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Who else can hear flourescent lights?

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I just saw this mentioned in the light sensitivity post --

I've always been able to hear flourescent lights and computer monitors and other things that most people can't hear --- I've seen this mentioned in books as a FMS thing --
I'm wondering how many of us have that?


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Here at work I always have the radio on and sometimes a small fan to provide some more tolerable background noise!!
I've always had this. Even when my hearing was tested , as part of a dizziness investigation, the technician said that I had exceptional hearing for my age.



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Yes, i normally wear head phones when using the computer. They're the kind that people use at shooting ranges to cancel noises.

Noise = pain. I also get pains in my limbs when hearing trains or ambulances, etc.



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The buzzing even comes through my constantly ringing ears...and no, it's not the ears. I know the difference. (-:


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Like you, I can hear the noise from fluorescent lights and it bothers me a bit. I've always had sensitive hearing so this isn't too surprising.

The worst thing for me, however, is when a fluorescent light is about to go out and it flickers on and off. YIKES!



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Geeze, I thought I was going nuts! My Dr has florescent lights in the exam rooms. Drives my husband nuts when we are out in our vehicle and I'll say, "Do you hear that?" He will honestly try to hear it and always says, "No" and says he wishes he could hear sounds that I did. I told him no he doesn't either! I hate watching the TV with other people because I think they play turn the sound up WAY to much. I can even hear my watch ticking on my wrist.



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OMG I am not crazy after all. I always hear noises that no one could I even had hearing test 20 years ago because I thought it was related to migraine and the tec. told me that my hearing was very sensitive he said that he did not wish that to anyone. I use to complain a lot not being able to sleep because of all kind of noise. When stores started to have standing scanners at the exit doors it hurt going through. I hated and still hate shopping because of all the high frequency background noise that I was alone to hear again.
A year ago I started to have pulsatile tinnitus so now I have constant hig pitch noise living in my head some days it takes all my sanity to not push knitting needles through my ears.
And I smell things nobody smell and can detect far away bush fire, did call the fire dept once and they had no calls about a bush fire to call me back an hour after to say I was right that there was a fire that I coundl't possibly invented I could not see it but gave them the righ position.
I can see from here that our senses are very sharp but it is not a blessing.
I say eveytime I ask hubby if he hears or smells this or that he says no so I came to the conclusion that men don't hear or smell.I read somwhere that women have more developped senses.


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omgosh! I've been hearing these things since I was about 15!! everyone always thought I was nutso. apparently i've had fibro longer than i thought - it just got worse when i had my last surgery apparently. wow! thanks for posting that - very interesting.


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I thought everyone could hear flourescent lights and stuff. I even have 30% hearing loss in one ear. And my ears ring in 5 diffrent tones. I have always just accepted it.


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I always thought everybody heard them and said something to my husband and he insisted they make hardly any noise. He acted like I was just being my usual picky, whinny self. I also have hearing loss and ringing in my ears. The ringing is almost like the light noise.


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But yes, lots of us apparently do.

And MCD-- I wasn't referring to actually hearing the "light" -- just some noise emanating from the device when it is on. Could be an electromagnetic thing, but I'm thinking it is more likely something about unusual auditory processing. One thing about FMS is that apparently our "signal to noise" ratio is very different from others'.


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Yeah -- there is some pretty well documented research about the CNS hypersensitivity that goes along with all of this --

MCD is right -- we *should* have a symposium. The collective knowledge on this board is amazing! I guess when you suffer from a mystery illness, and the doctors don't have the answers, the natural inclination is to try to find them yourself -- I know it is for me!


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You sound exactly like me, I have the same thing, constant ringing in my ears, but I can tell the difference between the buzzing of lights or the compter monitor.

I did not realize that everyone else cannot hear this!


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me, too. I've learned to tune out most of the extra noise, but it gets to me after awhile anyway. Fluorescent lights make me nuts, the sound they make and the cycle they pulse at, too. In my office at work I keep most of them off, rarely turn on all the lights at once.

When I am in a department store, I know I need to get out into daylight when I start feeling agitated and irritated and want to bite people's heads off.

It's not just women who hear this stuff. My older son has very acute hearing, even moreso than mine. I have a little sound machine that I like, and he can't use it because he can hear the mechanical hum noise it makes. He also hears the whine the television makes as it warms up, and other odd things. And no, he doesn't have fibro!

one more weirdness...