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What Worked for Me

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Faith, Family, Friends, -Supportive and positive atmosphere
Helping others in need with chronic illness
Ganoderma/Chinese Antivirals Astra Isatis / Gan Mao Ling/Zhong Gan Ling/ Agastaches
Vitamin D
Iron rich diet
Organic food/ pesticide/ chemical free
Lactose free milk
no eggs
no gluten
Paleo Diet - Fruits/Vegetables/Meat
Writing a blog for just me
Writing a book for just me
Read or Listen to Tapes
Music /Inspirational/Relaxing/Hawaiin
Visualize /Meditation Healing
Dr. Bernie Siegel
Faith/Worship/Church services online podcasts
Foundation for a Better Life
Inspirational quotes
7 dimensions of health and wellness
Gentle Yoga/Walking outdoors
Small breaks throughout the day outdoors or stationary bike 3-5 minutes


I have spent between 5-$6,000 dollars on supplements over the last 6 years. I have tried probably 100 different supplements and many of the most popular protocols. <BR>
NOTHING has come close to the relief I have had from taking methionine to increase methylation. My energy is WAY up, my pain is WAY down, and my thought process is much better! I take 1 gram twice a day on an empty stomach, the results are INCREDIBLE and I started to feel better in just a few days!! Also, I didn't experience any negative reactions like I do with most supplements.<BR>
All the best-Jim
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What is methionine and where do you buy it? How much does it cost?

Thank you, Denise


I have transitioned to a mostly vegetarian diet and i also do my best to eat gluten free. I make a huge effort to walk outside as much as possible. I am a large lady and walking is painful for me but i push through and i am losing weight and getting stronger.

Fish oil
Multi V & M
Lakota joint care
Vit C

I have a vegan doctor that treats me as if i were his own family. I also have a really good and active spiritual life. Friends and family are very supportive.

By avoiding gluten, anything containing MSG (and there are a ton of hidden forms), limiting nitrates/nitrites, and attempting to eat as organic as possible, I do pretty well. HOWEVER, along with this...

I feel I also have "Multiple Chemical Sensitivities" and this includes anything with a petroleum base. This includes all forms of soap/detergents, makeup, lotions, etc. I avoid all herbicides/pesticides (as much as possible). I absolutely avoid prescription medications and most OTC's. I also avoid multi-vitamins since they contain many artificial vitamins.

When I do laundry (as an example), I do a standard wash. But, then, I do another entire cycle using plain water to make sure all the soap is rinsed out well. Today's detergents are very concentrated and I also only use 1/3 of the recommended amount. Just doing this, my body no longer feels like it's burning and my internal quakes have eased.

I do not put plastics to my mouth in any form. I carry paper straws with me since most food establishments use plastic glasses. I also carry metal eating utensils if I'm somewhere where plastic utensils are used. Avoiding plastic is hard...if I purchase something in plastic, I get the largest container I can buy. I never, ever cook in plastic (microwave). Foods in "boil in" bags are pure poison in my book. I will not drink water from a plastic bottle. I've saved glass bottles, fill them and carry them with me. "Teflon"-type cookware is totally avoided. "Consuming" plastics causes inflammation.

If I buy a supplement, I try to find one with the least ingredients. My supplements are:

Magnesium Malate
Vitamin D
Vitamin C

I learned a lot just by reading here on ProHealth. My "a-ha" moment came when I compared FM to reactions to chemotherapy. A woman, who was an RN, replied...yes, it was. Chemotherapy, of course, in any form is nothing but pure chemicals. I then began to focus on eliminating "chemicals" in my life.

By combining suggestions, like the above, I do "control" my FM. I seldom flare. My downfalls are: storm fronts and eating "hidden" MSG (eating out is difficult). When I eat MSG (et al), I can't sleep, develop restless leg syndrome, become depressed and, of course, flare.

I'm a big advocate for the labeling of GMO foods. Again, these foods are full of chemicals.

This is not an easy way to live, but neither is living with the feeling you're walking through mud, wanting to stay in bed and having to deal with all the pain...


Hi Josh,

There are`nt many people lp works properly for i know 2 versions of it, but it does`nt work that well for me....i could explain that as "my brain doesnt like it that much" . I also saw so called therapists to help me with it , who were crap.....most of these people only had a few months training (or weeks), i dont think nearly any of the eft/lp/mt/ etc etc people are well trained.. I also find the lp attitude of "oh do it 100 times of day & you`ll be fine" again a contradiction, why? well if i could do that 100`s of time a day i would NOT have ME!!!! makes me angry.....surprised you got well,as it really does sound like u had ME......


p.s if anyone wants to try lp try ashok guptas` program its £100....or u can go see someone at a so called therapist center & pay 500........

