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Which TF?

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I have had CFS for nearly 20 years, and for 19 of those years was able to control it with LEM, then AHCC to the point where I only had a very minor relapse once a year.

This fall apparently the AHCC stopped working, as I've been battling a replapse whose severity has varied since August.

I went off of the AHCC completely for a month (since there was a time several years ago when I became immune to the LEM, and by going off of it for a month, it once again worked after restarting it a month later), and started taking Transfer Factor Essentials which I did 2/day for 2 months.

Jan 1st I decided to try plusing it by dropping it completely except for 2/day the last two days of the month. In Dec. I started taking the AHCC again and was much better.

By Xmas my relapse returned in full force and I'm still battling it. I started taking the Transfer Factor Essentials again last week and am also taking TF 560, 2/day presently.

I have never been able to find a doctor anywhere near central Illinois who is familiar with CFS.

Therefore, I have had no blood tests to determine specifically what I am carrying other than the initial test 20 years ago which was an EBV blood test which showed past EBV infection, but not active.

So I'm working in the dark as to which TF to try. I have printed out the post from here which shows what some of the TF products target, but all are not on the list, such as the TF Essentials.

Also, last week, after reading Rich Carson's post, I have started juicing.

What does one do about juicing when they are away from home for several days where there is no juicer?

Is it effective to make the juice ahead, freeze it, and take it along?

Any suggestions as to how long it takes the TF products to have an effect, knowing that it varies from person to person?

I have also gradually added OLE, which I tried for a few weeks in the fall and I've read that it is one of the products Rich uses.

Any suggestions you might have I'd appreciate hearing! Thanks.


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Thanks Angela! That really encourages me to know there is something specific for EBV IF that is causing my problems! I have read that TF 100 is the same as TF 540, so I think I'll order one of those. It's so hard to know whether to add another one or wait since I know these things sometimes take weeks to work. Yes, I am taking the TFs sublinguilly, first thing in the morning, and not eating for at least an hour afterwards. Thanks for your help!


I just got back from the IACFS conference and talked to the Prohealth people at the exhibit that they had for TF's.

I was told that the TF 100 was identical to Immune Transfer C. However, in my old catalogue that isn't true. Maybe the guy was wrong. Anyway, they are good about talking to us on the phone...1-800-366-6056 about these TF's.

At the conference the talk was about EBV and HHV6. TF 200 targets both HHV6 A& B. And the ones for EBV were listed above.

Immunity Today's product covered both.

As far as the juicing, Rich has reported that if he goes a week without juicing, he begins to "fade". I wonder if he stops juicing when he travels. I would think that freezing the juice would damage the enzymes but that it would be better than no juice, if it is really helping you alot!

So much of this is trial and error. I have been shocked at how much the Mycoplus does for me. It is now my "main" TF. I have gotten past the flu like herx from it....chills and aches and now have more energy on the days that I take it. I take it Sun - Wed. nites and sometimes Thurs. Take the Immune Transfer C on the others but in the AM.



It is the TF 100 supposing to be identical to Immune Transfer C that doesn't line up.

Glad you are trying one. Gotta start somewhere!



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Dear Readers,
I am a researcher at Duke Med and have just created a website about transfer factors. In addition to providing an overview of what they are and how they work, I also discuss where to get them and what to consider getting. I include a breakdown of the pathogens targeted by particular products. Here is the link:


I have always been a huge admirer of Rich Carson and ProHealth. Not surprisingly, I place strong emphasis on this particular company and its products.

If you are interested in the topic, please take a look or send the link to folks that you think might benefit from it. It is written for both lay audiences and trained health professionals.

The only way the site will be noticed among the sea of other websites out there is by word of mouth (..or fingers!)

Aaron White, PhD


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Praise God for Aaron's posting! How timely, just as I am beginning using TFs and struggling with knowing what to take, whether to pulse or not, etc.! I have GREAT respect for Duke University, and to have all of this research and knowledge at our fingertips from a medical professional is just astounding! Keep up the good work, Aaron! I'm sure this information is going to save lives, change lives, actually give people a life! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Hi - where do you et your Mycoplus. I have had mycoplasma pneun. infection in my lungs for a few years and would like to try it.

How did you know you had myco? How slowly did you start the Mycoplus and do you use whey too?

Thanks for all you great info!





Mycoplus is sold at this site. It is not mentioned anywhere but I just call the 800 and order it. 1-800-366-6056. It is about $140 for 30 capsules.

I just started out taking one whole capsule a day. I didn't feel so good for a few days...lymph glands in my neck, tired. But then I start feeling alot stronger. I just have never had the really terrible herxing that other people to...or maybe I am forgetting(ha!). I will have to read my bio again.

Anyway, I do remember starting with the whole capsule and taking it daily until I felt that I had reached the best I was going to feel. Then I cut back to taking it 3 days a week and Immune Transfer C 3 days a week. The TFC is $140 also and I am trying to keep the cost down by splitting it that way.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT. You do not want to take the transfer factors the same way day after day, month after month. The pathogens get used to that. So, as long as I feel I am improving I will keep at the same dose, after I plateau, I mix it up.

I didn't know that I had mycoplasms. Never been tested. I was on the Marshall Protocol which addresses mycoplasms and I herxed and that indicated that I had them. But it was the fact that Rich Carson said that it helped him. He and I must be in a similar "subset" of CFS. What has helped him, for the most part has helped me.

BTW. The last two times I have ordered it from here, they forgot to send it. At the time they didn't keep it in stock and had to "drop ship" it from Chisholm Labs who makes it.
Now, I have been told that they have a few in stock. It keeps for a couple of years refridgerated and longer frozen.

This is how I take...open the capsule and put it under my tongue. It isn't awful nor is it good. But it goes directly into the bloodstream. I was told this by Chisholm Law. Thenn I don't wait so long to eat cause it is not in my stomach.

Hope that helps and good luck with the Mycoplus.