top and baked them briefly.



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With my brain fog I have to edit a dozen times to get a post or reply right. I also write the wrong word here and there, just like I say the wrong words when talking. I remember you said you typed the wrong words.

Be sure to get the movies I mentioned that were made in 2016, because there are other movies with the same title.

'Lion' is a true story and the movie matched the truth to a T.

Another Oscar nominee that I like a lot from this year is 'Hidden Figures'. A true story. The movie matched the truth.

I got tired of tossed lettuce salad so have been eating store-bought tomatoes with a drizzle of red French dressing.

I slept all night last night, so had enough presence of mind to grocery shop for a few things after our appointment and errands.
I bought some croutons, broccoli, and green bell pepper to add to the tomato. Couldn't chew them with my new false teeth. Plus they weren't fresh like they looked - weren't crisp and no flavor. I'm gonna throw them out.

I think I better start just buying things when they're in season. The last few times I've bought apples, they had no flavor and sat on the table for a month and never rotted. That's because they put them in a room and spray the air full of a preservative that soaks into the apples. I can't afford organic foods.

One time the nice neighbor man planted us a tomato plant in our yard, staked it and all. I was so happy. But they had worms in them, drat. I don't know anything about gardening.

They still make Zippo lighters. I just now googled it and found their site, but still can't tell if they make new ones or sell new replicas of vintage. My son gathered a collection of Zippos a couple of years ago he bought online.

Write these movies down to get at your library so you'll get the right ones:

'Lion' (2016)
'Fences' (2016)
'Hidden Figures' (2016)



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I salvaged my cut into bite-sized broccoli florets and green bell peppers.

I took both over to the wastebasket to throw them away, then suddenly got a bright idea. I steamed them both together to soften them.

Then since they were hot and smelled really good, I remembered your Mom's baked tomatoes, and baked thick tomato slices with salt, pepper, bread crumbs, and provolone cheese slices on top.

Voila. Delish snack. A big spoonful of broccoli and green bell pepper mix and a slice of baked tomato on a dinner plate. With a banana for a sweet dessert.

I love when I suddenly get a bright idea. Always amazes me when it comes out of the blue.

So glad you mentioned baked tomatoes. I've never had them before.

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Hi Patti

I tried to get a couple of videos from Youtube, but no workee. Took me six tries to sign
in here. I have to sign in every time even though I've been a member for 12 years.
When I do sign in I check "Stay logged int" but it doesn't seem to do any good. I finally
called Prohealth.

And then I went to youtube and they have a new format and the search engine doesn't
seem to work very well. All very frustrating.

But I did have a couple things make me happy today. Got more tomatoes from the
garden. And read some Dave Barry and reviewed some cartoons by the great
George Booth. I kinda suspect he was a pet lover. Some of his cartoons have a dozen
or so cats or dogs in them.

Hope you had a good day.



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Hi Rock.

I had a nice peaceful day like I like. Lots of yummy junk-food since I stocked up on goodies grocery shopping a couple of days ago. Been having fried chicken and french fries for days, and am hooked on Pepperidge Farm frozen coconut cake.

Showered and ran a quick errand, then home to take several naps throughout the day. I dream the most vivid epic-length full-color dreams every time I sleep. They're interesting, but it means I don't get any rest while sleeping, either. I know, sugar doesn't help.

Too bad you're having internet trouble.

The only trouble I've ever had with YouTube is when my Java cache needs emptied. When the Java gets full, the videos are black or no sound. Plus I had to turn my computer off then turn it back on again. Then YouTube worked again.

Sounds to me like you need your computer files cleaned up - cleared and updated.

I wonder what Search Engine you use. You have choices. I like some way better than others. When your Searches started being unsatisfactory, I wondered if the computer changed your Search Engine like it did to me before. I used to use Google Search but somehow I had to change to Yahoo Search since my Google lists weren't thorough anymore.

Well, I know you and Gordon have had people try to fix your computer before. Did it work? Maybe it's time to call in a professional.

Good luck with it.

I looked up some George Booth cartoons, cute.

Keep enjoying your cherry tomatoes. Don't squirt yourself in the eye like I do, haha.

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Hi Patti

Thanks for the wonderful collection of similes. I wonder if they were really written by
High School kids. They are so funny I suspect they were written by humor writer. Dave
Barry uses lots of funny comparisons in his writing. Two examples below.

"As you know, with a lot of TV commercials, when you see ''typical homemakers'' getting worked up into an advanced state of rapture over the cleanliness of their toilets, you are actually watching paid professional actresses who, in real life, would no more clean a
toilet than they would French- kiss a leech.

That's how I would have driven when I was a young male idiot, except that I was driving my
mom's 1961 Plymouth Valiant, which had basically the same top speed as the Lincoln Memorial."

I don't know what a java cache is. It sounds like a place to store coffee, but I don't suppose
that applies to a computer. As for dreams, I almost never have any nowadays. The dreams
I remember from a couple decades back did not involve color or picture. Just a vague sense
of being someplace. Lotta people. Maybe an auditorium or a dept. store or a theater.
No plot. Just a feeling of waiting for something to happen. But it never did. I'm glad those
stopped. Be fun to dream of flying again like I did when I was a kid.

I tried to include a cartoon image of a girl getting squirted in the eye, but no
workee. I did just pick half a dozen tomatoes without damaging any part of
my person.


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Yes, that meme has got to be fake, haha.

You described perfectly what some of my dreams are like: vague, hazy, foggy, being in a crowd, waiting. At a lobby of a big building or airport, a pew in a church, or a house or apartment full of strangers. I have CFS in my dreams, and am sometimes laying down unable to move, trying so hard to get up.

All my dreams are tense, no relaxing fun dreams like when GB was driving a spaceship in outer space, haha.

My flying dreams were tense. Just like I always am in waking hours.

The Valiant reminds me of when my hubby was a teen and drove a Beetle Bug. One day on the highway, he passed the same Pontiac Grand Prix three times up and down hills on the highway til he got to his exit. He'd floor it going down the hills, then lag behind going up the hills, then floored it down the hill, hahaha.

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Hi Patti and Rock. I am enjoying these posts. I especially like numbers 4 and 7 on that list of things kids wrote.

I really did dream that I was flying a huge spacecraft one night. It was so much fun and so beautiful. I went on a deck and looked at the stars. Then, I was amazed that I could pilot the craft when I didn't know what I was doing!

Sort of like dreams I've had where I sat down and played the piano. GB
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