It is great to see people sharing what has helped them. I am completely well from ME and aware that often people who get well don't come back on chat rooms and share that with others - i think that is so important to give other people hope that recovery can and does happen via different routes ( I felt so hopeless when I was ill and really sure I would not get better). I had been bedridden and pretty much unable to do anything - needed to be wheeled in wheel chair to loo and that was only time i got out of bed, could not read, could only speak a few sentences at a time, could not listen to music or TV or tolerate anyone speaking to me for more than a couple sentences, could hardly sleep at all, lay resting with eye mask on virtually all the time, my mum had to look after me completely... did the Lightning Process course and have never looked back, now am actually healthier than I was before ME, completely symptom-free, working full time, busy social life,even training to do 10 k race for life this summer and thanking God every day. I know there is quite alot of sceptism about LP in the ME community but I would really encourage people to have an open mind and look in to it themselves, I have been in contact in person and via facebook with many many people who have had similar results to me, so do think about it &lt;BR&gt;
website is: http://www.lightningprocess.com/landing or buy the book - cheaper on amazon than via the LP page. &lt;BR&gt;
Wishing you all find your routes to recovery, God bless
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I’ve been following Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum’s SHINE protocol (SHINE stands for Sleep-Hormones (includes thyroid and adrenals)-Infections-Nutrition-Exercise) well over several years. In addition to a full-time job, I can cook, clean, do laundry, go grocery shopping, can walk and run for at least 3 miles at a time, attend church on Sunday, travel longer distances, and practice trumpet--a physically demanding instrument--for over 2 ½ hours every night. I’ve learned to add things back into my life slowly and one at a time.

Here is a list of what I take. I’m proud that I’ve been able to make this as cost effective as possible.

- FibroSleep - 1 @ bedtime; 1 more if awaken in the middle of the night
- Magnesium w/ SRT - 3 @ bedtime
- 5-HTP – 200 mgs. @ bedtime

* prepare myself for sleep – meditation, play relaxing music, guided imagery, make sure that the clock is away from bed
* be in bed for at least 7-8 hours every night

Hormones (Adrenals + Thyroid)

Thyroid ( I needed a lot of work in this area)
- Liothyronine SR (T3) - SR form protects the heart; get at Irmat Pharmacy in NYC; at a compounding pharmacy the dosage can be gradually increased at 5 mcg; might want to have heart checked out first before taking; taken in AM one hour before eating
- Armour Thyroid - combination of T3 +T4; taken in AM one hour before eating

- Adrenal Stress End - 2 tablets in AM
- Pregnenolone - 10 mg 2x daily
- also drink herbal tea, Ginseng Vitality, throughout the day. It provides a variety of Ginsengs. It contains Astragalus, which is good for the immune system. It also contains Dong Quai which is good for the hot flashes that I was having with peri-menopause.
- learned to develop a more relaxed attitude

- Astragalus (found in the Ginseng Vitality tea) for the immune system

- High protein, low carbohydrate, low sugar diet; eliminated any suspected food allergens
-Inositol (for depression and anxiety) – 4 grams 3X’s daily
- Protein shake – 32 grams 1x daily (after running and before music performances)

- Walking
- Running - 3-5x’s week for 30 minutes each week

- Energy Revitalization System - 1 scoop in AM
- D-Ribose – 2-3 scoops daily; 1-2 in AM; 1 w/ dinner – there is a bed-ridden dosage of 4-6 scoops/daily according to one of my doctors (also works for pain)
- Acetyl L-Carnitine - 1 in AM 500 mg in AM; 1 500 mg @ dinner

- Iron
- Vitamin D

Psychotherapy – dealt with childhood abuse and self-esteem issues

I also found that listening to music and playing music certainly helps.

Hope that this really helps someone! Dr. T’s protocol has helped me immensely.
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I have been dealing with FMS for approximately 40 years -

1. As a young woman I cried a LOT and tried to outrun the pain. I was so confused. I tried various RX's - nothing worked. I "burned out" in 1994 and was RX'd an anti-depressant and rest for over a year. I rested a great deal. Daily walks but gently. THEN I began to make the changes I now try to incorporate into my life. It's a daily challenge.

- Good diet

- Gentle Exercise: Pilates, Swimming, Walking. I also am a registered nurse and work part-time so walk a lot at work.

- I take a sedative at bedtime now to ensure a good night's sleep. I function very well as long as I get my rest.

- I write and paint - and this puts me into a "space" where I feel no pain.

