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What your Drs say about Transfer Factor. Any of you have low IGG

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I have 5 viruses including HHV6, EBV, CMV etc and it is attacking my CNS. Im on Valtrex and Im taking Bovine colostrum with no problem but Im worried about transfer factor.

Im taking the collostrum becuase I have low IGG and IGA and the rheumotologist suggested it to help boost my immune system. Dont know if it is becuase I am very sick with these viruses and I am only just able to stand and go to the store after 5 months of being bedridden.

How many of your Doctors actually support you taking transfer factor and do ANY of you have the low IGG IGA problem?????????


I just read on the other board that Jen takes these and has a low IGG. I know that I have a high IGG...or did back in 1997 was the last time it was tested.

I live in a rural area so I have to make do with the docs that are available. Mine doesn't understand a thing about CFS and does want to understand...so that is hard.

I have to just try a lot of things and see what helps and what doesn't. I feel I try about 20 things to find one that that does.

I think it is that way for a lot of us here dealing with viruses. Valtrex did nothing at all for me. I don't know why. I do know that I have EBV, HHV6 A&B, CMV. And I must have mycoplasms. I have never been tested but the TF for that helps me.

If you decide to try these, open the capsule and take out a tiny bit and put it under your tongue. It will be in you blood stream almost instantly even though a bit of the TF still needs to dissolve. Do this a nite before you go to sleep...so if you do have some initial bad reations, it will be mainly while you are sleeping.

You are really sick, I do hope something helps you.