- Meditation and self-hypnosis techniques also have helped.

- I do not FIGHT the pain anymore. When I flare I try to go with it. I shower - hot water helps.

- I try to make good decisions that will not stress me. When stress enters my life I try to detatch.

- I am now 55 years old, semi-retired and will devote the forseeable future to a project that will hopefully help others help themselves. It can be viewed at www.shandarrah.com.


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue but found out that i was poisoning myself with certain foods. In fact it was Soya and Milk Proteins. When I came off all them, my symptoms disappeared after 3 weeks of abstinence and I can bring them back now by eating certain foods. There is a strong link between food intolerances and immunogenicity. I also developed ankle arthritis but fortunately I found a brilliant video that helps explain it to me starring Radagast from the Hobbit, Sylvester McCoy -
- I would recommend this to anyone.
Metagenics Thyrosol and Magnesium for starters.

If you go with the Thyrosol give it a good 1-2 months of continuous intake to see results.

I did something foolish by not buying more for a month thinking I could survive for a few weeks without until I bought more. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I'm finally feeling better and will make another attempt to try working at least part time for beginners.


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There will always be complexes to any solution and variations to all healing strategies. The key to healing the body is understanding the contributing factors and putting the pieces back together in the right order.

My optimal healing strategies:

The information in this thread is not intended to be medical advice. The information is meant to inspire and motivate you to make your own decisions surrounding your health care and dietary needs. It is intended for educational and informational purposes only.
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I've tried many things over the years. A few things stand out.
For my digestive system, going off of my allergy foods helped a lot. Ultra Clear Sustain has helped better than anything else I've taken for it.
For infections, zinc and a good multivitamin help the best. Whenever I start getting a flare-up or the flu, I just increase my zinc.
Eating 4 small meals a day, plus snacks helps the hypoglycemia.
And for coping, I found that balancing my health works best. I used to listen to those who think all my troubles would be solved if only I could sleep normal hours, or just "try harder". I destroyed my health multiple times. My health is far more stable when I listen to my body instead.
Just carry on and hope you'll find your expected result.


Please share with the community things you believe have helped improve your health status or ability to cope.

Collectively, our discoveries and ideas, no matter how small, may ease the way for many others.
I had been extremely sick, was bed bound & in pain for 30 years (sometimes the pain was so extreme that I wanted to end my life, even though I would never do it) - am now healing gradually. I had tried everything listed on this website. Some helped but I never got well until now. Do the Dr. Teri Wahls version of the Paleo diet! The purpose is to get lots of vitamins & minerals into your body every day. It took 7 months for me to see changes in my health & it's not easy, but DO IT! Read her book & go to utube & watch her videos. I will stay on this for the rest of my life b/c it is healing my body.


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I had been extremely sick, was bed bound & in pain for 30 years (sometimes the pain was so extreme that I wanted to end my life, even though I would never do it) - am now healing gradually. I had tried everything listed on this website. Some helped but I never got well until now. Do the Dr. Teri Wahls version of the Paleo diet! The purpose is to get lots of vitamins & minerals into your body every day. It took 7 months for me to see changes in my health & it's not easy, but DO IT! Read her book & go to utube & watch her videos. I will stay on this for the rest of my life b/c it is healing my body.
Hi Nancy,

I have utilized a modified version Wahls Paleo Plus Diet and have posted a thread about related nutritional healing strategies. I want to add that Mitochondrial support was also important in my bodies ability to regenerate it's self.

See more here: Nutritional Healing Strategies Beyond The Paleo Diet
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We need to bring awareness to key issues and important topics that may help others find answers to the health challenges of today.

I like to see more threads and topics on basic lab testing, treatment option and comprehensives functional approach that have been already proven to be beneficial.

I have revised foundational supportive topics & discussions to better help our forum members comprehend and understand these important concepts. We must bring awareness to have a chance to fight through the adversities we see today.

How can we optimize the bodies own healing potential?

We must repair and restore cellular integrity and prevent cellular injury before we can maximize the benefits from any healing strategy.

If we address the mitochondria first- we can allow our cells to increase their nutrient uptake so that Diet, Methylation, Anti-inflammatory support will have the most dramatic effect.

It's the immune response to these infections that creates the symptoms. Treatment must be focused on immune modulation and cellular supportive therapies.

Please review these thread below:

How Can We Restore Cellular Integrity?

Protecting our mitochondria from oxidative inflammation needs to be our first priority as these toxins created by these infections can be very damaging to the body.

Lipid replacement therapy
supplementation is designed to improve mitochondrial function in people with chronic illnesses and multiple chronic infections.

"Clinical trials have shown that NT Factor can actually support the repair of damaged cell membranes – in effect reducing the cells’ biological age and restoring mitochondrial ability to generate energy.

Lipid Replacement Therapy

Mitochondria Support:

Please review links below:

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Bumping. This is an excellent thread and provides a lot of great info and ideas out there. We're all different... One thing that works doesn't necessarily work for the next... But I believe in the 'suck it and see' philosophy. Unfortunately... That can't be an expensive philosophy to follow.

For me, I know most of my meds don't work very well (if ever). Eating a low carb, higher fat and protein diet. No fruits other than berries... All so high in sugar. I avoid night shade veg. I always have St least 2 hot baths a day...

However, the one thing that had helped me and many others is low dose naltrexone (LDN) their website is www.ldnresearchtrust.org and there is a Facebook page. Because I volunteer for them, I've been privy to many incredible stories of things like MS, AIDS, crohns... Cfs and Fibro either going into remission or at the least, having a better quality of life.

I've also reduced a lot of stress in my life. I'm a believer in the Universe, so we have a 5ft Dreamboard where we out pictures, write down our dreams, you name it. We also have a 'gratitude jar'.

I refuse to watch the news...I think it's important to be abreast of current situations... But if there is nothing I can do about it, other than let it upset me ...It's not worth it. My husband deals with all the post. (When I became really unwell was during the recession... And our business was lost.... So basically I hid in bed for a year scared of sheriffs show at our door. Of course the combo of stress, lack of money, eating crap but easy and cheap food has been my life til two years ago.

I decided it was time to take control back. Got the debt agency on board. Kept our home and started on focusing on me (and my husband). I don't use sweeteners, I use a slow cooker and get several meals out of it and freeze some for down time.

For me, the biggest thing I've learned (other than my meds other than the LDN don't work) is to say 'No'. I refuse to not let this illness hold me back in regards to going out now and again. But believe me, I pace myself... There's usually a hefty payback. But I'm ready for it.

Getting a doctor that is caring, compassionate and wants to help is critical. Prioritising.... Many of us are over achievers... And I'm guessing quite a few with OCD as well. This makes it very hard to see a task that needs to be done and making a decision on its urgency.

Be prepared. Have everything in Stock from tinned soups to kleenex.

Keeping my mind busy had been key to recovering... Not fully, but I'm getting there. The thing I realised is that, just as bugs bunny says 'if you can't beat them, join them'. So I Co authored a book for young families where the parent or carer had an invisible illness. My husband and I created an app to help people gain a better understanding of their patterns for cfe/me and FM (ProHealth version due out shortly!). And I've discovered yogalates.

My/our next stage I feel is to move. We live in Scotland. Beautiful, majestic, damp, dull, dark, depressing Scotland. And I know that if we were living in the sun it would help us both substantially.

All I can say is YOU do have control over your life.... Maybe not the pain... But, maybe it is something as easy as potatoes causing you such pain? (Obviously, I'm not saying cut out the tatties and you'll be fine!). Just got to keep going! And try to find enjoying the little things in life. For me it's our cat, cooking, baking and I used to crochet until my hands decided that wasn't a good idea.

A. X


I have my up days and at time I crash, but mostly thank God I'm better than what I was a year ago


-Kefir ( probiotic) * Big improvement with this
-Vit D *Big improvement with this
-Vit C
- Magnesium
- Pantothenic acid ( Vit B5)
- Kelp ( iodine) * Big improvement with this
- Chinese herbs * big improvement with this
- Apple cider vinegar periodically

- No sugar
- Green smoothies
- Liver ( bone broths with pulses and beans)
- No fried food
- Steamed veg

- tai chi /chi gong * big improvement with this
- Yoga daily *maintenance
- Gentle walking * good for the soul
- Gentle swimming

- Meditation daily
- Prayer
- Journal-ling
- keeping a notebook on my advances and crashes * helps me feel more in control and keep track of triggers and things that work
- Music
- Nature
- Video diary *sometimes you just need to vent
- Getting rid of debt/unnecessary financial drains, simplifying life

- Wearing uggs in bed * protects kidney points at the ankles
- keeping the kidneys wrapped in lots of layers most of the time, especially when it's cold
- Urine therapy * really helps me to recover from a crash
- Avoiding wifi/cell towers ( I Have EHS)
- Cutting back on work
- Focusing on myself instead of continually giving to others
- Avoiding stress and toxic people
- Acupuncture
- Gentle massage
- Regular magnesium and sea salt baths /foot baths
- Acceptance. * recovery is not a straight line
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